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Maria De Wit is a tour guide from Holland who is currently in Nepal to journey the Himalayas. She has hiked the Everest Base Camp and the Three Passes trek and is on her way to climb the Annapurna Circuit. She is a strong-willed adventurer who is on a quest to travel the world.

On this episode, Anna shares her experiences as a tour guide, how she got the job, and what benefits she gets from her job. She explains the roles of the tour guide apart from bringing people to places and why people need one to enjoy their travels. She reveals some travel hacks and tips that she learned from her travel encounters. She also shares her experiences and impressions during the Everest Base Camp and Three Passes trek.



Jobs: USA Tour Guide Jobs

Jobs: USA Adventure Travel Jobs



Ep 191 - Seasonal Jobs, Free Travel, and Retiring Early as a Millionaire


Time Stamps:

00:57 – How she started traveling?

03:57 – Becoming a Tour Guide

05:23 – Why people hire tour guides?

06:41 – Adult babysitting

11:21 – Financial benefits from her company

12:41 – Travel Hacks

15:26 – Favorite food on the trek

20:29 – Journey through Everest Base Camp and Three Passes

22:41 – Iceland trip: The Bucket List

26:12 – Experience the Van Life

33:56 – How she got her job?

39:12 – Dutch people on traveling and holidays

43:57 – The theory of Gap Year

45:04 – Gap Year in Holland

48:51 – Student Loan in Holland

53:08 – Older people joining the trek

57:58 – Travel Tips from Maria


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Johnny FD is once again on his trekking journey for the 2nd time. He climbed the Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek, a 4-5 day hike in the Annapurna mountain of Nepal. It has a maximum altitude of 3,210 meters so altitude sickness is not so much of a risk, unlike the earlier hike in the Annapurna Circuit. However, it did not come short of the breathtaking view that the Himalayas has to offer.

On this episode, Johnny highlights his amazing experience including the people he met along the way. He also reveals the risks that the freezing temperature might do to your body. The fun, the challenges, the views, and the struggles are all accounted for. He interviews different trekkers from all around the world who came to witness the beauty of Nepal. Each one of them shares their amazing escapade through the Ghorepani Poon Hill that will surely bring out the adventurer in you.



Blog Post: Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek, Nepal

Video: Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek in Nepal


Time Stamps:

05:55 – The story of the Buddha

07:32 – Becoming a Female Guide

11:15 – Flowers of Nepal

14:06 – The random hike

14:45 – At the village in Ghorepani

22:16 – Journey of Russian trekkers

24:41 – Experiences of Australian trekkers

26:37 – Challenges of Canadian trekkers

29:10 – The descend

31:12 – Altitude sickness

39:10 – Gheropani to Tadapani

43:34 – Medical Emergency

44:29 – Trekking with the whole family

53:57 – Last part of the journey


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Johnny goes on a journey through the Annapurna Circuit, a trek in the Annapurna mountain of Nepal. Along the way, he met another trekker, Chloe Merrick, who is on a 5-month backpacking trip to explore the world.

This is a fun and exciting episode where Johnny accounts his journey through the Annapurna Circuit, both the fun and the struggles. At the end of the trek, Chloe and he share their experiences and takeaways during the hike. They talk about the beautiful views, the freezing temperature, and the altitude dilemma. They also share some trekking advice and tips to maximize the fun and ease the struggles.



Chloe Merrick's Instagram


Time Stamps:

00:33 – The Bus Ride through Nepal

03:58 – First day of the actual Hike

06:52 – Independent traveling

09:09 – Maximizing the beauty of Annapurna Circuit

12:56 – Approaching the cold days

15:07 – Johnny goes ill

16:53 – Chloe’s trek journey

20:03 – The reason behind joining the trek

23:26 – The freezing experience

27:34 – Nepal: the country review

32:41 – Taking up yoga classes

35:48 – Affording for trips

40:49 – Tips for trekking

44:19 – Recommendations from Chloe


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Tyler Fox a.k.a. Mac is an explorer and adventurer who loves being on the road and living out of his backpack. He is the man behind Halfway Anywhere, a travel blog which features his amazing journeys, some travel tips, and everything that is awesome in this world.

On this episode, Mac shares his trekking experiences including the 4-month long hike along the Pacific Crest Trail. He teaches how to plan out the hike, what a typical day looks like, and what happens in between the trail. And as an addition to the travel experience, he talks about Nepal, its food, and its people. This episode is a total package for backpackers who want to learn how to make the best out of the trekking adventure.





Ep 190 - Travel Bloggers Making $12,782 a Month with Adventure in You

Ep 189 - Hiking the Appalachian Trail and Creating a Physical Food Company


Time Stamps:

01:38 – What got him into hiking?

03:15 – Appalachian Trail vs. Pacific Crest Trail

04:42 – Halfway Anywhere Blog

08:55 – The movie “Wild”

10:05 – Trekking food and accommodation

17:25 – Planning out the hike

21:40 – Nepalese culture

25:18 – Nepalese food

32:18 – A Nepal hack: From low to high elevation

36:06 – Trekking community

41:06 – Blogging while Hiking

44:45 – Backpacking gear

46:53 – Travel tips


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Thomas Barlow works on offshore oil rigs, ice vending machines, and fishes in his off time. He has set himself up to work just a few months out of the year and travels the rest!

During the show, Thomas will share how you can work on offshore oil rigs and fish cleaning jobs in Alaska. He’ll reveal key strategies to running a successful U.S based ice machine business. Listen to the end for his secret to early retirement and how you can fish for the rest of your life.



Job Lists: Fish Cleaning in Alaska

Job Lists: Offshore Oil Rig Jobs

Job FAQ: Alaska Seafood Processing

Millionaire Calculator: Compound Interest Calculator

Invest Like a Boss Podcast

Book - Rich Dad Poor Dad - Robert T. Kiyosaki


Time Stamps:
01:16 - Thomas’ backstory
01:52 - Working every other month
05:31 - Flying and travel process
06:50 - Benefits and salary
08:01 - Typical work day
09:01 - U.S based ice machine business
16:28 - Coin operated car wash
18:49 - Maintenance work
21:19 - Cleaning Alaskan fish
26:15 - Do you need a college degree
29:30 - Budgeting and expenses
33:47 - Early retirement & compound interest
50:44 - Hacking the fishing business
1:00:56 - Life advice from Thomas


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Tom Rogers and Anna Faustino are the founders of the travel blog, Adventure in You, which gives useful travel information based on personal recommendations accompanied by articles of their travel journey around the globe. Not only were they able to share their travels but also found several ways to generate income from the blog.

On this episode, Tom and Anna talk about the income perspective on travel blogs and blogging. They share their amazing journey from starting the blog to generating thousands of dollars in revenue through display ads, affiliates, sponsored posts, and brand partnership. They also give tips on how to monetize your blog while living the dream.

Listen to episode 190 on iTunes, or your favorite podcast app on your phone. 



Tom and Anna's Travel Blog: Adventure in You

Facebook: adventureinyou

Instagram: adventurein_you

Johnny's Affiliate Course:


Time Stamps:

02:00 – Tom and Anna’s Backstory
04:47 – Philippines to Chiang Mai
08:48 – How they started the blog
13:14 – When did the blog start to generate income?
14:33 – Pitching Ad Sponsors
16:44 – Mistakes they encountered
23:16 – What to know when blogging?
24:20 – Income from Display Ads
30:24 – Income from Affiliates
33:10 – Sponsored posts and brand partnerships
36:52 – Tips for couples blogging together
47:41 – The eBook Travel Guide
51:29 – The Blogging School
57:05 – Tips for future digital nomads
59:22 – Tips for already nomads

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Chris Cage is the man behind Greenbelly Meals, a ready-to-eat meal packed with nutrition which accompanies you to your trip, wherever, whenever. He quit his accounting job to pursue a nomadic adventure, hiking the 2,185 miles Appalachian Trail that gave him the inspiration to create the perfect backpacking meal. 

On this episode, Chris shares his adventures from a bicycle tour in New Zealand to a 6-month hike in Appalachian Trail to the creation of Greenbelly Meals. His successful quest for introducing a physical product will definitely inspire you to pursue your ideas. For everyone who wishes to start their own business, listen to this episode and learn some strategies on how to market your products and increase traffic to your business.



Chris Cage's Food Company -

2019 Nomad Summit:



How to Hike the Appalachian Trail



Ep 58 - Dave Asprey and the SECRETS to the Bulletproof Diet and Coffee

Ep 08 - Black Belt Business Jiu-Jitsu with Nicolas Gregoriades


Time Stamps:

01:13 – Chris’s backstory
03:53 – Appalachian Trail: 6-month hike
13:35 – Inspiration behind the Greenbelly Meals
14:18 – Greenbelly meals vs. energy bars
17:49 – How he got started with the recipe?
23:33 – Packaging and Logo Design
27:29 – Greenbelly marketing style
29:53 – Working with a co-packer
32:06 – From the Kickstarter products to selling on its own
40:45 – Different flavors of the meals
42:41 – Prices per meal
45:52 – The order process
51:09 – Increasing traffic in his company
52:28 – How he got into Joe Rogan show?


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Dr. Michael Shafer is the founder of Warm Heart Worldwide, an NGO he created together with his wife, Evelind Schecter, fully committed to helping others in need. They sold their possessions, left their prestigious careers in New Jersey and moved to Thailand to start Warm Heart to provide education, home to children, assistance to the elderly, and solutions to environmental issues.

On this episode, Dr. Shafer reveals one tangible solution to the Burning Season in Chiang Mai – the Biochar Solution. He discusses the steps on how to convert this deadly smoke to a product of many uses. He gives a better understanding of how the smoke in the Burning Season dangers not only the environment but the people as well. He explains how a small donation changes a life, a country, and probably the world.






Time Stamps:

01:37 –The Burning Season
03:43 – Warm Heart Worldwide: Vision
07:42 – The dangers of the Burning Season smoke
10:35 – Inspiration behind the solution
12:05 – Dr. Shafer’s backstory
15:20 – How Warm Heart Worldwide came about?
20:43 – The Biochar Solution
25:31 – The making of the Biochar
37:35 – What to do with the Biochar products?
42:10 – Marketing of Biochar products
43:59 – The 5-year goal
45:15 – Biochar Uses & Benefits
55:05 – Impact on the world


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Steve Ruggiero is a digital nomad who came all the way to Chiang Mai to discover and begin a career online. He’s not the typical nomad we meet. He served in the army for 10 years, trained in becoming a store manager, and became an actor in Chicago. He’s been on different paths but now found his place in Chiang Mai building a business online.

On this episode, Steve recalls his journey on why he came to Chiang Mai and what made him decide to stay. He shares the devastating death of a good mentor, Rob Forbey Jr. Both Steve and Johnny share their experiences in the digital world where they learn new stuff and improve themselves. Listen to this episode and find out how to level up your life, not just as digital nomads but as people in general.



Youtube - Thrifty Steve

Rob Fortney Jr.'s Episode: TLAB Episode 137

Nomad Summit -


Time Stamps:

01:07 – Steve’s background

10:39 – Why he came to Chiang Mai?

11:51 – How he got into Amazon FBA?

15:25 – The start of his nomad journey in Thailand

16:56 – The benefits of taking a marketing course

21:36 – Their first FBA project in Chiang Mai

23:00 – Who is Rob Fortney Jr.?

25:44 – The story behind Rob’s death

32:10 – Traffic regulations in Chiang Mai

34:24 – Johnny’s accident

43:07 – Tribute to Rob Fortney Jr.

45:48 – Just start!

50:23 – The process of taking life to the next level


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Nick Danforth is a digital nomad who has reached the Nomad 2.0 state, where he decided to settle down in one of the countries he visited while traveling. After years of living a location independent life, he and his wife decided to stay in Thailand – and this time, it’s not going to be a short visit.

On this episode, Nick describes their way of living after finally deciding to settle down in Thailand. He also reveals the reasons behind this decision. He shares his experience on how to find the best location to settle, how to build a business, and how to live a high-quality life.






Nick's Previous Episode - Travel Like A Boss Episode 114 

Ebay Dropshipping Episode - Travel Like A Boss Episode 82


Time Stamps:

03:45 – Settling vs. Nomading
06:48 – Best location to settle
08:14 – Advantages of Long-Term Nomading
12:07 – Why experience a nomadic life before settling down?
16:02 – Living a high-quality life
20:32 – Nick’s source of money
31:18 – How his drop shipping business progressed?
33:16 – Hiring a VA for your business
49:22 – Goals for 2018
1:14:47 – Long-Term Happy Nomading


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