Interviews with entrepreneurs who actually have free time to travel. Real location independent digital nomads. Tips on how to start your own online business and how to live the 4-hour workweek you've dreamed about. Check out for show notes, bonus videos and photos!

Do you want to travel the world? Bauke Vreeswijk talks about how he rode his motorbike across Vietnam and gives an update on his affiliate marketing business.

In this episode, Bauke will also compare the best and worst of Bali and Thailand including great food, accommodation, transportation, and the visa process. Listen to the end to hear his future travel plans with his lovely girlfriend.





Ep 104 - Money Mindset



YouTube Video - I'm Lost in a Rice Field in Ubud, Bali!


Ep 80 - Stack That Money Success with Nick & Robbie

Ep 81 - Firefighter to Affiliate Marketer: Another Stack that Money Success

Ep 140 - Affiliate World Recap and Review: Plus Conference Tips!


Travel Guide to Ubud, Bali

Time Stamps:

03:50 - Meeting Baukes girlfriend

05:50 - Passport tips

09:50 - Living in Chiang Mai

10:30 - Riding across Vietnam

12:50 - Buying, fixing, and selling a motorcycle

19:30 - Traveling for an adventure

24:24 - Facebook ads & Affiliate marketing

31:00 - Aweber email autoresponder

39:20 - CPA vs. email marketing

40:00 - Reading Johnny’s blog on a phone

41:49 - Is the Nomad life for everyone?

43:40 - Extending visas in Bali

45:15 - Living in Bali

46:00 - Indonesian food

49:09 - Places to live

52:45 - Roads, taxis, and Uber

58:00 - Future travel plans

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Do you want to find peace on a beautiful island? Christopher Wah Chiu shares everything you need to know about living Ubud Bali and why it’s the perfect place for business and personal development.

In this episode, Chris talks about why Bali gets a bad reputation and compares some major difference between Changu, Ubud, and Chiang Mai. He will discuss fast wifi coworking spaces, delicious restaurants, the best yoga studios, and how to easily get a 6-month visa. Listen to the end for his advice for corporate 9-5 workers and an inside look on his Sunday morning routine.







How I Retired at 35 and in Just 4 Years! - Johnny FD Blog Post

Myers Briggs Personalities and Entrepreneurship: ESTJ vs. ENFP - Ep 141

Muay Thai, Meditation, and Dropshipping.  This is Fight Club - Ep 49


Trip Streak

Time Stamps:

02:20 - Wifi speeds in Ubud

04:00 - Coworking space price competition

06:23 - Should you work at a coworking space?

09:30 - Best perk about Punspace in Chiang Mai

10:15 - Outpost likes & dislikes

12:30 - Beautiful resorts and villas

14:00 - Being a minimalist

16:30 - Sage food restaurant review

18:10 - Smoothie bowl desserts

19:32 - Yoga class rivalry

21:30 - Bali’s bad reputation

27:00 - Syncing the spiritual and material world

28:00 - Selling a dropship store

30:00 - Retiring from e-commerce

32:00 - Trolls and negative users

35:10 - Selling Johnny's store

39:30 - Advice for corporate 9-5 workers

40:00 - Myers-Briggs Personality Test

42:30 - Leaving Wall Street

44:00 - Changu vs Ubud

49:10 - Sunday routine

51:30 - Where can you focus on work?

52:20 - Living expenses

53:40 - Visa process

58:10 - Flying Air Asia

1:01:16 - Uber & Russian mob

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Robert Botto joins Johnny FD to talk about the major differences between Chiang Mai Thailand and Bali Indonesia. They’ll share their experiences with nomad culture, coworking spaces, and cost of living. Learn about where to find delicious food, incredible scuba diving locations and ways to avoid being ripped off by taxis. During the show, listen for key tips that can save you time and money the next time you plan to visit.







Scuba Diving In Bali


Time Stamps:

02:10 - Futurism

04:00 - Is technology consuming us?

10:00 - Digital franchise food delivery exist

14:00 - Dropship partnership pros and cons

18:30 - Selling the dropship store

21:20 - Owning quality product

22:59 - Getting scammed

31:30 - Co working on a beach

33:00 – Finding an apartment & Wifi

36:40 – Sim cards and data

38:00 – Taxi’s in Southeast Asia

41:20 – UBER & The Mafia

43:10 – Business vs. vacation

46:20 – Delicious food options

49:00 – Recommended resort location

51:50 - Dangerous rice paddy fields

54:40 - Ubud vibes

58:50 - Scuba diving in Bali

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Can you run an offline business and still be location independent? Dezmon Landers is the co-founder of a lodging company that has generated over $1.7 million in the last 3 years.

In this episode, Dezmon will share the entrepreneurial skills required to become successful in your own business. He will talk about calculating the proper runway, battling oppression, and bringing family together as you grow. Listen to the end for ways you can develop the right mindset and create your own economic independence.








Grant Cardone: 10X Rule Audiobook


Time Stamps:

03:10 - Going to jail in Thailand

09:00 - Having a backup plan

12:15 - Traveling 35+ countries

14:20 - First time leaving the U.S

17:20 - Family & money

21:40 - 100K in debt

24:50 - Ethics, sales, and services

29:00 - Oppression

30:50 - Entrepreneurial qualities

33:35 - Why you aren’t hustling

38:36 - Managing the business

44:10 - Why Chiang Mai

49:00 - Calculating runway

52:00 - Starting a business

56:00 - Mindset

58:40 - Economic independence


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Do you want to improve your photography? Professional travel photographer and blogger Sean Dalton is based out of Asia and specializes in portraiture and lifestyle product photography. Sean will help you take the next step in your business and create great photos that will last a lifetime.

In this episode, Sean shares how he turned his passionate hobby into a business that allows himself do what he loves while traveling the world. He also talks about the key fundamentals to creating the perfect Tinder photo, Instagram hacks for creating stunning photos, and camera gear you may not want to live without. Listen to the end for tips that you can apply regardless of your skill level or camera equipment.


Links: Sean Dalton




Trip Streak


Nomad Coffee Club Meetup




Modern Romance -Aziz Ansari


Time Stamps:

02:18 - Professional vs. novice photographers

04:00 - Instagram styles

06:11 - Valuing professional photos

08:56 - Online Dating

10:30 - The perfect Tinder photo

12:20 - Learning photography

16:30 - Providing value first

21:24 - NGO travel work

23:20 - Traveling as a kid

25:28 - Instagram Hacks

30:38 - Selling photos

34:00 - Camera gear

39:20 - Perfect travel lens

40:50 - Entry level cameras

47:37 - Photography 101

50:00 - Tips for taking photos


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What’s holding you back? Find out how James Radcliffe and Johnny FD overcame their limiting beliefs and turned their dream into a reality. James will share his inspiration behind leaving a job in the states and Johnny will share a piece of his life he isn't proud of.

In this episode, James and Johnny will also talk about what it really takes to become successful, how to find validation, benefits to having a supportive community and their experience at The Digital Nomad Summit. Listen to the end for actionable tips on ways you can overcome your beliefs so you can live your dreams today. 


Facebook - James Radcliffe 


Life's 6 Rules: Full Graduation Speech - Arnold Schwarzenegger
How to Start Making Money Online Even if You're Broke! - Johnny FD
Pool Party Attendees - Nomad Summit Video
Travel Search - Trip Streak


Rich Dad Poor Dad - Robert T. Kiyosaki
The Game - Neil Strauss
Life Changes Quick - Johnny FD

Time Stamps:
01:02- Working in a warehouse
03:09 - Being introduced to Rich Dad Poor Dad
05:15 - Buying a house at foreclosure
09:53 - Coworking at Punspace
15:15 - Hacking MVP
16:12 - Start working online
17:00 - Motivation
24:05 - Success or failure
28:30 - Overcoming limiting beliefs
30:10 - Getting a girlfriend & gaining validation
41:35 - Giving up and going home
45:45 - Chiang Mai community
50:40 - Nomad Summit highlights
1:01:00 - Actionable tips

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Do you want to change the world? Nonpartisan media organization We Are Change is comprised of independent journalists, concerned citizens, activists, and anyone who wants to shape the direction our world is going in. Founder Luke Rudkowski joins us to tell the story of how he created a community of truth-seekers and peacemakers who share a commitment to nonviolent action.

In this episode, Luke talks about how he turned his alternative media channel into an online passive income machine that allows him to travel the world and make a difference. He also discusses global issues such as India's currency reset, U.S banks, and Obama Care. Listen to the end for key travel hacks and effective strategies for handling haters on the internet.



Website -

YouTube - WeAreChange



About Me -



Emergency - Neil Strauss


Time Stamps:

01:20 - 400,000 subscribers

02:06 - Alternative media

03:36 - Traveling and earning money online

04:56 - India’s currency reset

08:00 - U.S debt

09:30 - Cash in U.S banks

11:00 - Social capital & survival gear

14:30 - #1 Digital Nomad community in the world

18:00 - Starting YouTube & bootstrapping

24:16 - Pollution in Thailand

27:35 - Mainstream media news

30:30 - Pharmaceutical drugs & health care

39:23 - YouTube income

44:37 - Travel hacks

51:00 - Dealing with haters

1:03:00 - Power, corruption, Twitter, and Facebook

1:12:00 - Obama Care

1:16:38 - Creating the life you want

1:18:38 - How to be a real journalist


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Do you want to learn how make a passive income as an artist? Location-independent designer and illustrator Cat Coquillette shares how she grew her passion for art and travel into a successful business.

In this episode, Cat talks about where to advertise your artwork and ways to start and grow your business. She also talks about how royalties, licensing, and non-exclusive agreements are crucial to your success. Listen to the end, for Cat’s future travel plans and daily routine.


Cat’s Links:



How I Earn Passive Income as an Artist


Facebook group - Chiang Mai Nomad Girls

Affordable art prints - Society6

Online art community - Redbubble


Get tickets - Nomad Summit

Ep 142 - Art, Design, Travel with Lauren Hom



The Nix: A novel - Nathan Hill

The Things They Carried - Tim O'Brien


Show Notes:

02:00 - Entrepreneurial community in Kansas City & Chiang Mai

04:34 - Chiang Mai Digital Nomad girls

08:30 - Burning season

09:19 - Graphic design and branding

12:00 - Society6

14:52 - Non-exclusive agreement

15:40 - Print on demand, upload & edit

20:00 - Royalties and licensing

26:30 - Becoming a business

33:00 - Cost of supplies

35:30 - Travel plans

36:15 - Skiing in Poland

40:30 - Daily routine

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Can you make a passive income on Fiverr? Copywriting expert Julian Goldie earns $1,000 a month working on platforms such as Fiverr and Upwork. Julian will help you by sharing his experience on how he started at $5 per gig and now charges $75 per hour.

In this episodes, Jullian will talk about getting started on Fiverr, selling books, gig ideas, and ways to upsell your customer. He also talks about haters in the digital nomad community, having an abundance mindset and tips on being a digital nomad. Listen to the end, to see just how easy it is to become your own boss.







Get your tickets:

Ep 47 - Life Changes Quick, Voice Overs, and Fiverr Gigs


Show Notes:

02:00 - UK sucks?

04:55 - Get started on Fiverr

08:00 - Selling books

10:45 - Royalty free music

12:40 - Earning $1,000 a month

13:50 - Fitness / weight loss plans

16:00 - Creating a profile

18:00 - Company logo travel promotion

20:00 - Upselling customers

22:26 - Myspace music & embarrassing social media

26:30 - Copywriting higher paid job

29:10 - Negative Chiang Mai digital nomads

33:15 - Helping others with an abundance mindset

40:20 - How to be a digital nomad

45:00 - Marketing Recruitment

47:18 - Is becoming a nomad easy?

49:41 - Unacceptable excuses


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Do you want to be successful? Entrepreneur, investor, kickboxer, and traveler Johnny FD talks about the reasons why some people still aren’t successful and ways to overcome them.

In this episode, Johnny talks about how anyone can start earning money online and learn how to ball out on a budget. He’ll also talk about ways to overcome bad spending habits, failing on diets and why he is happy to attend a wedding in Taiwan. Listen to the end, for a truly inspiring story that trumps every excuse you’ve ever had on why you haven’t had success yet.


Tutor: VIP kid
Muay Thai Blog - My Fight Camp


MJ DeMarco - The Millionaire Fastlane


Show Notes:

01:45 – 1 million-dollar lose

04:20 – Fighting Muay Thai in Thailand

07:15 – Earning money online

09:50 – Muay Thai blog

15:20 – Six figure drop ship store

20:30 – Ballin’ on a budget

23:30 – Abundance mindset

29:40 – Bad spending habits

35:55 – Failing on diets

38:15 – Taiwan wedding

41:35 – Being born paralyzed


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