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Do you want to live the lifestyle of your dreams? Former senior banking and capital market consultant, Tyler Moss, left his comfortable corporate job to travel the world. He recently was selected for Johnny FD’s Dropship Partnership program and was the first participant to make a huge sale within 30 days. If you are interested in building your own dropshipping store or looking for ways to optimize your current, this is the perfect episode for you.

During the show, Tyler talks about why he quit his six-figure salary job, how he found Johnny FD’s blog and why he applied to the Dropship program. He also talks about the first few weeks of the program including optimizing AdWords, selecting niches, calling suppliers and building an effective website. Listen to the end to hear Tyler’s thoughts on Anton's dropshipping course and his favorite things to do in Chiang Mai Thailand.

Tylers Website

Dropship Announcement -

Dropshipping Course -

Show Notes:

02:00 - Finding Johnny FD on Reddit

04:00 - Quitting the corporate 9-5 job

11:15 - First day of the dropshipping internship

13:00 - Application process

14:45 - Optimizing AdWord campaigns

15:30 - Cost of living in Chiang Mai vs. Singapore, London & New York

18:20 - Selecting unique niches

21:05 - Calling suppliers

23:10 - Making the first sale in 29 days

25:00 - Building a website

30:00 - Selling a dropship store

32:00 - Dropship course training

40:00 - Favorite things to do in Chiang Mai

42:00 - Six figure sushi

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Do you want to turn your passion into a six figure income? Melanie Beckler will share how she started the business and Miles will share how he implemented email funnels and marketing techniques to earn well over $100,000 a year.

In this episode, Melanie and Miles share how they built - A company offering angel messages, guided meditations, angel courses, and books all of which are filled with the unconditional love and high vibrational energy of the Divine and Angelic Realms. They will also talk about their marketing and sales funnel strategies, how to provide value in the world and create positive shifts in consciousness. Listen to the end to hear their biggest lessons learned that can save you tons of money.

Relevant Links:

Melanie’s YouTube -

Miles’ YouTube -


Recommended Book:




Show Notes:

01:00 - Abundant circle event in Phuket

03:00 - Being a part of the Nomad community

06:00 - Earning a living with your passion

08:00 - Providing value to the world

12:30 - Marketing with sales funnels

15:45 - What is Ask-Angels?

20:00 - SEO, backlinks and sales copy

29:15 - Email list strategy and sales funnels techniques

44:00 - Paying off $32,000 of student loans

46:10 - Arbitrage Alibaba dropping from China

50:15 - Creating a positive shift in consciousness

55:45 - What is channeling?

58:45 - How to deal with haters

1:02:00 - Learn sales funnels and save money


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Would you like a step by step training on how to start a successful Amazon business? Life Coach and Amazon Seller, Rob Fortney has managed multi-million dollar businesses and has brought that entrepreneurial drive to the Amazon Gorillaz. Today, he joins the show to help others take the fear out of starting your own Amazon business.

In this episode, Rob talks about key Amazon FBA strategies, liquidating super competitive products, finding niche products to sell, and marketing through pay per click advertising. He also shares his cost of living and dating life in Chiang Mai including his experience spending $1,800 in 3 weeks on Ko Samui. Listen to the end to hear how life in Thailand has been since President Trump has been elected.


Rob's Link's:




Johnny FD’s Blog -

Johnny FD’s Book -

Nomad Coffee Club -


Show Notes:

00:53 - Driving through 2.5 ft of water

02:00 - Rob’s motorbike accidents and scars

07:00 - Amazon FBA strategies

09:20 - Earning the first $1,000

15:15 - Liquidating super competitive product

18:50 - Finding niche product to sell

19:45 - Marketing budget and pay per click advertising

23:00 - Overcoming failure

28:00 - Selling everything and move to Thailand

33:00 - Cost of living in Chiang Mai

38:00 - Dating in America vs. Chiang Mai

42:00 - Automatic laundry service in Saigon Vietnam

45:10 - Spending $1,800 in 3 weeks on an island

49:00 - Life in Chiang Mai after Trump’s presidential election

50:50 - Raising money for charity

53:10 - Being a part of the Nomad Family


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David Dang Vu shares the secret formula that earns him over $100,000 a year with AirBnb rental arbitrage. If increasing your income while decreasing your work time is your goal then this is the perfect episode for you. David will provide steps on how you can get started in the rental AirBnB business while saving you time and money.

In this episode, we also talk about David's new YouTube channel, marketing your personal brand, burning season in Chiang Mai and how to catch a 60-pound catfish. Listen to the end to get exclusive information regarding the new 2017 Digital Nomad Summit.


David’s YouTube Channel:
David's eBay Course:
David's AirBnB Course:

TLAB Ep 10 -
TLAB Ep 82 -

Johnny FD’s  Earnest Affiliate course:
Johnny FD’s Youtube Channel -

Buy tickets to the Digital Nomad Summit -

Show Notes:

01:15 - Responding to Podcast invites
05:30 - Marketing your personal brand
07:00 - Starting a Vlogging YouTube channel
12:22- Finishing methods and burning season
15:30 - Catching a 60-pound catfish in Chiang Mai
25:30 - AirBnB Passive income stream
30:29 - Sleeping in David’s Airbnb
31:20 - Earning $2,000 income per rental
35:00 - Making mistakes furniture shopping
37:39 - The biggest risk with new properties
38:49 - The three step formula for AirBnB rentals
40:00 - Udemy courses and modeling knowledge
42:20 - Transitioning offline with physical and digital product
44:35 - AirBnB messaging system opportunity
46:37 - How to start renting on AirBnB
48:50 - Digital Nomad Summit 2017

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Eric Lafleche talks about why he left a six figure a year dream job working for Anheuser-Busch in NYC for a location independent lifestyle in Chiang Mai.

In this episode, we talk about the perks of being a corporate employee, commuting and travel expenses, and the overall cost of living in New York vs Chiang Mai. Eric also shares how he replaced his previous income with e-commerce, Amazon FBA and software development. After comparing our experiences with doing business in the Indian market Eric provides tips on becoming a digital nomad and how to deal with people you don’t like. Listen to the end to hear why I will not be buying the new MacBook pro.


Eric's Blog -

Stylish Eyewear


Affiliate Marketing Course -

Anton's Dropshipping -


Time Stamp: Topic


00:48 - Working for Anheuser-Busch

03:10 - Craft beer in Chiang Mai

05:00 - Commuting and travel as a corporate employee

15:15 - Fight School e-commerce business

18:00 - Software developers in India

20:00 - Starting an e-commerce store in India

23:50 - Dropshipping / private label outdoor gear

28:00 - Why Eric came to Chiang Mai

30:30 - Brazilian culture and people

32:50 - Cost of living in Chiang Mai vs. New York

37:00 - Working 50+ hours a week

39:00 - Encouraging a healthy lifestyle

40:00 - Friends and family supporting the nomad life

46:00 - Becoming a location independent entrepreneur

49:00 - How to deal with people who don’t like you

51:50 - Why I am not buying the new MacBook pro

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Earnest Epps was making close to six figures with his corporate manager job in his early twenties. He was overworked, never saw family, and was hungry for freedom. After showing incredible success earning over $20,000 a month in online passive income he is now an official dropship lifestyle coach helping others live the same dream.

In this episode, he shares how he quit his demanding 9-5 job and took control of his life. We will talk about how he made $3,000 in sales in 30 days, launched his e-commerce store, perfect script agreements for suppliers, new features and services with Anton’s course and the importance of a professionally designed website. Listen to the end to learn how to increase sales by 30% and how to make your niche selection easier.

Earnest's Facebook -

Dropshipping Course -

JohnnyFD.comCareer Choices $297,490 Year Salary


Time Stamp - Topic:


01:00 - Working as a Human Resource Corporate Manager

02:54 - Working for Honeywell out of college

04:45 - The worst part of traveling frequently

09:45 - The real meaning of a 9-5

12:45 - Trading time for money and losing family time

15:45 - Creating freedom with online passive income

17:00 - Making $3,000 in 30 days

19:30 - Why Anton’s course is so practical

23:24 - The motivational private Facebook group

26:35 - Launching a dropship store in 24 days

28:00 - The hunger for success

28:30 - How safe are corporate jobs?

32:15 - What if I was broke tomorrow?

34:24 - Why I started a second podcast

36:45 - Handling the supplier relationship

38:00 - Choosing your niche

40:25 - The perfect script agreement for gold suppliers

41:45 - How to help others start a Dropship store

43:45 - New features and services added to Anton's course

48:00 - How important is the design and template of the website?

50:00 - Niche selection opportunity made easy

54:00 - Increasing sales by 30% with a mobile responsive site

55:45 - Signing up for 1v1 private coaching

57:40 - 100+ success Dropship stories

59:50 - Snorkeling, buffets, dancers and beautiful islands


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Stephen Yeh shares his financial and spiritual ups and downs since his first sale on his eCommerce store. He was successfully making $12,000 a month on Teespring but eventually landed himself into $60,000 in debt with Amazon FBA. During the show Stephen speaks about his path taken in order to become the best version of himself while balancing a six figure income. We also talk about living a balanced lifestyle in Chiang Mai, bootstrapping on $500 a month, saving money to invest, scammers and fakes in marketing, and being conscious in an unconscious world.


Stephens Facebook -

Anton's Dropshipping eCommerce Course

Johnny's Muay Thai Blog -

12 Weeks in Thailand Guide Book -

TLAB Ep 02 - Cost of Living in Chiang Mai Thailand and Making his first sale with eCommerce with Stephen Yeh

TLAB Ep 99 - Moving to Austin,  $30k a Month from TeeSpring, Saving on Taxes and Amazon FBA

ILAB 23 - From $0 to Self Made, How to 300X Your Investment


Timestamp- Topic:

02:30 - Is it worth leaving the states to live internationally?

04:00 - Why Chiang Mai is a perfectly balanced lifestyle

06:00 - Budgeting on $1,000 a month

08:00 - Treating a friend to a 2 hour massage

10:00 - Can anyone become successful?

11:40 - Is it possible to bootstrap on $400 a month?

13:18 - After making the first dropship sale

15:00 - Is it important to have multiple suppliers

17:10 - Networking and mentorship

23:00 - Making $12,000 on Teespring

25:00 - $60k in debt with Amazon FBA

31:20 - Should I start Amazon FBA

33:00 - Choosing a niche product

38:25 - How to save money to invest

41:00 - Scammers and fakes in the business world

47:16 - 30kg Weight loss update

50:20 - Conscious in an unconscious world

57:30 - Inner self and outer self

1:00:00 - Being the best version of yourself


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Trevor and Juliana Fenner have successfully made over $500,000 in revenue from dropshipping bicycles. In this episode they’ll share their lessons learned from the beginning when they dumpster dove for products to sell online.

We also talk about the value in attending the Rich Dad Poor Dad seminar, good debt vs. bad debt and how they quit their jobs and collected unemployment. They’ll share their experience with getting kicked off Amazon, Shopify vs. Woo commerce, why they didn’t sell their website through Empire Flippers and if owning a brick and mortar store is worth the effort. They’ll discuss how Antons Dropship Lifestyle Course saved their business and allowed them to make their first sale in 30 days. If you are curious about moving to Chiang Mai, Trevor and Juliana share some of their favourite things about this paradise towards the end of the episode.

Trevor Fenner:


Juliana Fenner:


Relevant links:

Dropship Lifestyle Course:

Dropshipping Store Start Up Cost:

I Sold My Drop Shipping Store for $60,000:


Recommended Books:

Robert T. Kiyosaki -


Time Stamp - Topic:


01:20 - Starting a skateboard brand

03:50 - Finding Dropship Lifestyle

04:30 - Working weekends for the rest of your life

05:55 - Making $50,000 in sales with road bike city

08:10 - Rich Dad Poor Dad seminar

09:00 - Four quadrants of investing

13:40 - Good debt vs. bad debt

15:40 - How Trevor started dropshipping

17:40 - Dumpster diving for cash

21:20 - How Trevor and Julian quit her job

28:00 - How did Trevor and Julian meet?

30:20 - Living with Julian’s 12 year old sister

34:20 - Peaking sales at $500K

36:00 - Opening up a brick and mortar

42:00 - Failing on Shopify

43:00 - Being removed from Amazon

41:50 - 301 Redirect

46:30 - Shopify vs. Woocommerce

50:00 - How to sell a website with Empire Flippers

54:50 - How Antons Dropship course helped our business

56:30 - Making the first sale in 30 days

58:30 - Should you ever sell your dropship site?

59:25 - Why Trevor joined Johnny FD’s Dropshipping Internship

1:02:50 - The best things about Chiang Mai Thailand


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Nicolas Gregoriades joins the show to share why he quit his medical education business generating $60,000 per year. We ponder on deep questions like how to overcome your fears, is money the root of all evil, when is enough enough and if I were really poor. We also talk about why Tai Lopez gives us bad vibes and how most people miss the unseen rule of the game. Listen to the end to find out two things you’ll be surprised to learn about Nic.


Nic Websites:


Previous Episodes:

Ep 08 - Black Belt Business Jiu-Jitsu with Nicolas Gregoriades

Ep 73 - Know Thyself: Does having a six pack and $100,000 a year make us happy?


Recommended Book:

Dale Carnegie - How to Win Friends and Influence People


Timestamp - Topic:

01:30 - Leaving the medical educational business

08:30 - Focusing on one project a day

10:00 - Mentally draining daily tasks

14:00 - Closing down the Chiang Mai quarry

17:30 - Overcoming your fears

19:15 - Respecting people just because

24:40 - Is money the root of all evil?

28:00 - Trying to figure out the rules of the game

32:45 - Why Tai Lopez gives me bad vibes

35:30 - The unseen rule of the game

38:50 - When enough is enough?

42:55 - If I was really poor?

49:00 - The shortcut vs the fundamentals

53:00 - Two things you don’t know about Nick


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Freddie Trimble speaks on why he quit his 9-5 job and how he is now earning over $8,000 per month on Kindle Publishing. He also has success with Upwork, eBay Dropshipping, audio books and is now looking to progress in Amazon FBA. Freddie’s story of success will inspire you to live the lifestyle of your dreams. We also talk why Chiang Mai is so great, how to eat paleo and what will be the next digital nomad hot spot in Europe.


Freddie Trimble - Facebook

Kindle Publishing Course - K Money Mastery

Ep 84 - Crushing it on Kindle with eBook Sales


David Vu - Ebay Dropship Course

Dropshipping Course -

Modern Investment Podcast -

Nomad Coffee Club Weekly Meetup


Johnny's 7 Steps to Success Plan! -

Real life adventures of living the dream in Thailand -

Johnny's Guide to Lisbon Portugal for Digital Nomads

Johnny's Guide to Poland: Warsaw vs. Krakow for Digital Nomads


Tony Robbins - Money Master of the Game

Robert T. Kiyosaki - Rich Dad Poor Dad

MJ DeMarco - The Millionaire Fastlane

Tim Ferriss - 4 hour work week

Direct download: Ep_130_-_London_to_Chiang_Mai_Kindle_eBay_and_Freelancing.mp3
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