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Do you want to be successful? Entrepreneur, investor, kickboxer, and traveler Johnny FD talks about the reasons why some people still aren’t successful and ways to overcome them.

In this episode, Johnny talks about how anyone can start earning money online and learn how to ball out on a budget. He’ll also talk about ways to overcome bad spending habits, failing on diets and why he is happy to attend a wedding in Taiwan. Listen to the end, for a truly inspiring story that trumps every excuse you’ve ever had on why you haven’t had success yet.


Tutor: VIP kid
Muay Thai Blog - My Fight Camp


MJ DeMarco - The Millionaire Fastlane


Show Notes:

01:45 – 1 million-dollar lose

04:20 – Fighting Muay Thai in Thailand

07:15 – Earning money online

09:50 – Muay Thai blog

15:20 – Six figure drop ship store

20:30 – Ballin’ on a budget

23:30 – Abundance mindset

29:40 – Bad spending habits

35:55 – Failing on diets

38:15 – Taiwan wedding

41:35 – Being born paralyzed


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Do you feel too old to travel? 52-year-old radio guru and loving father Palle Bo documents his journey as he takes his radio business online to travel every country in the world.

On this episode, Palle shares his experience traveling 11 countries in eastern Europe, the cost of living in Denmark, multicultural and religious differences. He also talks about his purpose for traveling and sleeping in hostels as an older digital nomad. Listen to the end, to hear how his family travels while maintaining a positive and open relationship.



Website - The Radio Vagabond


Recommended Books:

Start with Why - Simon Sinek

Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind - Yuval Noah Harari


Show Notes:

01:20 – Producing radio commercials

02:00 – Travel the world in 5 years

05:03 – Tax-free business

06:30 – Cost of living in Denmark

10:00 – 11 countries in eastern Europe

21:00 – Multicultural differences

28:50 – Muslim religion

31:10 – The purpose to travel

33:10 -  Older digital nomads

35:55 – Staying in hostels

42:40 – New digital nomad crowd

45:05 – Radio vs. Podcast

52:40 – Audio Books

55:40 – Future travel plans in Asia

56:40 – Traveling with family


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Do you want to replace your 9-5 income online and travel the world? In October 2014 Riley Bennett quit his job and moved to Chiang Mai, Thailand to try and earn money online. He documented the journey via YouTube exploring multiple countries while growing his passive income. Now, he owns a successful Amazon FBA business that earns $4,000+ a month and released a course that teaches the entire Amazon method so you can live that life too.

In this episode, Riley talks about having over 1 million views on his YouTube channel, the full moon party, and how to manifest your destiny. He also discusses how you can overcome copyright infringements, answers frequent Amazon questions and tips on how to grow your YouTube channel. Listen to the end, for ways he overcomes his biggest weakness being a personality type ENFP.


YouTube Channel:

Amazon Course:

Digital Nomad Summit:

4 Hour Work Week Book:


Ep 52:

Ep 141:


Show Notes:

01:00 - Quitting the job and traveling the world

03:50 - Day 1 friends

07:45 - Full moon party

10:30 - 1 Million Views on YouTube

14:45 - Manifesting your destiny

19:00 - Dropship lifestyle retreat

22:25 - Copyright infringement

25:30 - Amazon frequent Q&A

29:38 - Growing your YouTube channel

34:58 - Nomad Summit 2017 speakers

44:10 - Myers-Briggs Personality Test

46:00 - Partying on the weekends

48:00 - 6 hours of editing video

49:40 - ENFP Strengths and weaknesses

51:30 - Best part of non-job life

53:35 - Overcoming biggest weakness

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Does creativity make you happy? Designer and letterer Lauren Hom transformed her NYC job to a location independent creative studio. Known for her bright color palettes and playful letterforms, Lauren has created work for clients like Starbucks, Google, AT&T, YouTube and TIME Magazine. She now has the freedom to travel the world to work when and where she wants.

In this episode, Lauren shares how she started working for free and now can charge upwards to $30,000 on some projects. She also talks about working for corporate companies, whether you should hire an agent, and how you can market your brand. During the show, Johnny FD and Lauren share their experience dating and traveling as an Asian American. Listen to the end, to hear how Johnny paid off $40,000 in student loans and how you can too.



Website -




New Blog Post:

2017 Digital Nomad Summit:


Show Notes:

02:00 - Starting as an illustrator

04:10 - Trendsetting in NYC

08:20 - Hand Lettering and design

13:00 - Working for corporate companies

15:10 - Hiring an agent

24:30 - Channeling negative energy

25:30 - Dating as an Asian American

35:30 - Traveling as an Asian American

38:45 - Chalk lettering for free lunches

42:00 - Setting high expectations

46:00 - Online creative boot camp

46:50 - Marketing your brand

49:00 - Remote year signup

54:15 - Cost of living: NYC vs Chiang Mai

58:50 - Paying off $40,000 in student loans


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Do you want to know who you are and why you do things the way you do? Conscious business coach & holistic wellness teacher Kristen Yates and Johnny FD discuss their results from the famous Myers-Briggs personality test comparing ENFP and ESTJ strengths and weaknesses. If you want to build a successful business but your mindset is holding you back, this episode is perfect you.

On the show, you'll hear how executive strengths help Johnny’s businesses stay successful, emotional opportunity in relationships and if empathy is holding you back. Kristen will also give feedback to Johnny on how he can improve on his weaknesses and why both their personalities are key to society’s growth. Listen to the end for ways you can find the perfect partner and develop the abundance mindset.


Kristen's Website:
Take the Test Yourself:

Show Notes:

00:48 - Myers-Briggs personality test

05:45 - Kristen and Johnny’s test results

06:25 - Intuitive ability

07:30 - Introvert and extrovert

09:48 - Sensing ability

12:20 - Campaigner ENFP strengths and weaknesses

19:10 - Women speakers for Nomad Summit 2017

23:00 - Executive personality strengths

24:30 - Starting Chiang Mai Startup groups

26:43 - Johnny FD’s weaknesses

32:45 - Being judgmental

34:15 - Communicating emotions

41:15 - Is empathy holding you back?

44:45 - Working with an ENFP

46:00 - Triple down on your strengths

48:18 - Abundance mindset
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Johnny FD goes to Affiliate World Asia in Bangkok and here's what he learned about networking and from Charles Ngo, Neil Patel, and Matthew Woodward.


Affiliate World Conferences:

Dropshipping Discounts:

2017 Nomad Summit:


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Do you want to live the lifestyle of your dreams? Former senior banking and capital market consultant, Tyler Moss, left his comfortable corporate job to travel the world. He recently was selected for Johnny FD’s Dropship Partnership program and was the first participant to make a huge sale within 30 days. If you are interested in building your own dropshipping store or looking for ways to optimize your current, this is the perfect episode for you.

During the show, Tyler talks about why he quit his six-figure salary job, how he found Johnny FD’s blog and why he applied to the Dropship program. He also talks about the first few weeks of the program including optimizing AdWords, selecting niches, calling suppliers and building an effective website. Listen to the end to hear Tyler’s thoughts on Anton's dropshipping course and his favorite things to do in Chiang Mai Thailand.

Tylers Website

Dropship Announcement -

Dropshipping Course -

Show Notes:

02:00 - Finding Johnny FD on Reddit

04:00 - Quitting the corporate 9-5 job

11:15 - First day of the dropshipping internship

13:00 - Application process

14:45 - Optimizing AdWord campaigns

15:30 - Cost of living in Chiang Mai vs. Singapore, London & New York

18:20 - Selecting unique niches

21:05 - Calling suppliers

23:10 - Making the first sale in 29 days

25:00 - Building a website

30:00 - Selling a dropship store

32:00 - Dropship course training

40:00 - Favorite things to do in Chiang Mai

42:00 - Six figure sushi

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Do you want to turn your passion into a six figure income? Melanie Beckler will share how she started the business and Miles will share how he implemented email funnels and marketing techniques to earn well over $100,000 a year.

In this episode, Melanie and Miles share how they built - A company offering angel messages, guided meditations, angel courses, and books all of which are filled with the unconditional love and high vibrational energy of the Divine and Angelic Realms. They will also talk about their marketing and sales funnel strategies, how to provide value in the world and create positive shifts in consciousness. Listen to the end to hear their biggest lessons learned that can save you tons of money.

Relevant Links:

Melanie’s YouTube -

Miles’ YouTube -


Recommended Book:




Show Notes:

01:00 - Abundant circle event in Phuket

03:00 - Being a part of the Nomad community

06:00 - Earning a living with your passion

08:00 - Providing value to the world

12:30 - Marketing with sales funnels

15:45 - What is Ask-Angels?

20:00 - SEO, backlinks and sales copy

29:15 - Email list strategy and sales funnels techniques

44:00 - Paying off $32,000 of student loans

46:10 - Arbitrage Alibaba dropping from China

50:15 - Creating a positive shift in consciousness

55:45 - What is channeling?

58:45 - How to deal with haters

1:02:00 - Learn sales funnels and save money


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Would you like a step by step training on how to start a successful Amazon business? Life Coach and Amazon Seller, Rob Fortney has managed multi-million dollar businesses and has brought that entrepreneurial drive to the Amazon Gorillaz. Today, he joins the show to help others take the fear out of starting your own Amazon business.

In this episode, Rob talks about key Amazon FBA strategies, liquidating super competitive products, finding niche products to sell, and marketing through pay per click advertising. He also shares his cost of living and dating life in Chiang Mai including his experience spending $1,800 in 3 weeks on Ko Samui. Listen to the end to hear how life in Thailand has been since President Trump has been elected.


Rob's Link's:




Johnny FD’s Blog -

Johnny FD’s Book -

Nomad Coffee Club -


Show Notes:

00:53 - Driving through 2.5 ft of water

02:00 - Rob’s motorbike accidents and scars

07:00 - Amazon FBA strategies

09:20 - Earning the first $1,000

15:15 - Liquidating super competitive product

18:50 - Finding niche product to sell

19:45 - Marketing budget and pay per click advertising

23:00 - Overcoming failure

28:00 - Selling everything and move to Thailand

33:00 - Cost of living in Chiang Mai

38:00 - Dating in America vs. Chiang Mai

42:00 - Automatic laundry service in Saigon Vietnam

45:10 - Spending $1,800 in 3 weeks on an island

49:00 - Life in Chiang Mai after Trump’s presidential election

50:50 - Raising money for charity

53:10 - Being a part of the Nomad Family


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David Dang Vu shares the secret formula that earns him over $100,000 a year with AirBnb rental arbitrage. If increasing your income while decreasing your work time is your goal then this is the perfect episode for you. David will provide steps on how you can get started in the rental AirBnB business while saving you time and money.

In this episode, we also talk about David's new YouTube channel, marketing your personal brand, burning season in Chiang Mai and how to catch a 60-pound catfish. Listen to the end to get exclusive information regarding the new 2017 Digital Nomad Summit.


David’s YouTube Channel:
David's eBay Course:
David's AirBnB Course:

TLAB Ep 10 -
TLAB Ep 82 -

Johnny FD’s  Earnest Affiliate course:
Johnny FD’s Youtube Channel -

Buy tickets to the Digital Nomad Summit -

Show Notes:

01:15 - Responding to Podcast invites
05:30 - Marketing your personal brand
07:00 - Starting a Vlogging YouTube channel
12:22- Finishing methods and burning season
15:30 - Catching a 60-pound catfish in Chiang Mai
25:30 - AirBnB Passive income stream
30:29 - Sleeping in David’s Airbnb
31:20 - Earning $2,000 income per rental
35:00 - Making mistakes furniture shopping
37:39 - The biggest risk with new properties
38:49 - The three step formula for AirBnB rentals
40:00 - Udemy courses and modeling knowledge
42:20 - Transitioning offline with physical and digital product
44:35 - AirBnB messaging system opportunity
46:37 - How to start renting on AirBnB
48:50 - Digital Nomad Summit 2017

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