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Have you ever met an entire family of nomads? Ka Sundance proves to the world that traveling with a family of eight is not a burden but a wonderful and gratifying experience. He gives people one less excuse to travel and start a location independent life. With his wife and six kids, they were able to travel to 3-4 countries each year and live a life of purpose and freedom.

This episode tells their story on how they manage to travel around the world despite the size of their family. You'll learn how their lifestyle started and why it is better to travel as a family than to travel alone.









Trip Streak - Smarter Travel Search


Time stamps:

02:32 – How it all started

4:18 – Air travel expenses

5:49 – Travel Hack: Coming to the airport 3-4 hours early

9:33 – Traveling with the family versus traveling alone

17:35 – Building a community of family travelers

23:41 – Becoming vegan

30:48 – Why not root in one country longer

33:49 – Benefits of online businesses to nomads

35:31 – How he manages the travel expenses

47:53 – Traveling light for 8 people

57:06 – Reality and mentality of other people


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From digital nomads to entrepreneurs, Derek Pankaew and Eric Lafleche share their journey on how they come up with the idea of the Flexr, the world’s first foldable, travel-friendly pullup bar. Having been traveling around the world themselves, they were able to create a unique product that could allow travelers to do pullups wherever they are, whenever they want.

On this episode, they talk about the concept of the product and the marketing strategies they used in creating an impact. They also talk about the failures, the plights and the challenges they had to overcome for the product to finally be ready for its launch. Be the first ones to buy the Flexr and enjoy a super discounted price!





Ep 99 - Moving to Austin,  $30k a Month from TeeSpring, Saving on Taxes and Amazon FBA

Ep 135 - New York Corporate Employee to Chiang Mai Digital Nomad

Ep 158 - Travel Hacks, Life Advice, and Leveling Up

Ep 46 - Freedom Fast Lane with Ryan Daniel Moran, Zen Active Sports, Creating Products on Amazon, eCommerce

Johnny's Guide to Ukraine: Kiev, Odessa, Lviv, and Chernobyl
Trip Streak - Smarter Travel Search


Time stamps:

13:22 – Corporate life in New York

18:03 – NY versus Austin: Digital Entrepreneur Community

21:42 – The idea behind Flexr bar

25:57 – Struggles in launching the business

32:49 – Taking an idea into the next step

39:47 – Learning the basics in launching a product

44:18 – The launch of the Flexr

50:00 – Marketing plan for Flexr

57:06 – How Kickstarter helps in marketing


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Can’t get enough of Ukraine? Xiaohui Wang a.k.a “X” is the founder and CEO of Essence of Email, an online marketing agency specializing in email marketing for eCommerce stores. He left his corporate job in San Francisco, booked a one-way ticket to Thailand, and started a location independent business.

On this episode, X brings us to the charming place of Kiev, Ukraine. He talks about the lifestyle to expect and what your money can buy you. You'll find out why it's a perfect destination for tourists and digital nomads who love to travel and work at the same time.  By the end of this show, you'll want to pack your bags and visit yourself!





Johnny's Guide to Ukraine: Kiev, Odessa, Lviv, and Chernobyl

Trip Streak - Smarter Travel Search


Time Stamps:

01:21 – One-way ticket to Thailand

02:54 – Nomad Summit and Conferences

05:37 – Becoming a Digital Nomad

07:28 – What drove him into this business

11:32 – Traveling lifestyle and mentality

16:53 – Winter: The downside of Kiev

21:16 – Reasons why people visit Kiev

24:04 – Prices vs. Value

28:20 – Co-working spaces in Kiev

30:36 – Expenses: Food and Transportation

35:44 – Currency in Ukraine

41:48 – His location independent business

55:06 – Bank stability in Kiev

59:06 – Staying in Ukraine


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Want to know if Ukraine is worth traveling? Ryan Murfield tells the story of how he joined the Peace Corps, a volunteer program run by the US government, to travel for free. Having the dream to travel but with no money, he embarked on this journey and found himself in an amazing place – Lviv, Ukraine. 

On this episode, Ryan talks about his 27-month quest as part of the Peace Corps and how his life went on in a small village in Ukraine. This time, he went back to Lviv, not as a volunteer but a tourist, to explore more of this wonderful place. Without a doubt, Ryan found himself falling in love with Lviv.



Johnny's Guide to Ukraine: Kiev, Odessa, Lviv, and Chernobyl

Trip Streak - Smarter Travel Search


Time Stamps:

05:23 – The start of Ryan’s travel journey

06:12 – Applying for Peace Corps

08:09 – What is Peace Corps

09:45 – Responsibilities of Peace Corps

10:45 – Being part of the Peace Corps

19:47 – Learning the Ukrainian language

25:03 – Ukrainian food

27:34 – 2-year stay in Lviv, Ukraine

33:03 – Transportation in Lviv, Ukraine

38:14 – Perks of seeing Lviv, Ukraine: Restaurants, Food, and Costs

46:19 – Why is it cheap in Lviv, Ukraine

50:12 – Secret-themed restaurants

01:01:48 – Why is Lviv, Ukraine a great place to visit


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Johnny FD will reveal 7 key travel tips that will enhance your travel experience. He will provide ways to meet like-minded people while traveling alone and how to join free walking tours in Berlin. You’ll enjoy hearing about his adventures in Ireland, Berlin, Germany, Ukraine and the lessons learned along the way.


Ep 163 - Wicklow Way in Ireland & Tomato Fights in Spain
Ep 164 - Leaving Ireland, Adventures of Digital Nomads

Dropshipping from China with AliExpress

Johnny's Guide to BERLIN, Germany

Johnny's Ultimate Travel Guide to Thailand

Johnny's Guide to Ukraine: Kiev, Odessa and Chernobyl

Time Stamps:

01:39 - Ireland in the Summer

02:32 - Hiking the Wicklow Way

03:48 - Affiliate World Berlin

06:52 - Traditional Germany

09:15 - AirBnB side income

10:59 - Affiliate World Europe Shopify & Dropshipping

13:23 - The alternative graffiti walking tour Berlin

21:41 - Meeting people in unfamiliar cities

23:56 - Thailand travel advice

30:18 - Staying in Europe long term

33:42 - Traveling Ukraine

38:18 - Coworking spaces pros/cons

40:00 - Visiting Poland


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Have you thought about traveling Ireland? Sam Marks joins the show the talk the 160 km walk across Ireland over the past week. You’ll hear about their crazy journey through Wicklow Way as they raise money for kids to have playgrounds in Cambodia.  

In this episode, Sam will talk about how he ended up stuck in the middle of nowhere with no food, water, or a backpack. He’ll also talk about the power of nature, flying business class, and living a flexible lifestyle. Listen to the end to hear his future travel plans.



Wicklow Way: An Epic 8 Day Hike Through Ireland YouTube
Ep 163 - Wicklow Way in Ireland & Tomato Fights in Spain
The Wicklow Way: Walking and Hiking Ireland from Dublin
Playgrounds for Kids

Time Stamps:

01:30 - Walking 160km across Ireland
05:19 - The Wicklow Way nature
08:11 - Buying land in Ireland
12:34 - Stuck in the pouring rain
22:14 - Why are we walking across Ireland?
23:28 - P.S. I Love you
26:22 - Waiting for a bus that never came
31:37 - Getting help from local police
33:34 - Bringing nature into our lives
38:19 - Living a flexible lifestyle
38:54 - Flying business class
43:15 - Leaving baggage in Barcelona
46:29 - Affiliate World & network events
48:17 - Building playgrounds in Cambodia
50:24 - Sam's travel plans

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Have you ever thought about walking across Ireland? Fabian Lorson joins Johnny FD And Sam Marks on a hike through the Wicklow Way to raise money in order to build playgrounds for underprivileged kids in Cambodia. 

During the show, Fabian will share all the exciting travel adventures he experienced with Sam over the years. You’ll hear about the beautiful scenery and food Ireland has to offer while they explain the ups and downs of the first few days through the mountains.



Time Stamps:
02:11 - Business class flying in Europe
05:37 - Carrying minimal luggage
08:30 - Best underwear in the world
11:10 - Climbing the Acropolis of Athens
12:07 - Work permit in Australia
15:06 - Largest tomato fight in the world
16:58 - Largest water fight in the world
19:01 - Sam Marks as a low budget traveler
24:01 - Excellent wine and good parties
26:10 - Charity walk across Ireland
30:37 - Delicious Irish food and drinking Guinness
41:25 - Traveling as kids
44:38 - After 40 km of hiking
55:05 - Funding traveling as a student
56:23 - Lessons learned from walking across Ireland

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Are you thinking about traveling? Viktorija Juskevica quit her job in Latvia to travel the world. She will share her experience after living in places like New York, Chiang Mai and Barcelona including what unique jobs she found along the way.

During the show, Viktorija will talk about the best food, nature, and nightlife Barcelona has to offer. She will also compare the digital nomad community in Chiang Mai to Spain. Listen to the end for an update to the never-ending search for the best place to live as a location independent entrepreneur.




Simon Black – Finding Outsized Returns Off the Beaten Path - ILAB 19

Trip Streak - Smarter Travel Search

Travel Guide to Barcelona - Johnny FD's Blog

Time Stamps:

02:51 - Barcelona vs Chiang Mai

03:34 - Cost and taste of food

10:01 - Good wine and cheese

13:27 - Sovereign man business camp with Simon Black

17:18 - Latvia and Estonia

22:31 - Hating the corporate world

26:32 - One-way ticket to Chiang Mai

28:46 - Language learning startup

31:08 - Digital Nomad Summit community building

33:01 - Barcelona Nomad scene

43:01 - Future travel plans

43:39 - German tech startup & Tree Tribe

44:41 - Best things about Barcelona

46:44 - Hiking the mountains

48:29 - Driving a red Ferrari

52:47 - The nightlife in Barcelona

57:29 - Living lonely in New York

1:00:00 - Travel guide to Barcelona

1:02:56 - The perfect place to live


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Do you want to pay no or very little tax? US tax attorney Stewart Patton helps US citizens who live or invest outside the United States understand and optimize their tax situations. Several of his students easily save $25,000 or more in tax, every single year. During the show, Stewart will give the steps to actually create the proper legal structure for your situation.


Links: - Stewart's Course



7 day Start Up – Dan Norris



How To Legally Move to Texas and Save $10,000 a year on Taxes

Trip Streak - Smarter Travel Search


Time Stamps:

03:01 – What is a tax attorney?

05:51 – Average taxes paid in California

07:22 – Foreign earned income exclusion

10:45 – Moving the business to Texas

18:22 – Starting an LLC in Wyoming

22:00 – Benefits of self-employment tax

26:50 – Paying into social security

28:36 – Setting up a non-US company

38:20 – Incorrectly filing taxes

41:42 – Offshore legal structures

43:05 – Holding a business in non-US corporation

46:30 – Profession vs. a business

50:57 – US based employees

54:17 – Choosing a country to operate in

1:06:13 – When should you apply this structure


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Paul Van Staalen has been interviewing world leaders for over 10 years and has visited 40 countries. He joins the show to talk about his experience after meeting with billionaires and presidents of countries like Chile, Sri Lanka, Peru, and Ethiopia. He will explain how the interview process works and include practical ways you can follow a similar career path.

In this episode, Paul also talks about the ups and downs of traveling for so long and openly shares how he will completely change his lifestyle going forward. Listen to the end and he will reveal some hidden gem places you might want to add to your travel list.



Pauls Facebook


Trip Streak - Smarter Travel Search

Time Stamps:

01:57 - Paying for special advertising

03:01 - Meeting presents of Chile, Sri Lanka, Peru, and Ethiopia

05:05 - Advertising and sponsorship

09:28 - How to become a  writer for a magazine

15:04 - The perks of the job

15:44 - Meeting people while traveling

18:50 - Scuba diving around the world

21:49 - Getting married with kids vs. global traveling

26:52 - Best and worst countries visited

29:50 - Increased tourism in hidden gem places

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