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Do you want to pay no or very little tax? US tax attorney Stewart Patton helps US citizens who live or invest outside the United States understand and optimize their tax situations. Several of his students easily save $25,000 or more in tax, every single year. During the show, Stewart will give the steps to actually create the proper legal structure for your situation.


Links: - Stewart's Course



7 day Start Up – Dan Norris



How To Legally Move to Texas and Save $10,000 a year on Taxes

Trip Streak - Smarter Travel Search


Time Stamps:

03:01 – What is a tax attorney?

05:51 – Average taxes paid in California

07:22 – Foreign earned income exclusion

10:45 – Moving the business to Texas

18:22 – Starting an LLC in Wyoming

22:00 – Benefits of self-employment tax

26:50 – Paying into social security

28:36 – Setting up a non-US company

38:20 – Incorrectly filing taxes

41:42 – Offshore legal structures

43:05 – Holding a business in non-US corporation

46:30 – Profession vs. a business

50:57 – US based employees

54:17 – Choosing a country to operate in

1:06:13 – When should you apply this structure


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Paul Van Staalen has been interviewing world leaders for over 10 years and has visited 40 countries. He joins the show to talk about his experience after meeting with billionaires and presidents of countries like Chile, Sri Lanka, Peru, and Ethiopia. He will explain how the interview process works and include practical ways you can follow a similar career path.

In this episode, Paul also talks about the ups and downs of traveling for so long and openly shares how he will completely change his lifestyle going forward. Listen to the end and he will reveal some hidden gem places you might want to add to your travel list.



Pauls Facebook


Trip Streak - Smarter Travel Search

Time Stamps:

01:57 - Paying for special advertising

03:01 - Meeting presents of Chile, Sri Lanka, Peru, and Ethiopia

05:05 - Advertising and sponsorship

09:28 - How to become a  writer for a magazine

15:04 - The perks of the job

15:44 - Meeting people while traveling

18:50 - Scuba diving around the world

21:49 - Getting married with kids vs. global traveling

26:52 - Best and worst countries visited

29:50 - Increased tourism in hidden gem places

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Are you coworking yet? Mike LaRosa has made it a mission to raise awareness of the benefits of working in social workspaces. He has been a coworkaholic since 2013 and is your go-to source for news, learning, and inspiration on the future of work.

In this episode, Mike talks about finding your work-life balance, the power of networking, and a morning routine that brings success. Learn the benefits of a shared workspace and determine if working at home is right for you. Listen to the end to find out how coworking spaces may be the perfect way to grow your business.




Discussed: - The Coworking Retreat


Trip Streak - Smarter Travel Search

Time Stamps:

01:59 - Coworking retreat

04:18 - Finding your work/life balance

08:05 - Quitting the job and starting a business

10:09 - First coworking experience

14:10 - The evolution of coworking

19:17 - Power of networking

25:20 - Co Workaholic blog

27:26 - Hanging out with Zappos CEO

29:25 - Airstream trailer

32:01 - Minimalism packing

37:06 - Renting office buildings

40:40 - Working from home

44:27 - Successful morning routine

48:20 - Niche coworking spaces

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Do you want to level up your business? Eric Lafleche shares how he is one step closer to earning a 150K a year income while traveling the world.

Eric will talk about how he quickly made a profit with AirBnB arbitrage plus he’ll give tips for getting hotel suite upgrades. You’ll also find out why each week Eric reads a book and takes a course. Listen to the end to learn how to avoid marketing scams and poorly built sales funnels. ​



Eric Lafleche
Ep 135 - New York Corporate Employee to Chiang Mai Digital Nomad

David's AirBnB Course


Man Search for Meaning - Viktor Frankl


How I Retired at 35 and in Just 4 Years!

Earnest Affiliate

True Bill

Americans Serving Americans: ASA Movement Scam - David Ashby


Ep 43 - Creating a Profitable Store in 3 Weeks the Latest Addition to the Dropshipping Entrepreneur Army

Ep 99 - Moving to Austin,  $30k a Month from TeeSpring, Saving on Taxes and Amazon FBA

Time Stamps:

01:26 - Where Eric has been since the last episode

03:56 - Beautiful villas in Bali

06:07 - AirBnB arbitrage opportunities

11:34 - Choosing locations and finding lock boxes

14:35 - Hotel Suite upgrades

22:06 - Business vs. economy class

24:45 - Future of apartment rentals

30:56 - Investing your extra income

33:08 - Learning through audio, video, and courses

39:37 - Broken subscription sales funnel

44:21 - Americans surviving Americans scam alert

50:06 - Seeing the bad or good in life

54:01 - Community of Chiang Mai

55:40 - Tony Robbins: Unleash the Power Conference

1:00:20 - 3x Eric’s income


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Want to quit your job and travel the world? Devany left her job back in California to travel around the planet and explore our world underwater.

Devany will share the best parts of her travel journey through Brazil and Antarctica including her favorite dive sights and beaches in the world. She will provide key tips to help you save money for your next travel adventure. Listen to the end for her advice for aspiring travelers that are ready to take action.



Trip Streak - Smarter Travel Search

Time Stamps:
01:51 - Saving for years to travel
03:35 - What’s the downside to California?
04:45 - Perks of living near the beach
05:37 - Benefits to short-term visas
09:00 - The hardest thing about traveling
10:17 - Diving in the Galapagos vs. Raja and Pot Indonesia
14:05 - Manta Rays from around the world
16:28 - Plastic is destroying our oceans
26:29 - Saving to travel the world
29:12 - Preparing to travel
32:43 - Tips on ways to save money
36:02 - Eating authentic Mexican food
38:56 - Brazilian culture
41:58 - Whales, seals, and icebergs in Antarctica
49:49 - Favorite beach in the world
51:18 - What’s the point of traveling Australia
52:21 - Advice for aspiring travelers

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Are you building a business while traveling the world? Taylor and Camille help others save time and money by offering an online powerpoint speed training course. As they continue to grow their business they travel all around the world searching for the perfect place to live and get married.

In this episode, Taylor and Camille will share their experience with working in China, house sitting around the world, and how they started their training company. They will also talk about their email sales funnel strategies how they increased traffic to their website. Listen to the end to find out why they chose Bali to settle down in long term.



Nuts and Bolts Speed Training



Trip Streak - Smarter Travel Search


House Carers

My $25 a Night Villa in Bali! This Hotel is Gorgeous!

Earnest Affiliate


Travel Guide to Ubud, Bali

The Crew - Get $100 off with coupon code #thecrewJFD

Time Stamps:

02:22 - Renting beautiful villas

06:59 - How Taylor and Camille met

10:31 - Working in Beijing China

18:27 - House sitting in Fiji, Puerto Rico, and CA

24:19 - Starting a powerpoint training company

25:05 - Living in Kiev Ukraine

36:33 - Building a business while traveling

40:17 - Getting traffic to your website

41:20 - Creating value through courses

45:39 - Email sales funnel strategy

52:32 - Productivity mastermind groups

54:40 - Settling in Bali for 1 year

56:10 - Bringing the community together

59:56 - The perfect beach, city, and nature balance

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Are you interested in traveling South East Asia? Tyler Moss shares the journey he experienced after traveling several countries over the past three months. He will talk about must-see sights, tourists attractions, reliable wifi hacks, delicious foods options, and nature activities.

In this episode, Tyler talks about why he disagrees with China’s culture, the beauty of Hong Kong and Macau, and why Taipei is top on his favorite's lists. He will share how he swam with whale sharks in the Philippines and his first reactions to Japan and Korea.  Listen to the end hear about Tyler’s ups and downs with dropshipping and how he plans to improve productivity and profits.



Tylers Website
Dropshipping Course -


Ep 139 - First Sale from the Dropshipping Partnership!

Ep 152 - Bali vs. Chiang Mai for Digital Nomads


Johnny's Guide to Taiwan: Coworking Spaces, Food, and What to Do as a Digital Nomad

Drop Shipping Discounts


Digital Nomad Live Talk - From Filipino VA Making $2 an Hour to Lady Boss Entrepreneur - March Brenwall


Trip Streak - Smarter Travel Search

Time Stamps:

01:40 - Traveling 6-8 countries

05:01 - Japan in the winter

07:19 - Sightseeing, food, and cost of living

13:02 - Seoul Korea highlights

17:37 - Disagreeing with China’s culture

20:56 - The Great Wall, countryside views, and hiking

24:45 - Hong Kong, Macau, and Portuguese egg tarts

31:01 - Taipei food and night markets

35:27 - Swimming with whale sharks in the Philippines

41:04 - Chocolate hills and Tarsier sanctuary

46:02 - Dropshipping 3 stores while traveling

51:55 - Michigan people sell everything and move to Thailand

56:01 - Brunei accommodation, food, and nature treks

1:00:04 - Bali surfing, weather, and work life balance

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Do you want to travel the world? Bauke Vreeswijk talks about how he rode his motorbike across Vietnam and gives an update on his affiliate marketing business.

In this episode, Bauke will also compare the best and worst of Bali and Thailand including great food, accommodation, transportation, and the visa process. Listen to the end to hear his future travel plans with his lovely girlfriend.





Ep 104 - Money Mindset



YouTube Video - I'm Lost in a Rice Field in Ubud, Bali!


Ep 80 - Stack That Money Success with Nick & Robbie

Ep 81 - Firefighter to Affiliate Marketer: Another Stack that Money Success

Ep 140 - Affiliate World Recap and Review: Plus Conference Tips!


Travel Guide to Ubud, Bali

Time Stamps:

03:50 - Meeting Baukes girlfriend

05:50 - Passport tips

09:50 - Living in Chiang Mai

10:30 - Riding across Vietnam

12:50 - Buying, fixing, and selling a motorcycle

19:30 - Traveling for an adventure

24:24 - Facebook ads & Affiliate marketing

31:00 - Aweber email autoresponder

39:20 - CPA vs. email marketing

40:00 - Reading Johnny’s blog on a phone

41:49 - Is the Nomad life for everyone?

43:40 - Extending visas in Bali

45:15 - Living in Bali

46:00 - Indonesian food

49:09 - Places to live

52:45 - Roads, taxis, and Uber

58:00 - Future travel plans

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Do you want to find peace on a beautiful island? Christopher Wah Chiu shares everything you need to know about living Ubud Bali and why it’s the perfect place for business and personal development.

In this episode, Chris talks about why Bali gets a bad reputation and compares some major difference between Changu, Ubud, and Chiang Mai. He will discuss fast wifi coworking spaces, delicious restaurants, the best yoga studios, and how to easily get a 6-month visa. Listen to the end for his advice for corporate 9-5 workers and an inside look on his Sunday morning routine.







How I Retired at 35 and in Just 4 Years! - Johnny FD Blog Post

Myers Briggs Personalities and Entrepreneurship: ESTJ vs. ENFP - Ep 141

Muay Thai, Meditation, and Dropshipping.  This is Fight Club - Ep 49


Trip Streak

Time Stamps:

02:20 - Wifi speeds in Ubud

04:00 - Coworking space price competition

06:23 - Should you work at a coworking space?

09:30 - Best perk about Punspace in Chiang Mai

10:15 - Outpost likes & dislikes

12:30 - Beautiful resorts and villas

14:00 - Being a minimalist

16:30 - Sage food restaurant review

18:10 - Smoothie bowl desserts

19:32 - Yoga class rivalry

21:30 - Bali’s bad reputation

27:00 - Syncing the spiritual and material world

28:00 - Selling a dropship store

30:00 - Retiring from e-commerce

32:00 - Trolls and negative users

35:10 - Selling Johnny's store

39:30 - Advice for corporate 9-5 workers

40:00 - Myers-Briggs Personality Test

42:30 - Leaving Wall Street

44:00 - Changu vs Ubud

49:10 - Sunday routine

51:30 - Where can you focus on work?

52:20 - Living expenses

53:40 - Visa process

58:10 - Flying Air Asia

1:01:16 - Uber & Russian mob

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Robert Botto joins Johnny FD to talk about the major differences between Chiang Mai Thailand and Bali Indonesia. They’ll share their experiences with nomad culture, coworking spaces, and cost of living. Learn about where to find delicious food, incredible scuba diving locations and ways to avoid being ripped off by taxis. During the show, listen for key tips that can save you time and money the next time you plan to visit.







Scuba Diving In Bali


Time Stamps:

02:10 - Futurism

04:00 - Is technology consuming us?

10:00 - Digital franchise food delivery exist

14:00 - Dropship partnership pros and cons

18:30 - Selling the dropship store

21:20 - Owning quality product

22:59 - Getting scammed

31:30 - Co working on a beach

33:00 – Finding an apartment & Wifi

36:40 – Sim cards and data

38:00 – Taxi’s in Southeast Asia

41:20 – UBER & The Mafia

43:10 – Business vs. vacation

46:20 – Delicious food options

49:00 – Recommended resort location

51:50 - Dangerous rice paddy fields

54:40 - Ubud vibes

58:50 - Scuba diving in Bali

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