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Tony Robbins’s Date with Destiny 2017, a six-day exclusive event, was held in Florida last December 5-10, 2017. This event had been anticipated by thousands of people, from all ages, trying to become a better version of their selves. Journey to Date with Destiny has been discussed on episode 182; and now, a recap and review on the recently concluded event are in order to help you decide whether this event is for you or not.

On this episode, Johnny and Michael give their takeaways and observations on the six-day event. Michael is Johnny’s roommate while in Florida who also attended Tony Robbins’s Date with Destiny. They share their experiences as well as their learning during the event. This event can literally change lives – and if you want to know why, listen in!



Blog Post: Why I Went to Date With Destiny

Blog Post: Review and Guide to Date With Destiny



Ep 182 - Journey to Date with Destiny and Tony Robbins’s UPW

Netflix Movie: I'm Not Your Guru


Time Stamps:
03:06 – Life-changing Transformations
05:25 – Actual Interventions during the event
10:43 – Why Michael came to Date with Destiny?
11:57 – What he got out of it?
13:10 – Who should go to this event?
19:37 – The dancing exercise
25:44 – Takeaways from the event
36:30 – Downside of the event
44:42 – Comments on the technical staff
46:53 – Was the event worth it?
48:36 – Making the world a better place


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Kosta and Julia are location independent entrepreneurs from London who came to Miami to attend Tony Robbins’ event. They both lived different lives before but eventually found each other. This fate also led them to find something they both love – and that is to travel the world.

This episode is about enjoying life while creating a successful career. A person’s mindset can determine his own path. They each share their journey in London and their travels together. This is a motivating conversation about mindset, networking, and travel.



ILAB 78 - Bitcoin 101, How to Invest in Cryptocurrency


Time Stamps:
03:20 – The helicopter ride
06:14 – “Go for it” mindset
08:07 – Barriers to enjoying life
11:00 – When and how they started traveling?
12:23 – Julia’s journey to travel
18:14 – Kosta’s journey to travel
23:32 – How did they meet?
28:05 – Growing your network of people
37:10 – Being ON TIME
40:41 – Their recent travel destinations
42:54 – How do they fund their travels?


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Tony Tzaj is a Guatemalan who doesn’t speak English, doesn’t speak Spanish, but went to the United States to find his self and achieve his desires. Growing up in poverty, he decided to take the risk, travel to the U.S, and now found his place in San Francisco, California. Despite negative responses from the people around him, he decided to attend Date with Destiny and Tony Robbins’s Unleash the Power Within.

On this episode, Tony shares his journey on how he got into the U.S, why he came to the states, and what he did to survive. He also shares his experiences while living in a tent and sleeping in his car for months just to attend Date with Destiny. He will amaze you with the story of how he learned the English language on his own without going to school.



Netflix Movie: I'm Not Your Guru



Awake the Giant Within


Time Stamps:

0:43 – What is Date with Destiny?

2:06 – Tony’s backstory

10:51 – Journey to the U.S.

4:22 – What happened in the U.S.?

15:41 – Surviving in the U.S.

18:44 – Learning the English Language

25:08 – The first book he read

29:58 - $1000 and Tony Robbins’s event

34:42 –Unleash the power within (UPW)

39:08 – Why he decided to attend “Date with Destiny”

42:50 – His expectations from “Date with Destiny”


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Anastasia Vankova is a Russian immigrant who moved to the U.S. to find a new career. She earned her first dollar online by building iPhone apps and adding them to The App Store. She then opened herself to greater possibilities online. After taking up a Dropshipping Course, she began her own dropshipping business and has reached $10,000 for a month!

On this episode, she shares her journey from her 9-5 job to her first online venture, and finally, to her success in dropshipping. She talks about her first sale and how the dropshipping course helped her achieve this success. Most importantly, she shares how they got out of a $70,000 debt and how she started making $10,000 a month online with her dropshipping store. 



Anastasia Vankova: Instagram

Anton's dropship lifestyle course:



The Total Money Makeover: Classic Edition: A Proven Plan for Financial Fitness



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Time Stamps:

4:57 – Moving to San Diego; Ending up in Indiana

8:24 – Dave Ramsey’s book

11:48 – How they got out of a $70,000 debt

15:11 – The start of dropshipping business

17:30 – Her 1st business venture

19:39 – Transitioning into dropshipping

21:26 – From taking the course to making a sale

27:36 – Building relationship with suppliers

29:52 – Volume of sales

34:56 – Scaling

36:24 – First $10,000 a month

39:42 – Financial situation in Russia

51:00 – How she ended up in the Canary Islands


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Matt Bowles is one of the partners in Maverick Investors Group, a million dollar real estate company that offers real estate investors a chance to earn passive income while living anywhere they want. He is an entrepreneur who brought his remote work and traveled the world. He also took part in Remote Year, a platform for digital nomads to travel and work in different countries for a year.

On this episode, Matt shares the story of how he came into the real estate and why their company chose a location independent business model. He reveals the company’s mission and how it differs from other real estate companies. He gives a detailed process on how they build relationships, deliver value, and connect with potential clients. He also talks about his experience while being on Remote Year and what he took away from it.  







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2:46 – What is Maverick Investors Group?

5: 55 – How did the company start?

12:57 – Pre-internet travel

17:37 – Zencastr podcast maker

23:48 – The people behind the company

25:22 – The business model

29:07 – What makes their company different from others?

32:58 – Building relationships with their clients

36:24 – Delivering value to customers

38:51 – Steps in bringing in clients

41:42 – Getting in touch with potential buyers

51:41 – Remote Year


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Megan Gougeon is a full-time employee and a full-time traveler. She is one of the very lucky people who won an all-paid-for internship around the world. This programme by ACTE Global is a 6-week long travel internship which provides an opportunity to travel several countries and explore the world of corporate travel management. 

On this episode, she shares her experiences during her around the world travel internship, how she heard about it, how she applied for it, and how she, against all odds, got this amazing opportunity. She also shares her thoughts about the corporate world and the nomadic life. As a full-time employee who works remotely, she gives a new perspective on corporate jobs.



Megan Gougeon: Instagram

Around the World Video

Internship Info



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Time Stamps:

3:31 – Adventures in Gran Canaria

7:23 – How her nomad life started

10:31 – Where did she hear about the internship?

15:45 – Accessing travel through remote work

20:01 – Her start in Costa Rica

22:19 – Pros and cons in Costa Rica

25:07 – Variety of nomads

26:07 – The internship application process

27:29 – Where can people find this program?

28:53 – Purpose of the internship

30:03 – Why the need to travel around the world?

34:01 – Countries they visited during the internship

51:48 – Remote work culture

56:01 – Corporate job vs. Remote work


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Michael Koh is an entrepreneur and a digital nomad who successfully built 3 companies and traveled more than 30 countries. He is the founder of “Tree To Tub” which sells and promotes organic soap made out of soapberries. Formerly called “Soapberri”, it is the world’s first soap grown from trees. He encourages people to replace those harsh chemicals with nature’s gentlest soap.

On this episode, Michael brings us behind the scenes where he talks about how he started this business venture. He explains why he chose this soap industry and what makes these soaps best among all other familiar soaps we use daily. Learning strategies and lessons from his food truck business back in college, he mastered the skill and expertise of a first-rate entrepreneur. Listen in and learn how to start a business and go location independent.





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Time Stamps:

9:16 – Michael’s recent destinations

11:10 – Johnny’s Chinese name

13:30 – How he became an entrepreneur

19:43 – Challenges of his first business

21:29 – Giving up his first business

24:09 – Lessons learned from his first business

25:04 – Idea an inspiration behind Tree to Tub

30:03 – The meaning of the soap

36:25 – Becoming a digital nomad

39:46 – Kickstarter benefit

40:33 – From “soapberry” to “tree to tub”

43:32 – Journey to QVC

46:16 – Fund source


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Grace Taylor, a US tax expert, helps digital nomads enjoy their experience fully while minimizing hassle brought by taxes and other financial considerations while working elsewhere. She was one of the speakers in the recently held Nomad City discussing on Tax Considerations for Digital Nomads.

This episode talks about one of the biggest issues for expats which is tax payments. Grace discussed the process circulating taxes for location independent businesses and the things that grant tax exclusions. She gives an overview of how taxes work for digital nomads residing abroad. Listen to find out when and why you should reach out to an accountant and discuss your financial activities.


TLAB 11 - Income Tax Q&A, Tricks, Tips and Hacks with  David McKeegan
TLAB 161 - How to Legally Pay ZERO Income Tax
ILAB 64 – Trading Options Full Time: $0 – $100K Annually with Kirk Du Plessis

Time Stamps:

1:23 – Easiest country to pay taxes
2:56 – How she helps expats
9:01 – What is Foreign Earned Income Exclusion (FEIE)?
11:35 – The downside in switching accounts
15:38 – One business with several income sources
16:43 – Considerations in starting a business
20:30 – Tax exclusions
25:33 – Choosing an accountant
31:26 – Tax Estimation
32:45 – How to make it easier for your accountant
35:11 – Legal forms relative to income
36:27 – What happens when you forget to report an income?
39:15 – Difference between an American and non-American taxpayer
41:57 – Who should reach out to a tax expert?
43:41 – Why does options trading complicate things?
45:22 – Other things that complicate taxes
47:13 – Action Plan
50:17 – Is Credit Card Statement enough?

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Rob Bertholf is a software developer, an entrepreneur, a technology instructor, and a marketing strategist. He is #1 in Google for the term “Search Engine Optimization Expert” and is one of the pioneers in the digital world. He came to Gran Canaria to attend the Nomad Cruise and eventually took part in Nomad City.

On this episode, he shares his digital journey and his desire for the digital community. He reveals why he decided to join the Nomad Cruise and meet other nomads. He also gives tips on branding, establishing businesses, going location independent and more. Listen in and learn from the expert himself.



Ep 172 - Irish Digital Nomad Talks, Marketing, Taipei, Chiang Mai, and Gran Canaria 

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Time Stamp:
2:53 – What made him decide to go to Nomad Cruise
4:05 – His background, skills, and previous endeavors
11:11 – His teaching experience
13:05 – Good and Bad Branding
17:20 – Why Gran Canaria gov’t sponsors the cruise
17:50 – Upside and downside of Gran Canaria
21:46 – Weather in Gran Canaria
29:15 – Meeting other nomads
30:25 – What is the Nomad Cruise for?
30:37 – Nomad Cruise vs. Normal Cruise
36:31 – Internet plight on the cruise
40:47 – His purpose in going to the cruise
47:43 – Misconceptions on nomads

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Do you want to become a digital nomad? Chris is a Location Independent Freelancer whose passion is making video content on remote work and travel. He is the man behind Chris the Freelancer, a YouTube channel dedicated to documenting the Digital Nomad movement and the Future of Work. If you type in “digital nomad” on Youtube, his channel will be the no. 1 search result.

This episode teaches the first steps in becoming a digital nomad. He shares his own journey in discovering the digital nomad movement. He talks about skill building, getting hired, traveling, and the basics of a nomadic life. He also shares tips on how to start a YouTube channel. Listen to the end and learn how to succeed as a digital nomad.



Join the Digital Nomad movement:

Time Stamps:
1:17 – Story behind Chris the Freelancer
4:07 – Having a high chance of succeeding as a digital nomad
5:34 – Location advantage
8:53 – Pitching good places
11:03 – Living under $600 a month
14:20 – Cost of living in Gran Canaria vs. other places
18:15 – Food in Gran Canaria
22:55 – Coworking spaces vs. Coffee shops
24:54 – How he got into YouTube
31:35 – Difference between Chris’s vlog and others’
39:40 – Vlogging camera
42:38 – Tips on starting a YouTube channel
46:54 – Dealing with hate comments
48:53 – Chris the Freelancer’s purpose
59:26 – Nomad City 2017

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