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Stephen Yeh shares his financial and spiritual ups and downs since his first sale on his eCommerce store. He was successfully making $12,000 a month on Teespring but eventually landed himself into $60,000 in debt with Amazon FBA. During the show Stephen speaks about his path taken in order to become the best version of himself while balancing a six figure income. We also talk about living a balanced lifestyle in Chiang Mai, bootstrapping on $500 a month, saving money to invest, scammers and fakes in marketing, and being conscious in an unconscious world.


Stephens Facebook -

Anton's Dropshipping eCommerce Course

Johnny's Muay Thai Blog -

12 Weeks in Thailand Guide Book -

TLAB Ep 02 - Cost of Living in Chiang Mai Thailand and Making his first sale with eCommerce with Stephen Yeh

TLAB Ep 99 - Moving to Austin,  $30k a Month from TeeSpring, Saving on Taxes and Amazon FBA

ILAB 23 - From $0 to Self Made, How to 300X Your Investment


Timestamp- Topic:

02:30 - Is it worth leaving the states to live internationally?

04:00 - Why Chiang Mai is a perfectly balanced lifestyle

06:00 - Budgeting on $1,000 a month

08:00 - Treating a friend to a 2 hour massage

10:00 - Can anyone become successful?

11:40 - Is it possible to bootstrap on $400 a month?

13:18 - After making the first dropship sale

15:00 - Is it important to have multiple suppliers

17:10 - Networking and mentorship

23:00 - Making $12,000 on Teespring

25:00 - $60k in debt with Amazon FBA

31:20 - Should I start Amazon FBA

33:00 - Choosing a niche product

38:25 - How to save money to invest

41:00 - Scammers and fakes in the business world

47:16 - 30kg Weight loss update

50:20 - Conscious in an unconscious world

57:30 - Inner self and outer self

1:00:00 - Being the best version of yourself


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Trevor and Juliana Fenner have successfully made over $500,000 in revenue from dropshipping bicycles. In this episode they’ll share their lessons learned from the beginning when they dumpster dove for products to sell online.

We also talk about the value in attending the Rich Dad Poor Dad seminar, good debt vs. bad debt and how they quit their jobs and collected unemployment. They’ll share their experience with getting kicked off Amazon, Shopify vs. Woo commerce, why they didn’t sell their website through Empire Flippers and if owning a brick and mortar store is worth the effort. They’ll discuss how Antons Dropship Lifestyle Course saved their business and allowed them to make their first sale in 30 days. If you are curious about moving to Chiang Mai, Trevor and Juliana share some of their favourite things about this paradise towards the end of the episode.

Trevor Fenner:


Juliana Fenner:


Relevant links:

Dropship Lifestyle Course:

Dropshipping Store Start Up Cost:

I Sold My Drop Shipping Store for $60,000:


Recommended Books:

Robert T. Kiyosaki -


Time Stamp - Topic:


01:20 - Starting a skateboard brand

03:50 - Finding Dropship Lifestyle

04:30 - Working weekends for the rest of your life

05:55 - Making $50,000 in sales with road bike city

08:10 - Rich Dad Poor Dad seminar

09:00 - Four quadrants of investing

13:40 - Good debt vs. bad debt

15:40 - How Trevor started dropshipping

17:40 - Dumpster diving for cash

21:20 - How Trevor and Julian quit her job

28:00 - How did Trevor and Julian meet?

30:20 - Living with Julian’s 12 year old sister

34:20 - Peaking sales at $500K

36:00 - Opening up a brick and mortar

42:00 - Failing on Shopify

43:00 - Being removed from Amazon

41:50 - 301 Redirect

46:30 - Shopify vs. Woocommerce

50:00 - How to sell a website with Empire Flippers

54:50 - How Antons Dropship course helped our business

56:30 - Making the first sale in 30 days

58:30 - Should you ever sell your dropship site?

59:25 - Why Trevor joined Johnny FD’s Dropshipping Internship

1:02:50 - The best things about Chiang Mai Thailand


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Nicolas Gregoriades joins the show to share why he quit his medical education business generating $60,000 per year. We ponder on deep questions like how to overcome your fears, is money the root of all evil, when is enough enough and if I were really poor. We also talk about why Tai Lopez gives us bad vibes and how most people miss the unseen rule of the game. Listen to the end to find out two things you’ll be surprised to learn about Nic.


Nic Websites:


Previous Episodes:

Ep 08 - Black Belt Business Jiu-Jitsu with Nicolas Gregoriades

Ep 73 - Know Thyself: Does having a six pack and $100,000 a year make us happy?


Recommended Book:

Dale Carnegie - How to Win Friends and Influence People


Timestamp - Topic:

01:30 - Leaving the medical educational business

08:30 - Focusing on one project a day

10:00 - Mentally draining daily tasks

14:00 - Closing down the Chiang Mai quarry

17:30 - Overcoming your fears

19:15 - Respecting people just because

24:40 - Is money the root of all evil?

28:00 - Trying to figure out the rules of the game

32:45 - Why Tai Lopez gives me bad vibes

35:30 - The unseen rule of the game

38:50 - When enough is enough?

42:55 - If I was really poor?

49:00 - The shortcut vs the fundamentals

53:00 - Two things you don’t know about Nick


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Freddie Trimble speaks on why he quit his 9-5 job and how he is now earning over $8,000 per month on Kindle Publishing. He also has success with Upwork, eBay Dropshipping, audio books and is now looking to progress in Amazon FBA. Freddie’s story of success will inspire you to live the lifestyle of your dreams. We also talk why Chiang Mai is so great, how to eat paleo and what will be the next digital nomad hot spot in Europe.


Freddie Trimble - Facebook

Kindle Publishing Course - K Money Mastery

Ep 84 - Crushing it on Kindle with eBook Sales


David Vu - Ebay Dropship Course

Dropshipping Course -

Modern Investment Podcast -

Nomad Coffee Club Weekly Meetup


Johnny's 7 Steps to Success Plan! -

Real life adventures of living the dream in Thailand -

Johnny's Guide to Lisbon Portugal for Digital Nomads

Johnny's Guide to Poland: Warsaw vs. Krakow for Digital Nomads


Tony Robbins - Money Master of the Game

Robert T. Kiyosaki - Rich Dad Poor Dad

MJ DeMarco - The Millionaire Fastlane

Tim Ferriss - 4 hour work week

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Johnny FD returns to Chiang Mai after an epic journey throughout Europe where he searched to find the next nomad hot spot. Joining Johnny on this episode is Harold Ho who speaks about his recent success with dropshipping. Common questions are answered regarding whether or not eBay dropshipping actually works, is it sustainable and why Christmas is the best time to sell. Johnny talks about his 12 day Cruise highlighting pros and cons in Amsterdam, Belgium, Spain, Portugal and Italy. Listen to the end to hear Harold's advice for aspiring nomads eager for success.

Harold Ho -
Johnny FD - Celebrity 12 Day Cruise
David Vu - Ebay Dropship Course
Dropshipping Course -
Planet Money Cat Scam - Episode 724
Ebay Dropshipping - Success Stories

Time Stamp - Topic:

02:25 - The problem with MLM pyramid selling
04:45 - Does David Vu Ebay Dropshipping work?
07:10 - Why Christmas time is the best time to sell
12:25 - Working 40 hours a week for tips
15:00 - Cost of living in Chiang Mai Thailand
19:19 - Forming a mastermind group
21:15 - Is Ebay dropshipping sustainable long term?
29:10 - Searching for the next Nomad Hot spot
32:00 - Why I gained weight while traveling
37:30 - Traveling Amsterdam, Belgium and Spain
42:40 - Italy’s architecture is incredible
45:00 - Being a successful Asian American
47:00 - Earning $600 to $25,000 a month
49:00 - Narrow Nike shoes are bad for my feet
52:50 - Harold’s life's advice for success

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Chris Lioe is back on the show to talk about our Europe trip these past few weeks. We discuss our experience with Uber's in other countries, coworking spaces and community, easy credit card options and why it took me all day to get a sim card in Berlin. Towards the end I share my Travel Like a Boss pro travel tip to make your experience much better while traveling abroad.

Travel Like a Boss - Episode 123

Time Stamp - Topic:

00:45 - 90 Day travel Visa

02:55 - Why Warsaw Poland is a good value
05:15 - Why every country should have Uber
07:30 - Drinking free coffee and expensive water
09:00 - A very social Coworking space
11:10 - Using paypal, apple pay and tap
14:45 - Amax, Citi and Capital Rewards
16:35 - When I’ll be back in Chiang Mai
17:00 - Press coverage on Business Insider's, Fox, Forbes
19:20 - Making $60k in one month
20:00 - Firing my dropshipping VA
24:00 - How I decided to come to Berlin
26:00 - Ordering food as an American
26:30 - The struggle behind getting a sim card
34:50 - Google Fi cellphone service
35:00 - Travel Like a Boss Life Pro Travel Tip
38:30 - Joining the local community
40:00 - Eating Thai food in Berlin
41:20 - Thoughts on German beer
42:00 - Airbnb Travel tips

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Anton Kraly is back for another episode to talk about his new Dropship Retreat. We discuss group excursions, expected topics, masterminds, diving trips and why he chose Kona Hawaii, the big island to host this event.

In this episode Anton gives me advice now that I sold my dropshipping store for $60k. I share my biggest regret from three years ago and why I prefer to only respond to my progress thread. Lastly we talk about all the different package options to Anton's course, getting 1v1 coaching support and how to make a sale in just two months. Listen to the end to hear my typical morning routine while traveling and more information about my Dropshipping Internship and Partnership Program.

Executive Suite for $75?! Only in Ukraine :

​Ep 75 - 2015 Dropship Lifestyle Retreat with Anton Kraly
Anton's Course -
Johnny FD - Dropshipping Internship and Partnership Program
Johnny FD -

Time Stamp - Topic:

02:00 - 1,000 armed soldiers
02:30 - Anton’s business moved to Austin Texas
03:30 - Why is the retreat in Hawaii
08:50 - Diving with manta rays
12:30 - Why specifically Kona Island
15:00 - What is the purpose of this retreat
17:20 - Topics to expect during the talks
19:30 - What’s next after selling my dropship store for $60k
23:00 - The internet speeds in Texas, Poland, Ukraine and Chiang Mai
25:08 - Why would anyone buy from your store and not Amazon
27:45 - My biggest regret with dropshipping
29:00 - The fulfillment method
30:00 - What happens when you google dropshipping suppliers
32:39 - Online relationships with other successful people
35:00 - Reading Facebook forum victories
39:00 - Why I prefer to respond on my progress thread
41:30 - Dropship Lifestyle package options
43:00 - Support with 1v1 coaching
48:50 - Building a store and making sales in 2 months
52:00 - How to buy tickets to the retreat
53:00 - What excursions should you expect
57:15 - How to get started
59:45 - Dropshipping Internship and Partnership Program
01:00:35 - Johnny FD’s morning routine and passive income
01:06:45 - The next Nomad Summit in Chiang Mai
01:07:20 - Hawaii retreat dates

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Introducing the 3rd musketeer on our Eastern European adventure Phil, one of Sam Mark's fraternity brothers from college. In this episode we talk about our experience traveling through countries in Europe like Bulgaria and Bucharest while recording with no Wifi or cell phone service.

​It feels like the perfect time to share stories about paying with a credit card in Europe, posting ads on Craigslist for jobs, and the return on investment when hiring and scaling VA’s to customer assistants. Phil then talks about one of his first jobs and an undercover agent to now owning the largest medical blood sample company. Listen to the end to hear why he travels on the cheap as a millionaire.

Phil's - Linkedin 
Phil's - YouTube Channel
Full Travel Guide - Bulgaria

Modern Investing Podcast - Invest Like a Boss
Professional Photographer - Kurty Photography

Time Stamp - Topic:

02:00 - Recording in between two countries
04:00 - Our first day traveling Bucharest
07:10 - A hot female guard with an AK47
11:10 - Bulgaria travel guide
14:00 - Paying with a credit card in Europe
16:30 - Half way through passport border control
18:00 - Posting an ad on Craigslist for $3 an hour
23:05 - Having a VA walk customers through a sale
26:00 - Invest Like a Boss with future potential growth
28:15 - Scaling and delegation to buy time to travel
30:50 - Working as an undercover agent
34:00 - Starting the largest medical blood sample company
36:00 - Traveling on the cheap as a millionaire
40:00 - The mindset of people with money
45:45 - Making more money then you can spend
47:45 - Spending $10k a night in Fort Lauderdale Florida
49:45 - Traveling Like a Boss in Europe

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Sam Marks and I embark on a budget traveling journey through Bulgaria. In this episode we talk about why you should skip Paris, London, Sydney and Brussels. Losing Sam's luggage and how it's affecting our travel plans. Why Johnny gave away half of his belongings to the hostel and why we're staying in Hostels instead of 5-Star Hotels. Keep listening for travel tips on where to go, what not to pack, and our plans for Eastern Europe.

Sam Marks Ep 105 - Millionaire Digital Nomad
Sozopol - Beach
Smokinya - Beach

Romania / Bulgaria border - Ruse Pyce
Invest Like a Boss -

Time Stamp - Topic:
00:40 - Sitting in a tiny room in Bulgaria
03:30 - Ordering food using one word
06:30 - Bangkok vs. Chiang Mai
10:45 - Cross off the top 10 places to visit
15:30 - Hiking up the mountain
16:30 - Traveling with no luggage
18:15 - Giving away my belongings to a Hostel
23:30 - Flying business class vs. economy class  
25:05 - The beach life
27:15 - Drinking Hennessy in our underwear
29:30 - My first alcoholic drink
33:30 - Invest Like a Boss
35:00 - iTunes review shout outs!

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Michael Klepacz, founder of Natural Materials Unlimited, owns a company that offers sustainable hemp products, technologies as well as sustainable agriculture consultation. In efforts to further the growth of Poland’s hemp industry their products are made with European sourced materials and made in Poland with fair wages. Some products such as vegan friendly guitar straps, adjustable collars, leashes, soap, and hemp wick have an option to be customized, colored, or embroidered.

In this episode we talk about Michael’s persistent drive to build a successful business that is inline with his core principles. We also discuss Warsaw’s start up scene, benefits of business school in comparison to online courses and a key strategy when launching hemp products on Amazon FBA.

Johnny FD - Dropshipping Internship / Partnership

Time Stamp - Topic:

01:00 - Warsaw vs Kraków Poland
02:00 - Country's capital history and culture
05:00 - Complete silence for 1 minute
06:30 - Veteran in the Air Force
09:00 - Dating a Polish girl
13:30 - Getting drunk on $2
14:15 - Business startup scene in Warsaw
18:15 - Entrepreneur bootcamp for veterans with disabilities
20:15 - The benefits from business school
26:00 - Learning from courses and networking
31:30 - Dropship internship / partnerships
36:15 - Embracing or rebelling parents lifestyle
37:45 - One handed lighter holder that hold hemp wick
38:40 - What is hemp wick?
40:45 - Manufacturing a hemp guitar strap
42:10 - The history of banning hemp
45:45 - Pro’s and Con’s of hemp
51:55 - Popular uses of hemp
53:00 - Request a custom made product
58:00 - Amazon FBA product options

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