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Grace Taylor, a US tax expert, helps digital nomads enjoy their experience fully while minimizing hassle brought by taxes and other financial considerations while working elsewhere. She was one of the speakers in the recently held Nomad City discussing on Tax Considerations for Digital Nomads.

This episode talks about one of the biggest issues for expats which is tax payments. Grace discussed the process circulating taxes for location independent businesses and the things that grant tax exclusions. She gives an overview of how taxes work for digital nomads residing abroad. Listen to find out when and why you should reach out to an accountant and discuss your financial activities.


TLAB 11 - Income Tax Q&A, Tricks, Tips and Hacks with  David McKeegan
TLAB 161 - How to Legally Pay ZERO Income Tax
ILAB 64 – Trading Options Full Time: $0 – $100K Annually with Kirk Du Plessis

Time Stamps:

1:23 – Easiest country to pay taxes
2:56 – How she helps expats
9:01 – What is Foreign Earned Income Exclusion (FEIE)?
11:35 – The downside in switching accounts
15:38 – One business with several income sources
16:43 – Considerations in starting a business
20:30 – Tax exclusions
25:33 – Choosing an accountant
31:26 – Tax Estimation
32:45 – How to make it easier for your accountant
35:11 – Legal forms relative to income
36:27 – What happens when you forget to report an income?
39:15 – Difference between an American and non-American taxpayer
41:57 – Who should reach out to a tax expert?
43:41 – Why does options trading complicate things?
45:22 – Other things that complicate taxes
47:13 – Action Plan
50:17 – Is Credit Card Statement enough?

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Rob Bertholf is a software developer, an entrepreneur, a technology instructor, and a marketing strategist. He is #1 in Google for the term “Search Engine Optimization Expert” and is one of the pioneers in the digital world. He came to Gran Canaria to attend the Nomad Cruise and eventually took part in Nomad City.

On this episode, he shares his digital journey and his desire for the digital community. He reveals why he decided to join the Nomad Cruise and meet other nomads. He also gives tips on branding, establishing businesses, going location independent and more. Listen in and learn from the expert himself.



Ep 172 - Irish Digital Nomad Talks, Marketing, Taipei, Chiang Mai, and Gran Canaria 

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Time Stamp:
2:53 – What made him decide to go to Nomad Cruise
4:05 – His background, skills, and previous endeavors
11:11 – His teaching experience
13:05 – Good and Bad Branding
17:20 – Why Gran Canaria gov’t sponsors the cruise
17:50 – Upside and downside of Gran Canaria
21:46 – Weather in Gran Canaria
29:15 – Meeting other nomads
30:25 – What is the Nomad Cruise for?
30:37 – Nomad Cruise vs. Normal Cruise
36:31 – Internet plight on the cruise
40:47 – His purpose in going to the cruise
47:43 – Misconceptions on nomads

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Do you want to become a digital nomad? Chris is a Location Independent Freelancer whose passion is making video content on remote work and travel. He is the man behind Chris the Freelancer, a YouTube channel dedicated to documenting the Digital Nomad movement and the Future of Work. If you type in “digital nomad” on Youtube, his channel will be the no. 1 search result.

This episode teaches the first steps in becoming a digital nomad. He shares his own journey in discovering the digital nomad movement. He talks about skill building, getting hired, traveling, and the basics of a nomadic life. He also shares tips on how to start a YouTube channel. Listen to the end and learn how to succeed as a digital nomad.



Join the Digital Nomad movement:

Time Stamps:
1:17 – Story behind Chris the Freelancer
4:07 – Having a high chance of succeeding as a digital nomad
5:34 – Location advantage
8:53 – Pitching good places
11:03 – Living under $600 a month
14:20 – Cost of living in Gran Canaria vs. other places
18:15 – Food in Gran Canaria
22:55 – Coworking spaces vs. Coffee shops
24:54 – How he got into YouTube
31:35 – Difference between Chris’s vlog and others’
39:40 – Vlogging camera
42:38 – Tips on starting a YouTube channel
46:54 – Dealing with hate comments
48:53 – Chris the Freelancer’s purpose
59:26 – Nomad City 2017

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Brian David Crane is a startup founder, a digital nomad, an entrepreneur, and a traveler. He is the founder of CallerSmart, an app that helps users trace unknown phone numbers right on their smart phones. He has written an article on Forbes about the Downsides of Digital Nomad and How to launch your Business in Google.
On this episode, Brian opens up about the nomadic life. He tells his journey into becoming a digital entrepreneur. He gives tips and advice for all the digital nomads and nomad-wannabe. This is an inspiring conversation about the work and life away from home. Before you book a one-way flight, make sure you listened to this episode. 



Ep 105 – Millionaire Digital Nomad with Sam Marks

Trip Streak - Smarter Travel Search

Time stamps:
2:09 – The first million
4:35 – Going back on savings
7:25 – Working as a Nomad
10:00 – Digital Nomad in Chang Mai vs. Bali
12:26 – Coworking spaces
15:24 – Work-Life balance in Bali
20:58 – How to launch your business on Google
26:57 – Downsides of being a Digital Nomad
32:02 – Becoming a Digital Nomad
38:01 – Taking a vacation or being a Digital Nomad
44:26 – Bali, US, Poland and Hong Kong
53:12 – Mentorship

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Shad is a huge crypto enthusiast who is launching an Initial Coin Offering (ICO). He shares his knowledge on bitcoins and cryptocurrencies as well as the ICO he is selling. He explains why cryptocurrency is the future and what people should know about.
This episode tackles on interesting stuff about online payments and currencies that are very relevant in the modern era. He talks about the aspects and considerations of buying bitcoins. Listen to the end and find out whether cryptocurrency is for you or not.



ILAB 66 – Meet the Drapers: Invest with Tim, Bill and Jesse Draper
Trip Streak - Smarter Travel Search

Time stamps:
01:25 – What is ICO
04:03 – E-commerce and Drop shipping
12:27 – Bitcoin
16:04 – The market
22:12 – Why Cryptocurrency is the future
27:50 – Paypal transfers
29:14 – Internet banking vs. Crypto
30:27 – Apple pay
32:37 – Innovations on Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies
37:40 – Downside of Bitcoin
39:37 – Bitcoin on ATM
42:14 – How the tokens work
44:06 – Use case seen for tokens

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William McGuire is a digital marketing nomad from Ireland who built most of his technical skills by himself. He even learned designing apps through watching YouTube videos. He believes that life is like a game. Whenever you do what you said you would do, you level up!

This is an amazing episode that talks about a lot of stuff about being location independent. He shares his quest as a nomad, leaving Ireland and traveling the world. He recounts his journey in Thailand, Taiwan, Bali and Gran Canaria where he lived and worked as a digital nomad.






Ep 163 - Wicklow Way in Ireland & Tomato Fights in Spain

Trip Streak - Smarter Travel Search


Time stamps:

02:17 – Ireland to America

3:48 – All about Ireland

8:11 – The Irish people

14:43 – Coming to Ukraine

15:44 – Online searching hack

17:59 – Digital marketing nomad in Ukraine

19:10 – The Course launch

28:56 – The 12-week project

33:27 – Ireland to Taiwan

35:09 – Freelancing

36:40 – Building skills on your own

44:28 – Preparing for the worst

49:24 – Age vs. Goals

52:43 – Creating apps in China

56:12 – Thailand vs. Bali

01:00:21 – Gran Canaria


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Johnny FD will be sharing all the key travel hacks that he learned during his last 10 years of traveling. You’ll be able to travel with zero stress and truly enjoy your experience. 

On this episode, Johnny gives an emphasis on one of the most important parts of traveling – THE PACKING. He shares some tips on how to minimize your luggage and bring convenience to your travel. He also gives tips on what to bring and what not to bring for an easier and happier trip. If you are often stuck in the dilemma of packing, then make sure you listen to this episode.

Link: - Follow the journey of a location independent entrepreneur


Trip Streak - Smarter Travel Search


Time stamps:

02:19 – First three key travel tips

08:06 – What backpack should you use?

12:13 – The best size of a back pack

18:11 – Rolling duffel bags

20:32 – Packing cubes

23:02 – More travel hacks!

30:24 – Ideal weight to bring with you


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One of the few female travel bloggers to visit Ukraine, Amy Butler shares her experience in this amazing yet undiscovered country in Europe. She is a certified English teacher who is on a mission to travel and see the world.

Having a female expat on the show, we get to hear a new perspective on what it’s like to work and live in Kiev, Ukraine. She talks about the quality of life in the country as well as the downside of it. She also talks about Ukrainian people, their attitude, and their culture. This brief conversation gives a bigger picture on why Ukraine is one of the best places to visit.







Trip Streak - Smarter Travel Search


Time stamps:

03:00 – Subway system in Ukraine

05:51 – The Expat community in Ukraine

10:04 – Language barrier

16:56 – Why she chose to travel Ukraine

17:45 – Safety in Ukraine compared to the U.S.

23:06 – Cost of Living

28:50 – The downside of Ukraine

29:30 – Health care in Ukraine

31:04 – The dating world

41:03 – Booming of IT and online businesses

44:00 – The undiscovered Europe

47:38 – Truth about Ukrainian people


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Have you ever met an entire family of nomads? Ka Sundance proves to the world that traveling with a family of eight is not a burden but a wonderful and gratifying experience. He gives people one less excuse to travel and start a location independent life. With his wife and six kids, they were able to travel to 3-4 countries each year and live a life of purpose and freedom.

This episode tells their story on how they manage to travel around the world despite the size of their family. You'll learn how their lifestyle started and why it is better to travel as a family than to travel alone.









Trip Streak - Smarter Travel Search


Time stamps:

02:32 – How it all started

4:18 – Air travel expenses

5:49 – Travel Hack: Coming to the airport 3-4 hours early

9:33 – Traveling with the family versus traveling alone

17:35 – Building a community of family travelers

23:41 – Becoming vegan

30:48 – Why not root in one country longer

33:49 – Benefits of online businesses to nomads

35:31 – How he manages the travel expenses

47:53 – Traveling light for 8 people

57:06 – Reality and mentality of other people


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From digital nomads to entrepreneurs, Derek Pankaew and Eric Lafleche share their journey on how they come up with the idea of the Flexr, the world’s first foldable, travel-friendly pullup bar. Having been traveling around the world themselves, they were able to create a unique product that could allow travelers to do pullups wherever they are, whenever they want.

On this episode, they talk about the concept of the product and the marketing strategies they used in creating an impact. They also talk about the failures, the plights and the challenges they had to overcome for the product to finally be ready for its launch. Be the first ones to buy the Flexr and enjoy a super discounted price!





Ep 99 - Moving to Austin,  $30k a Month from TeeSpring, Saving on Taxes and Amazon FBA

Ep 135 - New York Corporate Employee to Chiang Mai Digital Nomad

Ep 158 - Travel Hacks, Life Advice, and Leveling Up

Ep 46 - Freedom Fast Lane with Ryan Daniel Moran, Zen Active Sports, Creating Products on Amazon, eCommerce

Johnny's Guide to Ukraine: Kiev, Odessa, Lviv, and Chernobyl
Trip Streak - Smarter Travel Search


Time stamps:

13:22 – Corporate life in New York

18:03 – NY versus Austin: Digital Entrepreneur Community

21:42 – The idea behind Flexr bar

25:57 – Struggles in launching the business

32:49 – Taking an idea into the next step

39:47 – Learning the basics in launching a product

44:18 – The launch of the Flexr

50:00 – Marketing plan for Flexr

57:06 – How Kickstarter helps in marketing


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