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Daniel Rose is the co-founder and former CEO of Six Pack Shortcuts ( along aside Mike Chang who was on Episode 248 of the podcast. Dan continued to grow and pivot the company using Youtube ads first to the over 40 fitness crowd, then to supplements, all before selling the business to entrepreneur and investor Thomas F. Harter. 

The exact sale amount is undisclosed but was in the $10M-$100,000M range, leaving Daniel Rose a multi-millionaire from the exit. In this episode we talk about how we both got our start with internet and affiliate marketing, how he used Youtube ads to grow the business, and why he started his Youtube marketing agency Social Response Marketing.

Show Notes:

Guest: Daniel Rose

Host: Johnny FD

Previous Guest: Mike Chang:

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Aleona is a digital nomad, born and raised in Russia, but saw the opportunity to move aboard to Denmark go attend University. Since then she has learned English, Danish, and Programming Languages. She now works as an iOS App Developer while traveling as a digital nomad. 

This is a fun and inspiring story of someone who took control of her life, learned valuable skills, and how gets to spend her days surfing here in Sri Lanka, traveling and hanging out with friends. 


Show Notes:

Guest: Aleona Kazarova
Her IG:

Host: Johnny FD
His IG:

Blog Post:





It's been a long journey these past couple of years since Mike Vestil and I last met in Chiang Mai. In this episode we talk about our journeys as location independent entrepreneurs, and how we have both changed and grown over the years. Mike and I are both digital nomads still, and recorded this in Bali and Sri Lanka. 

Take a listen, it's a long episode, and ends up being Mike interviewing me somehow halfway through, but either way, it was a fun chat and there's a lot of valuable takeaways and life as well as business lessons learned in this episode.

Show Notes:

Guest: Mike Vestil


Host: Johnny FD


Wired Article:

My Response: (You have no idea what dropshipping is)

Free Dropshipping Course:

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TLAB 249 - RV Life vs. Van Life for Digital Nomads

Guest: Marc and Julie Bennett

Hit the Road RV Summit:



Book: Living the RV Life – Your Ultimate Guide to Life on the Road


RV Life vs. Van Life - Differences and Similarities

6 Years Full Time living in an RV

Working Remotely

Age, Lifestyle.

Pros and Cons of Each

Built Time vs. Buy Time


Permits, Legality and Insurance

Resale Value and Ease


Features, Bathroom, TV, A/C,

Boondocking vs. Campgrounds.

Overview of RV’s

Class A, B, C, trailers

Costs of RV Life full time?

Digital Nomad vs. Expat Community

Van Life = Backpackers. RV Life = Expats/Retirees

Working Remotely from an RV vs. as an Expat Aboard


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From being the co founder of Six Pack Shortcuts and creating $13,000,000 a Year in Sales to leaving the company to find FLOW and HAPPINESS. 

We talk about how using psychedelics can show you a glimpse of what is possible, but the downsides of relying on them instead of going to the root cause of stress and unhappiness. This is a really powerful episode that dives deep into why anyone would leave a company doing Thirteen Million dollars a year in sales and 7 figures each year in profit. 

This episode talks about finding and maintaining true lifelong happiness, fitness, and is a must listen. 

Mike Chang with Terry Crews:

Why Mike Chang Left Six Pack Shortcuts:

Mike Chang's Daily (1hr) Flow Training:

FlowTribe Training and Accountability:

 Follow Mike on Youtube:

Follow Johnny on Youtube:

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Guest: Debbie Arcangeles

Show Notes:

From Filipino VA Making $2 an Hour to Lady Boss Entrepreneur - March Brenwall -

Anna Faustino -

Free Dropshipping Course:

More info:



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This episode is with Kristin Wilson on the topic of why some digital nomads are coping better during this quarantine than "normal" people. We discuss the following topics: 

Daily life hasn’t changed much for us in many ways.

Preface - Some people are struggling financially and with their health. We feel bad for those people.

However, this discussion is about the majority of people. The ones scrolling their phones and watching Tiger King on Netflix.

Definition of Digital Nomad: Someone who earns a living online and location independently and travels with no permanent home but moves about from place to place, usually seasonally.


Familiar with uncertainty and discomfort. (also just not having access to certain things)

Minimalist lifestyle and low cost-of-living

(not needing much)  Okay with a 13” TV. No access to some of our favorite things.

Multiple revenue streams

Personal identity not tied to a job or company

Comfortable using remote collaboration tools

Pre-existing focus on mindset and mental health

Less familial pressures at home

Part of a global community

Reality Check for many so called digital nomads.

Show Notes:

Guest: Kristin Wilson 

Previous Episode: TLAB 198

Blog post:


Steve: Love this article! So many of my non-digital nomad friends are really struggling stress-wise and I couldn’t pinpoint why I’m dealing well with this insanity. And I’ve been feeling guilty that I’m handling it well. Kristin’s well-thought out article perfectly explained the “why”. Thanks!

Cory: Great article. Spot on with what was going on in my mind, almost to the point of feeling a bit selfish that I'm not really feeling much difference at all.

Kevin: Yep I agree too, we have a 6 and 4 year old and are in Tulum now after escaping the lockdown in San Diego. Its a shame that we can’t go to a restaurant or visit the gym or park but our life other than these services are the same. We still homeschool on the road as normal and work as normal.

Maya Says:

Most of the nomads I know work in 3-4 locations a day... the coworking space for a couple of hours, work in your lunch spot, then a friend's house... Spreading work as they live their day, I was like that too before this whole thing started...

It also depends where you are during these times..

In some countries people can still take a stroll on the beach, in others- you can't leave the house unless it's for getting groceries.

Also a lot of my friends, who were used to nomading in hostels, had to spend 2-3 times more money on flats, as hostels shut down in many countries, so from a spending amount + being around people 24/7, they are now spending more money and alone 24/7.

I am happy for your fellow nomads for surviving this period better than mine LOL


Camille Said:

This is why I also brought up the financial side of it. If you have to go back to your very expensive "home country" but it's not your home anymore and you don't have a place to live there, you're in bad shape.



Nathan Says:

Mental health. Partial or total loss of income. Being in the risk group for COVID. Insurance companies withdrawing covid coverage. Worry that if they do go to the hospital, some countries may prioritize nationals over foreigners. Nomads getting kicked out of Airbnbs but also unable to legally move to another apartment because of quarantine. Concerns about family back home. Loneliness. Anxiety. Depression. Again, all kinds of mental health issues.

Kristin's Make Money Mentorship Program:

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This episode is part 2 of the quarantine special.  Johnny speaks to more different digital nomads from around the world who are stuck aboard during the COVID-19 crisis. and others who continue to live aboard. We hear each of their stories, what the current curfew or quarantine situation is like where they are, and find out if they are still able to work online, work remotely and earn money while locked up.

While the unemployment rate around the world is rapidly growing, digital nomads, remote workers, and location independent entrepreneurs may be immune to the economic downturns. Listen to this episode and share it with your friends. 

Show Notes:

90 Day Free Trial:

Dropshipping Course:

Use my link:



Claire Summers:

Tanya from Germany:

Kristin Wilson:

And more. 


Join the Facebook Group:




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This week Johnny speaks to seven different digital nomads from around the world, some of which have moved back home to wait out the COVID-19 crisis, and others who continue to live aboard. We hear each of their stories, what the current curfew or quarantine situation is like where they are, and find out if they are still able to work online, work remotely and earn money while locked up.

While the unemployment rate around the world is rapidly growing, digital nomads, remote workers, and location independent entrepreneurs may be immune to the economic downturns. Listen to this episode and share it with your friends. 

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This week Johnny speaks to seven different digital nomads from around the world, some of which have moved back home to wait out the COVID-19 crisis, and others who continue to live aboard. We hear each of their stories, what the current curfew or quarantine situation is like where they are, and find out if they are still able to work online, work remotely and earn money while locked up.

While the unemployment rate around the world is rapidly growing, digital nomads, remote workers, and location independent entrepreneurs may be immune to the economic downturns. Listen to this episode and share it with your friends. 

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Tal Braimam is a freelancer and a digital marketing strategist at Support Adventure, an expat outsourcing company. He studied Blockchain at Lassonde School of Engineering and Entrepreneurship at Ted Rogers School of Management – Ryerson University.

During this episode, Tal shares his career transition from being a backpacker who had carefree travels around the globe to a digital nomad who manages IT support for businesses. He reveals some interesting ideas on how to start your to travel journey, especially for young individuals. Tal inspires us to keep opening the doors of opportunities while reaching for the peak of your dreams.






Time Stamps:

  • 2:10 – How Johnny created a community in Sri Lanka
  • 6:55 – Tal’s exotic journey to the country
  • 8:10 – “That was my inspiration, to go and see a bit of Sri Lanka before I settle for a place for a month and be productive” – Tal Braimam
  • 10:18 – Tal’s journey to becoming a backpacker
  • 14:30 – Knowing the beauty of collecting experience by travel
  • 19:01 – “There is still too much to appreciate that I don’t think it’s the right mindset to kind of lookout what I don’t have when there’s so much in front of me that I have and I can appreciate” – Tal Braimam
  • 21:00 – Backpackers’ life in Chiang Mai
  • 26:55 – Advantages of hiring digital nomads over traditional employees
  • 34:24 – The depth of his cultural fusion
  • 40:06 – How economic bubble changes the story of the lives of digital nomads
  • 44:34 – Finding better and cheaper ways to book an airline ticket
  • 47:00 – How fear from virus outbreak will shut down travel opportunities
  • 1:00:27 – What it is like to live as a nomad in different places
  • 1:02:40 – “Keep your dream alive and do what you can to do your lifestyle because it’s possible” – Tal Braimam


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Kristy Shen and Bryce Leung are co-founders of Millenial Revolution, a platform dedicated to helping people find financial freedom and let them retire early – Financial Independence Retire Early (FIRE) Movement. They went against the status quo and managed to build a 7-figure portfolio, which allowed them to retire in their 30s and travel the world!

During the episode, Kristy and Bryce give us a better understanding of the benefits of the FIRE movement and the Nomad movement. They share their own experiences and learning while on their nomad journey. They also share a ton of powerful points about becoming financially free and finding true happiness.






Time Stamps:

  • 02:23 – “It’s more about how to turn your money into a passive income stream” - Bryce Leung
  • 02:29 – What does passive income mean?
  • 03:36 – How they started the FIRE and Nomad Movement
  • 11:42 – How much is needed to become financially independent?
  • 12:35 – Advantages of combining both FIRE and Nomad Movement
  • 16:04 – “You don’t need to start your own online business to become a digital nomad” - Bryce Leung
  • 17:20 – Enjoying your life NOW
  • 18:54 – “Now that we actually live this life, traveling the world, our health improved dramatically” – Kristy Shen
  • 21:17 – Expenses in Toronto vs. Chiang Mai
  • 22:42 – The downside of owning so much stuff
  • 23:28 – “You don’t need to own a lot of things to be happy; it’s the experience that makes you happy” – Kristy Shen
  • 33:15 – Why is it advisable to travel light?
  • 38:08 – What can the FIRE community learn from the nomad community?
  • 52:34 – Discovering Georgia
  • 54:26 – What can the nomad community learn from the FIRE community?
  • 54:28 – “It’s not enough to earn money; you have to have a strategy on what to do about it” - Bryce Leung
  • 1:03:21 – The Immigrant Rebound Effect
  • 1:08:30 – What is the recipe for happiness?


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Nate Ginsburg is an entrepreneur, traveler, and a yogi. He started yoga in 2014, and from then on, he shared this passion with everyone. Nate also developed his thinking and expanded his vision for building a business venture through hard work while traveling around the globe.

During this episode, Nate shares amazing insights into starting a new business venture abroad, including its foundations, risks, and challenges. He also gives away tips on how to handle hardship in the business industry in order to succeed exceedingly. If you are either starting a business or planning to, this is the episode for you.




Time Stamps:

  • 00:28 – The Start of Johnny’s Podcast
  • 08:45 – How Nate grew and progressed by traveling
  • 10:40 – A nomad’s lifestyle in Vietnam
  • 15:56 – Having an inclusive community in Saigon
  • 19:31 – What it’s like to live in the city center
  • 24:57 – Nate’s everyday routine
  • 35:42 – Nate’s journey into becoming a digital nomad
  • 36:00 – Battling hardships in his business and life
  • 39:50 – “It made sense to me to keep trying and I know that’s really what I wanted” – Nate Ginsberg
  • 48:55 – Trailblazing business that is income-generating
  • 52:31 – “Be aware of the challenges and risks associated with what you’re doing” – Nate Ginsberg
  • 6:43 – A big decision to sell his business
  • 01:01:46 – Realizing the value of cash flow vs. paper wealth
  • 01:07:36 – “It’s good to be exposed to some of the different perspective and opinions” –Nate Ginsberg


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Felipe Caceres is a freelance job website developer and started making money online at a very young age online. Through hard work and determination, he led himself to success. Felipe also travels around the globe in pursuit of a better lifestyle while searching for his dream.

During this episode, Felipe shares his exciting journey from living a simple life towards reaching his dreams. He also shares how his perspective on home-based jobs changed, which paved the way for his online career. Listen in and discover the life secret that helped him earn $11,000 a month.




Time Stamps:

  • 03:49 – Exploring ideas for a good venture
  • 07:37 – The carefree life in Bali
  • 13:20 – Living in different places in the world
  • 19:46 – The reason that pushed Felipe to live in Chiang Mai
  • 26:04 – Benefits of Home-Based jobs
  • 33:21 – Felipe’s childhood urge to live in a temperate country
  • 36:20 – How did he start earning online?
  • 39:41 – “Think about the lifestyle you want, put a dollar amount to it and work backward” – Felipe Caceres
  • 40:29 – Figuring out your problem 
  • 47:54 – Making money as a youth
  • 53:06 – Felipe’s website brands
  • 01:04:01 – “I think the biggest thing was taking the leap, moving out here and moving out of your comfort zone” – Felipe Caceres


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Josh Summers is an American writer, musician, and entrepreneur in Chiang Mai. He grew up in Texas, but moved to Xinjiang, China, to learn about their culture and teach English. After staying there for a couple of years, he realized that the world must know the beauty of Western China.

On this episode, Josh exhibited his potential to grow in the process of learning. He shared his passion for traveling with his family and the bliss of sharing his view of an underrated place through mass media. On top of that, Josh delivers his ideas about running a business venture abroad and learning from his experience. This episode will suit entrepreneurs seeking social media business while traveling.




Time Stamps:

  • 00:49 - Who is Josh Summers?
  • 05:38 - How having a family changed his life
  • 16:00 – Investing in Real Estate while traveling
  • 20:53 - Why is Texas the best state in the U.S.?
  • 27:18 - Life with his wife abroad
  • 31:30 - “When you know the people, you got your shops and they know exactly what you order, then it just becomes a second home” - Josh Summers
  • 32:02 - How his blogging journey started
  • 36:37 - “Somebody else is benefiting from seeing the world from my perspective and we’re at this seeming place” - Josh Summers
  • 36:52 – Internet status in China
  • 49:07 - Business venture through social media
  • 56:05 – The key to his financial success


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Luis Alberto is a digital nomad from Guatemala who is on a quest to experience the world. After working in a bank for 12 years, he realized that there is more to life outside the four walls that need to be explored. With an ambition for a location independent life, he set his goals and traveled the world.

During this episode, Luis Alberto walks us through his journey from Guatemala to Chiang Mai. He reveals some travel tips for people who are planning to visit Chiang Mai, including the authentic destinations to experience and food to enjoy. If your heart is set out to travel, this is a perfect episode for you.




Time Stamps:

  • 00:53 – Who is Luis Alberto?
  • 02:56 – The authenticity and culture of Guatemala
  • 15:01 – Life in Chiang Mai
  • 15:58 – What foods to enjoy
  • 26:04 – Tourist destinations in Guatemala
  • 35:58 – Exploring Komodo Island
  • 45:14 – The El Mirador Experience
  • 47:09 – “I guess it’s the best experience I ever had” – Luis Alberto
  • 54:13 – How his nomad journey started
  • 1:05:06 – “People are doing things unconsciously without knowing why they are doing it” – Luis Alberto
  • 1:06:25 – “You can influence a person with just one chance” – Luis Alberto
  • 1:09:54 – Success is doing what you want


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Brandon Kesler is the CEO of USA Supplement, a company dedicated to providing supplements with the best possible upgrade to your physical and mental performance alongside a team of health and nutrition experts. On top of managing his company, he is also a professional MMA athlete & BJJ competitor, a career that sparked his interest in building his current business.

During the episode, Brandon walks us through his transition from being a fighter to becoming an entrepreneur and how his career as a fighter fueled his drive to start his own business. While searching for competitions, he was able to travel the world and acquire several life lessons. This is an inspiring conversation that will encourage you to learn, move forward, and conquer your life.


• Instagram:
• Website:
• Conference:


Time Stamps:
• 00:20 – Brandon Kesler’s introduction
• 02:15 – His magical life back in Thailand
• 07:30 – Staying close to your passion
• 11:35 – Los Cabos, Mexico: A new place to learn
• 22:30 – How he first started his online business
• 24:45 – The path of a fighter
• 29:15 – “No matter what you’re feeling, get up and work then you will see the results” - Brandon Kesler
• 30:00 – How Fighting Discipline can be applied to business
• 36:10 – “If you haven’t done it, then you don’t know if you can.” - Brandon Kesler
• 42:10 – Fake Martial Arts
• 46:00 – The Magic Pills that work
• 58:00 – The Supplement Business
• 1:00:30 – “You have to invest in your education. If you’re not educated, you’ll fail” – Brandon Kesler


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Sharon Tseung is the founder of DigitalNomadQuest. She quit her job as a marketing professional in 2016, traveled the world for 2 years, and ended up building over 10 passive income streams on her digital nomad journey. Now, Sharon teaches how to build passive income and create financial and location independence through her blog, YouTube, and podcast.

During the episode, Sharon shares her amazing journey from quitting her full-time job to building multiple passive income streams while traveling the world. She reveals some strategies on how to become financially independent and achieve personal freedom, which includes investing in yourself, going through the experience, and surrounding yourself with similar minded people. Join in and get ready to live life on your own terms.




Time Stamps:

  • 03:27 – How Sharon and Johnny met
  • 04:59 – “I never regret my journey” – Sharon Tseung
  • 05:24 – Building passive income while traveling the world
  • 08:06 – “I just want to hustle, learn a lot, and master things” – Sharon Tseung
  • 10:27 – Benefits of surrounding yourself with goal-oriented people
  • 11:10 – “The more I invest in myself and my business, the more I grow” – Sharon Tseung
  • 13:22 – Is paying for workshops and courses worth it?
  • 18:39 – The best time to move back home and start a business
  • 22:12 – How she started her digital nomad journey
  • 25:39 – Her first solo trip
  • 32:59 – Making those first dollars online
  • 41:28 – The importance of focus and growth
  • 43:12 – Where and how she spent her 2 years as a digital nomad
  • 49:45 – Living less than $1500 a month
  • 1:02:43 – Her future goals
  • 1:03:26 – “I love helping people try to design their lives” – Sharon Tseung


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Sergio Sala is a Mexican digital nomad, YouTuber, and writer who has traveled to more than 40 countries, all while sharing his vision on YouTube about independent work and living anywhere on a weekly basis. His goal is for you to get inspired to work online, organize your life and become a citizen of the world!

During the episode, Sergio and Johnny talk about the pros and cons of staying in Mexico as a digital nomad and how it differs from other nomad destinations in terms of living expenses, transportation, food, language, and safety. They also reveal exciting details about Playa del Carman that will help you plan for your next trip.




Time Stamps:

  • 01:37 – The attitude and culture of Mexican people
  • 04:29 – “We’re trying to make everyone have a great experience; that is what Mexican culture is all about.” – Sergio Sala
  • 06:31 – Where do Mexican digital nomads travel to?
  • 07:08 – How Mexican food in other countries taste like
  • 13:45 – Why you should visit Playa del Carmen?
  • 21:21 – Keeping up with the Spanish language
  • 24:22 – Living expenses amongst Mexico, Thailand, and Georgia
  • 33:42 – VISA problem
  • 36:15 – Is Mexico a safe place for digital nomads?
  • 51:09 – Sergio’s background and travel journey
  • 52:26 – “I realized I just needed a laptop to be anywhere and said ‘let’s travel’!” – Sergio Sala
  • 57:15 – “There are a lot of places I want to see” – Sergio Sala
  • 1:01:12 – Insights on Co-living spaces and long-term stay
  • 1:08:13 – Overall review of Playa del Carmen
  • 1:11:13 – “You cannot remove fear; you just have to make it your ally.” – Sergio Sala


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Rainier Nanquil is a digital nomad with a primary focus on triple net (NNN) properties nationwide. He also assists clients with turnkey residential investments, Delaware Statutory Trusts, Tenants-In-Common, and other passive real estate investment opportunities. He is one of the attendees during the Invest Like A Boss Summit who, not only learned from the conference but also explored the city of Mexico.

During the episode, Rainier and Johnny FD talk about their experiences during and after the summit. They share a ton of ideas on how to make the most out of these networking conferences, which include talking with the speakers, connecting with other nomads, and of course, discovering the hidden spots of the city.




Time Stamps:

  • 02:30 – Rainier’s background
  • 04:42 – The underwater experiences
  • 12:44 – The pyramids in Mexico and its history
  • 20:34 – Upside of having a private tour
  • 24:11 – Discovering hidden tourist destinations
  • 27:21 – When is the perfect time to visit places?
  • 29:53 – The ultimate lifestyle hack
  • 31:18 – Why he attended the Invest Like A Boss Summit
  • 31:57 – Speakers during the ILAB Summit
  • 37:55 – The ILAB Summit versus other conferences
  • 40:10 – Building a Network through Nomad Summit
  • 45:01 – “Some of the best advice will come from that cross-training mentality.” - Rainier Nanquil
  • 49:58 – Why they introduced workshops into the summit
  • 53:45 – “They’re showing you how to do things but it is up to you to execute.” - Rainier Nanquil
  • 54:25 – Learning from the low-key people
  • 57:54 – “If you are willing to continue your personal growth, I’m sure you’re already doing it in your business.” - Rainier Nanquil
  • 1:03:30 – The next Nomad Summit


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Johnny “Sonic” Ban is a Serial Entrepreneur and Founder of Grass Fed Coffee, the world’s first-ever ready to drink butter coffee. Sonic acquired his nickname as a popular radio and nightclub DJ in Indianapolis during his youth. He then moved to Los Angeles to advance his musical career, but soon after realized his true passion was Entrepreneurship.

During this episode, Johnny Ban and Johnny FD chat about their extraordinary experiences which include meeting a multi-millionaire mentor and flying on private jets. They talk about how these experiences shaped them into becoming who they are today. Listen to this conversation and learn some insights on how to succeed in the world of entrepreneurship.




Time Stamps:

  • 00:20 – Catching up with Johnny “Sonic” Ban
  • 02:55 – Inspiration and motivation from Mentor JP
  • 05:00 – The dream car that drove them to a motivated life
  • 08:00 – “I can be respected now, I can be fulfilled now, I can be complete now” - @JohnnyBan
  • 09:30 – Benefits of sharing
  • 14:56 – How perspectives change the world
  • 17:10 – “Positivity attracts more positively” - @JohnnyBan
  • 20:36 – The private plane flying experience
  • 32:12 – Saying no to things you don’t enjoy
  • 47:07 – “You can put me in any situation and I can be comfortable” - @JohnnyBan
  • 48:50 – “When your identity is not rooted in your success, money will never change you” - @JohnnyBan
  • 50:30 – Tips in choosing a business
  • 59:40 – Grass Fed Coffee: The Premium Butter Coffee
    1:00:03 – Concept of Quarter Sharing


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Brent and Michael are a gay couple who sold everything they owned back in America to travel the world. They have been together for more than two decades and they have found their "happily ever after" by becoming digital nomads. They had a lot of crazy adventures along the way but they believe that this nomad journey is the best decision they ever made.

On this episode, Brent and Michael share their experiences as a gay couple in the nomad community. They reveal other people’s consciousness and perception towards the LGBT. After traveling for over 20 years, they have gathered tons of ideas on how to fully enjoy a digital nomad life – and they are here to share those insights with all the listeners!




Time Stamps:

  • 02:41 – What is the LGBT perception in the digital nomad community?
  • 05:46 – Their nomad journey as a gay couple
  • 06:45 – “The world isn’t the scary place that I thought it was.” - @BrentAndMichael
  • 09:10 – Building a nomad family with other nomads
  • 14:48 – Why they prefer slow travel?
  • 20:30 – Disadvantages of fast travel
  • 24:47 – What it’s like to be a gay couple in Tbilisi Georgia
  • 30:21 – Difference between Americans and other Nationality
  • 36:05 – Gay prejudice and consciousness in Georgia
  • 43:28 – “Experiences are worth so much more than things.” - @BrentAndMichael
  • 44:04 – The things they gave up in order to gain
  • 49:00 – The benefit of taking risks
  • 54:19 – How writing help them finance their travels
  • 58:57 – “Our story isn’t when we left two years ago; it’s everything that led up to it.” - @BrentAndMichael


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Nate Hake is a Travel Blogger and Digital Nomad who promotes emerging travel destinations around the world through his travel blog, Travel Lemming, in order to combat Over Tourism. He is also an attorney, an entrepreneur, and the co-founder of a B2B software startup. He was able to visit 43 countries in a single year and is still traveling around the world.

On this episode, Nate talks about the rising problem of Over Tourism on popular tourist destinations and some solutions to counter this tourist concern. With the Emerging Destination Awards, he reveals some of the amazing places in the world that are as breathtaking, or even more, as the common tourist destinations we see and hear on the media.




Time Stamps:

  • 04:14 – Does Over Tourism constitute a problem?
  • 05:55 – What drives Over Tourism?
  • 05:47 – “The part of the problem is that tourists have this tendency to always go to same places” - @TravelLemming
  • 07:35 – The purpose of Emerging Destination Awards
  • 08:16 – “If people start realizing that there are other places to go to, that has to be a big part of the solution” - @TravelLemming
  • 08:40 – Unknown places with beautiful tourist spots
  • 12:42 – Are digital nomads part of the over-tourism problem
  • 16:26 – Disadvantages of short-term tourists
  • 21:48 – Big winners of the Emerging Destination Awards
  • 25:55 – Impact of locals to tourism
  • 31:34 – Congestion caused by Cruise Ships
  • 40:08 – Upside of making side trips
  • 43:19 – Upcoming digital nomad destinations
  • 54:28 – Business behind travel blogging


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Calvin D. Sun is a Physician and Clinical Assistant Professor in Emergency Medicine based in New York City. He is also the Founder & CEO of The Monsoon Diaries, a blog-turned-travel community that has taken hundreds of readers to over 170 countries in the past 8 years. Despite being a full-time medical doctor, he was able to travel the world while spending as little money as possible.

On this episode, Calvin shares his extraordinary experience in a last-minute trip to Egypt which fueled his passion for travel. He also shares how he was able to manage medical school while traveling a lot. This full-packed episode where he reveals tips and tricks on how to start your travel journey, cut down expenses, and choose the countries to visit.



Time Stamps:

  • 03:39 – “I count traveling as doing it for yourself, not for other people.” – Calvin Sun
  • 04:10 – $650 round trip flight to Egypt
  • 14:25 – First steps to take when planning your travels
  • 20:40 – “You actually see your life from a bird’s eye view when you travel.” – Calvin Sun
  • 23:07 – Balancing medical school and travel
  • 33:28 – How he was able to finance his travels
  • 42:12 – Choosing the countries to travel into
  • 50:05 – People’s excuses not to travel
  • 59:04 – How he feels being on the plane a lot
  • 1:04:17 – Recommendations to stay connected while traveling
  • 1:07:37 – Tips on saving money during trips
  • 1:10:20 – “It makes a huge difference in your travel experience if you’re unplugged.” – Calvin Sun
  • 1:12:38 – What does Monsoon Diaries do?


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This year, Johnny has been traveling lately to destinations which are not that friendly to nomads, that is why he has not published a lot on his podcast. However, he has been out there, living and enjoying life a bit more!

On this special episode, listeners sent in their questions ranging from online business, travel, investments, and even some personal questions. This episode just goes to show that in living that digital nomadic life, it’s not just all about traveling, but also about making the most with what you have, and learning life’s lessons along the way.




Time Stamps:

  • 06:53 – Things to Know Before Becoming a Digital Nomad
  • 30:30 – The Problem with Travelling Fast
  • 35:04 – Johnny’s Winter Travel Plans
  • 43:22 – When Airbnb’s Don’t Turn Out as Expected
  • 54:19 – Managing Finances
  • 58:42 – Dropshipping
  • 59:58 – Vanguard
  • 1:01:02 – Investing in the U.S. and International Stock Market
  • 1:03:38 – Johnny’s Height
  • 1:07:28 – Johnny’s Fitness Routine


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Nathan Aguilera is the author of Foodie Flashpacker, a food-focused travel blog. He has been to 60+ countries over five continents and has been traveling the world for 5+ years. 

During this episode, Nathan will share what it takes to be a successful food and travel blogger. Find out how to start your own blog, earn money, and get sponsorships. Listen for fun travel adventures and experiences around Eastern Europe.  



Time Stamps:

  • 01:57 - Are most travel bloggers annoying?
  • 04:42 - Burning out with your career and travels
  • 11:03 - Living and working as a scuba instructor
  • 13:59 - Starting your own food blog
  • 17:14 - How to choose a restaurant & eating Georgia food
  • 27:32 - Georgia hospitality and warm welcomes
  • 29:43 - “Georgia: They are famous for hospitality, food, and wine.” - Nathan Aguilera
  • 31:22 - The history, cost, and culture of wine
  • 38:01 - Finding Mexican food around the world
  • 42:44 - What makes a successful travel blogger
  • 46:48 - When should you expect to earn money?
  • 51:14 - “I’ve got $750 for an article I did.” - Nathan Aguilera
  • 56:46 - A niche site verse a blog website
  • 1:01:59:02 - Getting FREE stuff as a blogger
  • 1:06:43 - Cost of apartments, food, and transportation
  • 1:14:35 - Discussing sponsorships and paid partnerships


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Sam Marks is an entrepreneur, angel investor, and world explorer. He’s been on many travel adventures with Johnny FD and they also co-host a podcast together, Invest Like a Boss.

During this episode, Sam and Johnny FD will talk about traveling the world for the past decade as a digital nomad. They’ll discuss important courtesy standards and social norms to use when traveling to new countries. Expect to hear their views on over-tourism and gentrification in cities around the world.





Time Stamps:

  • 03:22 - Walking across Ireland, drinking beer, eating food
  • 06:33 - “If you’re having trouble laughing just go to Ireland, you’ll get plenty of laughs.” - Sam Marks
  • 10:55 - The rise of Connor Mcgregor + entrepreneurial fails
  • 18:27 - Investing in your future like Bob Sapp
  • 25:09 - Living life as a travel Vlogger and influencer
  • 29:07 - Are you just arriving or actually traveling countries
  • 31:29 - Barcelona’s tourism, independence, and gentrification
  • 41:53 - Tourism courtesy standards to use when traveling
  • 57:08 - Burning out as a 10+ digital nomad
  • 1:01:52 - Ideas for traveling the world as a parent with kids
  • 1:09:42 - Sam & Johnny FD’s travel plans
  • 1:10:39 - Enjoying the adventures in Lithuania


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Aidas Rasimas is a native to Lithuania, a traveler, and digital entrepreneur. During this episode, Aidas will share how he transitioned into a location independent lifestyle and built up a great living by selling video games online. Learn his selling strategy and method including a where he finds his games. You’ll also hear about unique travel experiences in Lithuania, Ukraine and other Baltic states. With plenty of fun stories and many traveling tips, you’ll enjoy this episode.




Time Stamps:

  • 03:59 - Passing through Bellerose
  • 07:47 - Creating courses with Udemy
  • 13:25 - How to sell video games online
  • 20:44 - “I look at reselling video games almost like stocks.” - Aidas Rasimas
  • 23:01 - Selling for a loss and storing the keycodes
  • 32:22 - Lithuania’s currency change and economy boom
  • 36:46 - Uber, Bolt, bicycle, and other public transportation
  • 49:50 - Analyzing the local forward-thinking culture
  • 57:38 - Addressing small talk and forced social norms
  • 1:08:54 - Drinking bad tap water in Vilnius


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Peter Santenello makes videos that humanize places that have been typically dehumanized by mainstream media, politicians, Hollywood movies and our “leaders.” Some of those places include Iran, Turkey, Ukraine, Eritrea, and Colombia.

During this episode, Peter will talk about the real, raw, and authentic side of countries like Ukraine and Iran. Learn to look at the world differently, remove your fear, and explore out of your comfort zone. Find out how Peter travels the world while managing multiple US businesses from overseas including his passion project-oriented YouTube channel.






Time Stamps:

  • 02:21 - Traveling and doing exactly what you love
  • 07:13 - Visiting the less popular countries
  • 09:01 - “I like the path less traveled so I’m going to Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.” - Peter Santenello
  • 10:01 - How do you know when countries are too dangerous?
  • 18:32 - The real, raw, and authentic side to Ukraine
  • 25:17 - Getting proper visas + traveling George, the country
  • 32:40 - “The most pro-American country on planet earth: Iran.” - Peter Santenello
  • 35:26 - Finding your tourist vs local style travel balance
  • 46:47 - Managing multiple businesses in the US from overseas
  • 51:24 - “Pay per job verse per hour because if you’re gone the clock can get really slow.” - Peter Santenello
  • 55:10 - Documenting the day to day work operations
  • 57:45 - “We all have some art in us no matter what that is but if you don’t let it out you turn into that angry guy.” - Peter Santenello
  • 58:41 - Looking at the world differently
  • 1:00:33 - YouTube copyright music and adding subtitles
  • 1:12:41 - Buying property in Ukraine + lifestyle costs


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Alexandra Kozma is one of the co-organizers of the Nomad Summit. She’s traveled over 20+ countries and has worked in areas from teaching English to selling journals with a passion to help people grow and explore, whether it's the world or themselves.

During this episode, Alexandra and Johnny FD will share their lessons learned during Vipassana, a 10 Day Silent Meditation. Understand the benefits of silent meditation, mental and physical preparations, daily routines, and unique eating rituals. You’ll even hear about how they broke many of the mandatory rules. Listen to the end to find out if this retreat is right for you!



Time Stamps:

  • 00:45 - Falling in love with Chiang Mai, Thailand
  • 00:47 - “Chiang Mai, Thailand: I just fell in love with the city” - Alexandra Kozma
  • 03:50 - Mentally and physically preparing for your 10-day silent meditation
  • 12:42 - The benefits to a silent meditation
  • 22:49 - Daily routine and waking up at 4 am
  • 30:44 - “Sometimes it's good to let others decide for us or not just not think that much” - Alexandra Kozma
  • 30:48 - Building a routine that benefits your life
  • 35:55 - Practicing traditional and walking meditation + yoga
  • 43:14 - Adapting to the new eating rituals
  • 56:31 - Breaking a bunch of the mandatory rules
  • 1:05:21 - “The goal is to not to ever think about anything but to know how to control it” - Alexandra Kozma
  • 1:10:53 - Sharing lessons learned on the last day of the retreat
  • 1:17:38 - Mediating for the first time ever
  • 1:26:05 - Is the Vipassana - 10 Day Silent Meditation right for you?


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Josh Militz is a language tutor, world traveler, and successful dropshipper. Back in the day he even traned Muay Thai with Johnny FD in Phuket, Thailand.

During this episode, Josh will share how he went from $7,000 in debt to earning $30,000+ a month with his dropshipping store. Learn to start your own store, scale-up, and overcome some of the most common obstacles. Find out why he ended up selling his store and what his plans are next!






Time Stamps:

  • 00:51 - Muay Thai training in Phuket, Thailand
  • 08:18 - “Life is sometimes hard. We need to toughen up” - Josh Militz
  • 11:07 - How Josh started to teach in Korea & why he left
  • 18:24 - Getting trapped as a digital nomad or expat
  • 22:06 - “Have an open mind and be willing to change. Take a big risk” - Josh Militz
  • 29:36 - Starting the dropshipping journey
  • 32:11 - Stuck when attempting to call suppliers
  • 37:48 - Getting out of your comfort zone
  • 38:57 - Making your first call to suppliers
  • 42:09 - “Anything in life that’s wonderful and amazing is going to be hard” - Josh Militz
  • 42:22 - Making your first dropshipping sale
  • 47:53 - Racking up $7,000 in credit card debt
  • 52:26 - Cashing out and selling the dropship store
  • 1:04:45 - Sri Lanka vs Bali
  • 1:11:45 - Relocating to Texas to reduce taxes


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Johnny FD will share the best and worst of his Nomad Cruise experience so that you can better plan for your adventure. Listen for travel tips and tricks learned during his travels to Gran Canaria, and Lisbon. Find out his future travel plans and why he chose to live in Ukraine for the summer.

Expect to hear from Sam Marks, co-host of Invest Like a Boss, on keeping your living expenses low while increasing your net worth!




Discussed Episodes:


Travel Guides:


Time Stamps:

  • 00:12 - Recording in Kharkiv, Ukraine
  • 00:55 - Why Johnny FD almost didn’t go on the Nomad Cruise
  • 06:42 - The beautiful side to Gran Canaria and Sri Lanka
  • 14:38 - “Most people who travel have been to a lot of places but haven’t seen or arrived in any” - Johnny FD
  • 15:05 - Nomad Cruise adventure feedback and criticism
  • 23:21 - Living in Lisbon, Portugal vs. Gran Canaria
  • 23:22 - “Go back to places you really loved and maybe stay a bit this time” - Johnny FD
  • 29:13 - Johnny FD’s future travel plans
  • 31:19 - Find gyms while you travel the world
  • 33:30 - Travel and moving plans
  • 37:52 - Analyzing Johnny FD’s new net worth
  • 42:55 - “My net worth has crossed the $700,000 mark” – Johnny FD
  • 51:54 - Living expenses in the US vs international
  • 57:10 - Studying and learning Russian


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Louise Croft is a professional fashion blogger, entrepreneur, freelance PR, and life coach, from England. She’s a digital nomad traveling the world while teaching and creating online courses.

During this episode, Louise will share how she makes $10,000 per month on Udemy courses. You’ll learn to get started and create unique content without any technical skills. Listen to the end for the pros and cons of other platforms like SkillShare and find out some keyword ranking tips.



Time Stamps:

  • 01:02 - Recorded in Las Palmas Gran Canaria at Work Labs Coworking
  • 01:45 - Thrift shopping in Las Palmas Gran Canaria
  • 04:10 - “I can have one outfit that I only wear for one Instagram photo and it’s still not harming the planet” - @diginomadgirl
  • 09:54 - Getting started with Udemy courses
  • 17:27 - Creating unique courses that rank well
  • 21:52 - Balancing technical production and valuable content
  • 27:30 - Why courses fail and how to make yours successful
  • 33:03 - Should you self host your course?
  • 35:10 - “I make Udemy courses and I let Udemy sell them for me” - @diginomadgirl
  • 38:22 - Surprisingly popular Udemy courses
  • 40:17 - Making a full time living on Udemy
  • 45:43 - Getting your course removed from the platform
  • 48:33 - Pros/cons of SkillShare and keyword ranking tips


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Julie Clark is the founder of Capa Talent, a company that provides flexible recruiting solutions for companies looking to hire talent quickly. She enjoys traveling the world and especially loves Spain!

During this episode, Julie will share all the beautiful benefits to relocating to Gran Canaria and Puerto Rico as a digital nomad. Find out how to obtain the proper visa for living in Gran Canaria long term. Explore all the different parts of the island including why you must attend the carnival.




Time Stamps:

  • 01:15 - Meetup, Facebook Groups, WhatsApp Groups, Telegram
  • 06:28 - Working remotely and traveling with your team, Nomad Cruise
  • 10:00 - Relocating to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
  • 14:45 - Being immersed in the expat community
  • 21:55 - “I have never met anyone in Gran Canaria that has been in a bad mood” - Julie Clark
  • 27:31 - The different areas of Gran Canaria, Tenerife, and the Old City
  • 31:31 - Attending carnivals, festivals, and nightlife parties
  • 34:04 - Living in Puerto Rico as a Digital Nomad
  • 41:07 - The Jones Act and PR’s affordability
  • 52:09 - Obtaining proper visas to live in GC long term


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Nikita Kuimov and Anastasia Klimova-Kuimova are the founders of Smena Station, a company that offers a new standard of living and productivity for those who work remotely. They have several network hubs located in countries like Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Montenegro, Portugal, Russia, USA, Malta, and Thailand.

During this episode, Nikita and Anastasia will share how they created a global community with digital nomads. Find out the ways this platform can benefit you to better live, work and relax with others. Learn behind the scenes insight like how they promote a new project, structure the framework, manage multiple locations, and find work during the low season.




Time Stamps:

  • 01:27 - What does Smena & why Weligama, Sri Lanka
  • 06:05 - Being mindful and preserving the local culture
  • 14:59 - Creating a global community with like-minded people
  • 21:14 - Traveling and living in the seasons
  • 24:25 - “You can not spend more than 30 days straight on a beach doing nothing” - Anastasia
  • 25:41 - The benefits of a seasons business and winter traveling
  • 31:22 - Embracing the diversity of a coworking villa vs. Remote Year
  • 34:53 - The pros and cons to a seasonal business
  • 43:34 - Being with a partner 24/7
  • 47:58 - The next level in Coworking
  • 52:11 - Starting a business with FREE promotions


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Kevin Cook has a successful YouTube channel with over 125,000 subscribers. He inspires others to pursue their own dream of traveling and living abroad!

During this episode, Kevin will share how he found the balance of being present in his travel while vlogging his passion. You’ll learn how to monetize your YouTube channel including the importance of finding your niche. Find out if vlogging everyday verse once a week is best for your brand. Listen to the end to hear how you can stay in shape while traveling all year around.




Time Stamps:

  • 02:33 - Enjoying the moment vs vlogging every second
  • 05:01 - Working with Chinese government clients
  • 13:37 - Monetizing your YouTube channel & finding your niche
  • 24:41 - “Maintain your own voice. That's number one” - Kevin Cook
  • 25:36 - Meeting subscribers and Tinder dates
  • 34:08 - Producing quality vs. quantity video content
  • 45:47 - The beauty of Ukraine and traveling like a local
  • 58:35 - How to stay in shape while constantly traveling
  • 59:36 - “I will not get up early unless I have an ocean to jump into” - Kevin Cook
  • 1:10:47 - Sri Lanka - A gem of a city & surfing culture


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Lýdia Machová is fluent in 7 foreign languages and is currently learning Swahili. Her goal is to help people enrich any form of learning with additional learning based on 4 pillars of language learning.

During this episode, Lýdia will share those pillars and how you can put together your own combination of methods and resources that suits you best. Learn some tips for first-time learners and find out the most useful languages for travelers. Listen to the end to hear how Lýdia runs her business while traveling including insight into her successful course creation and implication model.




Time Stamps:

  • 06:34 - An effective process and system to language learning
  • 10:05 - What is a Polyglot?
  • 18:09 - “If you can fall in love with the process of learning the language you’re bound to succeed” - Lydia Machová
  • 20:16 - Learning new languages for the first time
  • 29:23 - “When you really need to communicate suddenly you find yourself being able to communicate” - Lydia Machová
  • 36:00 - Immersing yourself into the launching of a country
  • 43:07 - Running your business while traveling + course creation
  • 54:36 - Successful conference events


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Christoph Huebner is the owner of Schwarzstorch Oü, a personal holding, and service company in Estonia ran through the e-Residency program. Christoph is an entrepreneur by heart and has been self-employed in the marketing & insurance industry for almost 20 years.

During this episode, you will learn how to qualify for the biggest tax breaks and legal loopholes as a European and US resident. Find out the perfect health insurance for long term and short term digital nomads. Listen to the end for everything you need to know about the Estonian E-residency program.




Time Stamps:

  • 03:29 - Christoph background and introduction
  • 08:19 - Small company remote work relationships and meetups
  • 17:42 - The benefits of working remotely outside of your home country
  • 21:21 - Paying little to zero taxes as a US resident
  • 23:48 - “Paying a salary through a foreign entity is the key to avoid US national self-employment tax” - Christoph Huebner
  • 29:13 - Losing your health insurance when relocating to another country
  • 33:00 - “If something severe happens to you abroad and you come back as a care case than you might be F#$%ed” - Christoph Huebner
  • 36:34 - Obtaining affordable healthcare with short term and long term options
  • 48:07 - Calculating your estimated cost of insurance
  • 58:18 - The perfect insurance for 25-35-year-olds
  • 01:01:23 - What is Estonia e-residency & what are the benefits?
  • 01:21:40 - Will Stripe support for Estonia e-residents be available?


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Molly Fiona Maine is a freelance creative from London specializing in illustration, graphic design and marketing. Her passion for creativity and travel has taken her around the world to 43 countries and now works with clients in Europe, Asia, and the USA.

During this episode, Molly will share how she brought herself out of £15,000 debt to working as a freelance creative digital nomad illustrator who travels around the world. Learn to become a digital nomad, improve your skill set, and ways to grow your business locally and globally. Find out number one problem for new digital nomads and how to live your ideal life!




Time Stamps:

  • 01:38 - Top coffee in Chiang Mai, Thailand
  • 03:27 - Why Molly started traveling
  • 06:52 - “It got to a point where I thought I really need to make a big change now” - Molly Fiona Maine
  • 07:22 - Struggling to pay the bills and pay back student debt
  • 13:15 - Graphic design & marketing work placement in India
  • 18:41 - Learning to be a digital nomad and improving skill set
  • 24:17 - #1 problem for new digital nomads
  • 29:15 - Meeting a boyfriend with the same passion and goals
  • 33:56 - What is Wetherspoon?
  • 34:28 - Traveling around with your significant other
  • 40:30 - Growing your business locally and globally
  • 45:14 - Print on demand and the creative process
  • 48:25 - Staying in Chiang Mai in the winter and TR Visa
  • 51:31 - “Don’t be scared to think really big” - Molly Fiona Maine
  • 52:07 - How to live your ideal life!


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Bob Pruss has been working online teacher while listing rooms on Airbnb in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Starting will little to zero knowledge about either path he has been able to truly earn a proper living.

During this episode, Bob will share how he was able to obtain quick success with his online teaching and Airbnb rentals. Find out how he legally rents out units and ways you can start your own listing with a very low cost. Listen to some of the terrible booking stories and compares other platforms like Tripadvisor, Agoda, and Listen to the end to see how Bob keeps this process sort of a hands-off operation.




Recommended Book:


Time Stamps:

  • 02:38 - Bob's introduction into the education system
  • 08:44 - Working for Sprouts and choosing your hours
  • 11:18 - eBay drop shipping method startup and profit tips
  • 15:04 - “That one room got me 62,000 baht total in profit from one year” - Bob Pruss
  • 17:45 - Legally renting through Airbnb in Thailand
  • 21:45 - Expanding to many listings & high vs low season
  • 24:05 - Tripadvisors vs. Agoda vs. vs Airbnb
  • 28:10 - Terrible booking stories and experiences
  • 30:43 - Starting your own listing with super low cost
  • 31:55 - “The first five reviews are the most important” - Bob Pruss
  • 40:21 - “At the end of 2018 I made a total of $14,030 USD” - Bob Pruss
  • 42:33 - Keeping the job hands off
  • 50:56 - Buying vs renting units


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This is the FAQ for the upcoming 2019 Nomad Summit, the conference for Digital Nomads, Location Independent Entrepreneurs and those who travel the world while being their own boss!

Get tickets and more info at:

RSVP on the Facebook Event at:

Join the Chiang Mai Digital Nomads Facebook Group:

Hope to see you in Thailand this year or next! 



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Johnny FD, Andrew Lee, Katy, and Anke Westerlaken enjoyed a Blue Voyager Liveaboard experience in the Maldives. They’ll share some of the worlds best places to scuba dive including their liveaboard adventures.

During this episode, you will hear about the incredible adventures under the sea. Learn about some of the major benefits of Liveaboards and dive sights you must completely avoid. Find out how dangerous it really is to dive with sharks and the harm we are doing to our oceans.





  • 12 Weeks in Thailand
  • Dive Sites and Locations Mentioned: Galapagos, Egypt, Sipadan, Micronesia, Egyptian Red Sea, Manta Ray Night Dive, Kailua Kona, Indonesia, and more.


Time Stamps:

  • 01:01 - Andrew and Johnny FD”s first diving experience
  • 04:03 - “From diving with whale sharks during the day to shark diving at night” - Andrew Lee
  • 07:41 - Andrews favorite dive sites in the world
  • 10:40 - Best diving in Thailand and natural & raw dive sites
  • 14:19 - Liveaboard - Is it a good value?
  • 22:23 - Diving in the Maldives & Galapagos
  • 30:10 - Avoid these dive sites and the problem with the oceans
  • 33:36 - Katy’s work-life balance and the benefits of Liveaboard
  • 37:02 - Fiji diving with bull sharks - Is it dangerous?!
  • 44:40 - Why Katy loves to dive and balancing your lifestyle budget
  • 52:34 - Diving in Egypt - The Red Sea experience
  • 1:05:39 - Anke Westerlaken evolving diving experiences around the world
  • 1:09:45 - Egypt - The Red Sea - The best time to dive
  • 1:14:48 - How to dive safely around sharks
  • 1:20:13 - “A lot of shark species actually spit us out because they don't like us at all” - Anke Westerlaken
  • 1:22:17 - Anke favorite diving sights in the world


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Chapin Kreuter is the founder of Surf Pro Techniques which helps motivated surfers who want to progress but aren't seeing the results they want. Chapin has been surfing for over 30 years and is super passionate about the sport yet it took a ton of hard work to get where he is today.

During this episode, Chapin will share how was able to take his passion for surfing to an online business. You’ll be inspired to find a passion for something that you already can do and develop your skills further. Learn how to invest in your future as a long-term digital nomad plus balance your family and friends while you grow. Find out where some of the best surf in the world is and a small thing that you could do to help save the ocean.



Time Stamps:

  • 02:02 - Finding and losing the love for soccer
  • 08:39 - “A lot of people quit right before they’re about to be a success” - Chapin Kreuter
  • 10:37 - How Chapin started to learn about surfing
  • 17:34 - Finding and developing your passion
  • 21:22 - “I’m almost 40 years old and I’ve never had a 9-5” - Chapin Kreuter
  • 24:39 - Investing in your future as a long-term digital nomad
  • 31:01 - Learning the basic tech skills to become successful
  • 37:34 - When your dream turns into a nightmare
  • 41:05 - Trying to save the ocean and environment
  • 49:07 - Bringing the surfing business online
  • 56:53 - Best surf Nicaragua, Bali, and California
  • 56:57 - “Bali and Indonesia, in general, has the best waves in the world” - Chapin Kreuter


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Sean Dalton is a photographer who also teaches others how to be a better photographer. He is inspired by the countries he travels, the people he meets, and incredible coffee.

During this episode, Sean will share how he Incorporated sponsorships and courses into his business since his last appearance on the podcast. He will talk about ways to improve your Instagram page in order to drive business to your brand. Expect to hear the strategies that led Sean to generate up to $7,000 a month through SkillShare online courses. Johnny FD and Sean will also compare the SkillShare platform to Udemy and YouTube plus conversation about the coffee culture in Chiang Mai, Thailand.





 Time Stamps:

  • 01:13 - Incorporating sponsorships and courses into your business
  • 04:38 - Working for clients vs a production team
  • 12:18 - Pros and cons of editing photos
  • 14:05 - Visual consistency on Instagram
  • 18:04 - “Instagram has become an integral part of my business” - Sean Dalton
  • 23:25 - SkillShare course tips and tricks
  • 27:54 - How to get paid on SkillShare
  • 28:48 - Coffee culture in Chaing Mai
  • 32:11 - “I love the coffee culture here” - Sean Dalton
  • 36:06 - Creating courses on SkillShare
  • 44:12 - Udemy vs SkillShare vs YouTube
  • 48:09 - Building successful courses
  • 50:37 - Audio and video recording equipment


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Carla Cecchi has had massive success in dropshipping over the past few years. She went from zero to over six figures in such a short time. What’s most inspiring is that she did it as a Mum of three!

During this episode. Caria will share the ups and downs of creating a successful drop store. You’ll hear about everything from her first sale to her now helping others to win. Learn how she overcame those who haven’t supported her and how her family reacted to her commitment.

Expect to also hear a bit about the exciting activities they’ve been doing while in Bali!




Time Stamps:

  • 04:57 - Importing from China and selling on Facebook
  • 07:48 - Taking the Dropship course and using it in Australia
  • 13:06 - Being a Mum and starting a store
  • 20:40 - “My first sale was 45 minutes after launching my first ad” -Carla Cecchi
  • 25:50 - The ups and downs of an entrepreneur
  • 36:49 - “It’s the people that give up that aren’t successful” -Carla Cecchi
  • 38:04 - Bali dropship retreat: Coffee & white water rafting
  • 42:33 - How to overcome those who aren’t supportive


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Amrit Atwal is the ultimate example of somebody who worked towards their dreams despite all odds. Whether it was people doubting his method, working day and night to save the cash to even failing the first time he started. His journey on how he went from a $10 an hour employee to a 6 figure Australian drop shipper will inspire you!

During this episode, you will hear about all the difficult times Amrit faced when starting up his dropship store. You’ll learn how he overcame all his issues and what drove him to keep trying. Listen to the end to hear a few of his secrets and strategies that keep him different from the rest.



Time Stamps:

  • 01:53 - Amrits backstory and journey to becoming a drop shipper
  • 10:59 - Indian food in the USA vs India
  • 12:10 - Working as a truck driver in Australia
  • 13:33 - “It was one bedroom apartment and 15 of us” - Amrit Atwal
  • 18:08 - Listening to podcast episodes 24/7
  • 22:39 - Failing at your first dropship store
  • 22:35 -  Niche selection
  • 29:05 - Making the first $500 sale
  • 31:37 - “My phone starts ringing… it was like a $6,000 order” - Amrit Atwal
  • 36:55 - Does dropshipping actually work? Austraila vs the US
  • 42:18 - Should you be meeting suppliers in person
  • 52:26 - Bail waterfalls, photography, and landscape

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Sebastian Wolff is a digital nomad from Germany who spent his $900 on a dropshipping course that changed his life. He is now living in Thailand, enjoying the benefits of living in a cheap place while earning much from his dropshipping business. He is a part of the dropshipping partnership Johnny FD assembled which sold its store for $44,000.

This episode is a fun and entertaining conversation about the dropshipping business and its fundamentals. Sebastian shares his experiences in the business and some tips on how to be successful in this trade. He also shares his quest in growing his own dropshipping business, giving him the financial freedom he is experiencing now.



Details and Apply: Dropship Partner Program 2018 is Now Open!

Hypath 2-in-1 Luggage


Time Stamps:

01:11 – The start of the Partnership
06:37 – The building process: Creating a niche
08:43 – The selling process
09:54 – What dropshipping model are they using?
12:28 – How to succeed in dropshipping?
19:47 – The impact of internet connection to the business
26:33 – Complications in other countries
35:17 – Problems encountered in supply payments
40:59 – Converting dropshipping store sale into passive income
43:46 – Outsourcing customer service
46:12 – Creating a new dropshipping partnership
51:06 – Anton’s dropshipping course
59:16 – Biggest benefits from dropshipping partnership


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Howard is a digital nomad from Los Angeles who sold everything he owned to move to Chiang Mai, Thailand. He got tired of the same daily routine, made a crucial decision, and hopped on a one-way flight across the world. He had so many doubts with this decision when he first came to Thailand; but one month later, he realized he made the best choice in his life!

During the episode, Howard shares his experience during this big move from Los Angeles to Thailand. This is an exciting conversation about the upsides of living in a cheaper place without sacrificing the quality of life. As a bonus, Howard shares some tips on how to passively increase your income and how to properly manage your wealth.



Hypath 2in1 Travel Bag



Ep 181 - Going from $70,000 in Debt to Making $10,000 a month Dropshipping


Time Stamps:

04:09 – What was his life back in Los Angeles
11:37 – Making his way through college
17:00 – His decade-long business
20:28 – Assessing success in the business
26:48 – Dead inventory
30:55 – Running an inventory-based business
36:47 – Managing money and assets
37:28 – Tips on how to increase income passively
42:10 – His investment scheme
46:00 – What is dollar-cost averaging?
52:44 – His big move to Chiang Mai
53:55 – Chiang Mai vs. Los Angeles
1:06:50 – Strategic use of debt
1:15:33 – Benefits of living in a cheap place
1:21:55 – Expenses in Chiang Mai vs. L.A.
1:23:58 – Quality of life in Chiang Mai


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Joanne Bhaloo and Jonathan Lien are entrepreneurs and digital nomads who found online success through eBay dropshipping. Through David Vu’s course, they ventured into this online business and made thousands of dollars in profit. They built a community, eDropship Empire, to create a place to give help, support, and motivation for all the dropshippers. Also, Joanne and Jonathan are both listeners of this podcast!

During the episode, each guest shared their own personal journey on how they started their online business and how it grew into a successful career. They both have different backstories but both leading the same path. Through eBay dropshipping, they were able to live an independent life, leave the corporate life, and travel the world!



David Vu's Ebay Course:

Their Course:



Ep 82 - eBay Dropshipping Success with David Dang Vu


Time Stamps:

01:55 – The fundamentals from a $10 course
03:43 – Becoming a digital nomad
09:37 – How Joanne’s business grew
11:35 – What is Dropshipping?
12:49 – Why do people buy from eBay?
16:34 – eBay vs. Amazon
25:27 – Earning her first dollars after the course
29:13 – How Joanne and Jonathan met?
32:45 – Jonathan’s journey into dropshipping
34:18 – Why Jonathan chose eBay dropshipping among other online businesses?
38:05 – Quitting his 9-5 job
46:17 – From being an employee to being his own boss
52:09 – Obstacles encountered leaving his corporate life


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Enrico Discolo is an Italian guest based in the United States. He is a graphic designer who found his passion, his love, and his life in America. He went through a tough process to get a work visa and live in the land of the free. He gives a new perspective on America as a person from across the globe. 

This episode basically talks about Enrico’s journey coming all the way to the United States. Leaving his home country to come to America, he discovered his love and passion. He shares his experiences in the country including his studies, his extraordinary love story, and his pursuit of a better life. 



Instagram -


Time Stamps:

03:16 – Popular Italian dishes

15:07 – His journey in moving to the U.S.

20:16 – His academic studies in America

28:18 – The process of getting his work visa

38:05 – What makes America a great country

43:36 – Food and prices

51:08 – America’s advancements in technology

1:00:53 – How Enrico and Johnny FD met

1:03:50 – His extraordinary love story

1:12:41 – Connecting with people around the world

1:16:50 – His job

1:19:33 – Ukrainian history

1:22:57 – The difference between salary and profit

1:28:01 – Income and expenses in America vs. other countries

1:30:07 – The ultimate hack


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Jennifer Teie is a Licensed Realtor of RE/MAX Gold who provides consultation to buyers and sellers in acquiring or disposing of residential real estate. She is the founder of Teie One On Productions which brings the community together by producing, promoting, and creating live music and events. She has been actively participating in several Tony Robbins’s events leading her to sign up for the $75,000 Platinum Partnership. The question is, is it worth it?

This episode evaluates the cost-benefit of attending events such as Tony Robbins’s Unleash the Power Within, Date With Destiny, and Business Mastery. Jennifer shares her personal reasons as to why she has dedicated so much of her time and money in committing to Tony Robbins’s world including signing up for a Platinum Partnership worth $75,000. She reveals her own experience in these events, what she expected from it, and what she learned out of it that helped her succeed in all her endeavors.



Instagram: Jennifer Teie

Facebook: Teie One On Productions



Ep 184: Tony Robbins's - Date With Destiny Recap and Review


Time Stamps:

01:52 –Jennifer Teie Backstory
03:05 – How she started attending Tony Robbins’s events?
08:10 – What made her decide to attend these events?
08:57 – Her expectations when attending the events
13:09 – Why people should start with Unleash the Power Within
20:36 – Date with Destiny Leadership
23:24 – Business Mastery
33:00 – Signing up for Platinum Partnership
44:37 – Changing mindset and Taking risks
46:00 – Benefits in attending these events
53:50 – What makes Tony Robbins’s events different?
56:13 – Places she traveled because of the platinum partnership


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This was a youtube live Q&A session for the Nomad Summit where we answered questions like "What is a digital nomad" what's the difference, do I have to travel, and why come to the Nomad Summit conference in Las Vegas and or Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Get tickets and more info at



Direct download: Nomad_Summit_2018_Las_Vegas_-_Live_QA.mp3
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Damien McGuigan is an explorer and adventurer who wants to visit every country in the world. He is the man behind Chasing Penelope, a travel blog which tells all his travel stories and adventures. He works as an IT technical expert for a company that provides sports betting information around the world. He is a strong believer that people should do everything they want to do. Why not?

On this episode, Damien tells his travel journey in the different countries he visited especially the hidden paradise of Ukraine. This conversation reveals so much about the country including its culture, its food, and its people. If you are an explorer, be sure to tune in to this episode and find out why Ukraine is the place to be!



Travel Blog -

Conference -


Time Stamps:

00:34 – His journey from Ireland to Ukraine

09:55 – Why he chose Ukraine?

12:19 – The people of Ukraine

17:04 – The culture of staying healthy and fit

24:01 – How Ukraine differs from other countries

27:14 – How cheap is Ukraine

30:36 – Mending differences

35:41 – What is happening in the U.S. politics?

43:17 – How often do tourists visit Ukraine?

47:44 – His source of income while traveling

51:02 – All about his travel blog

58:36 – Endless traveling

1:00:42 – The beauty of visiting random places


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Roman Maximov is a tour guide in Transnistria, a non-recognized state which is in between the Dniester River and Ukraine. The place is greatly monopolized by a guy whom they call “The Sheriff”. He has taken over almost everything in the area including restaurants, hotels, and gas stations. He is so huge that his birthday is celebrated like no other – and the story behind his rise in power is both intriguing and astounding.

On this episode, Roman takes us on a mind tour on what the state of Transnistria is like, not only with the tourist destinations but also the people, primarily the Sheriff. He reveals how powerful this sheriff is, what properties and businesses he owns, and how he influences almost everything in the state. Above all, he shares fascinating facts about Transnistria that would surely change your perspective of the place. And if this is the first time you heard of the state, then you just added one amazing place to visit!



Transnistria Tour: Triaspol Hostel

Blog Post: Johnny's Guide to Tiraspol, Transnistria 


Time Stamps:

03:33 – Housing and Apartments in Transnistria
06:10 – Security and Safety in Transnistria
10:17 – All about the tourists
11:40 – The character and culture of the people
14:39 – How cheap is Transnistria?
18:58 – The power of the Sheriff
21:43 – Celebration of Sheriff’s birthday
25:15 – The monopoly of the Sheriff
27:31 – Buildings owned by the Sheriff
33:21 – Roman’s background as a tourist guide
37:30 – Reviews on cities in Europe
38:43 – Experiencing winery in Transnistria
53:10 – Network service in Transnistria
58:48 – The Politics System
1:06:39 – Why visit Transnistria?


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In celebration of TLAB’s 200th episode, this is to give credits to all the listeners and provide a platform to answer questions directly from the audiences!

In the past 200 episodes, Johnny has interviewed several digital nomads who love to explore and travel while working from anywhere in the world. Tons of travel hacks, tips, and strategies have been discussed during the entire duration of this podcast – but we can’t seem to get enough of it.

On this episode, listeners from all around the world have sent their questions and Johnny shares his ideas on various topics like travel health insurance, online courses, income techniques, and so much more. This episode proves that when it comes to travel, there are still so much to learn.



Listen to Part 1: TLAB Episode 200

Listen to the other Podcast: Invest Like a Boss


Time Stamps:

07:47 – Travel Health Insurance
09:25 – Digital Family Community
09:41 – VISAs for popular digital nomad cities
12:43 – Online Courses
16:47 – Best routine
18:43 – Motivation
21:11 – Juggling work and travel
24:02 – Net worth and passive income techniques
31:59 – Investment options
34:33 – Safely invest or dangerously invest
37:45 – Future plans
42:28 – Johnny and Sam’s 1st quarter update 2018


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Johnny FD, together with his co-host Aleksandra Bulatskaya, gives tribute to the American celebrity chef, Anthony Bourdain who, unfortunately, took his own life at 61. Anthony has been an inspiration to many digital nomads through his travel documentaries where he shows what lies beyond his limits. He is one of the pioneers in the world of exploration and travel.

This is a very special episode about Anthony’s amazing life as a tribute to him and the inspiration he has left behind. His journey was not an ordinary one. Both Johnny and Aleksandra share their own experiences which were greatly influenced by the man. This episode also features clips of Anthony’s messages and advice to everyone who loves to travel including what food to eat, where to go, and how to build relationships. 


Time Stamps:

01:57 – Anthony Bourdain’s memories
03:33 – Following Anthony’s adventures
05:23 – The inspiration brought by this amazing chef
07:44 – Learn food advice from the man himself
11:22 – Experiencing local food in different countries
17:14 – Countries they visited which were inspired by Anthony
19:46 – Communication through food
27:04 – Creating relationships while traveling
31:45 – Finding the real & authentic YOU
37:49 – Ideal things to do when back home
39:56 – Looking back on Anthony’s life


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Matthias Zeitler is a location independent entrepreneur who cofounded Coworking Bansko, a coworking space in Bansko and a home for digital nomads and freelancers. They provide a community for people who love working with others where they can meet new friends and learn new ideas.

On the episode, you will learn so much about Bansko, a town in Bulgaria. Matthias helps nomads experience a new perspective of remote work as he opened Coworking Bansko. Here, he will talk about his journey in the creation of this coworking space including the goals, the design, and the purpose of this nomad space. He explains why he chose this location and reveals what makes Bansko stand out from the rest of the world.



Coworking Space:

Blog Post:

Bansko Tour:


Time Stamps:

01:31 – Journey into becoming a nomad

02:28 – Matthias’s background

04:31 – Why they chose Bansko?

09:19 – Nomad choices

13:58 – Flying from Bansko

19:01 – Bulgaria’s crime rate

20:49 – Internet and Infrastructure in Bansko

24:14 – Real Estate acquisition in Bansko

30:48 – Building a community at Coworking Bansko

32:05 – What to know when opening a coworking space?

38:15 – The foundation of Coworking Bansko

42:10 – Designing coworking Bansko

47:29 – Coworking Bansko Packages

48:26 – Prices of apartments in Bansko

52:19 – Cost of Living in Bansko


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Direct download: TLAB_199_-_Coworking_Bansko_in_Bulgaria_-_The_Chiang_Mai_of_Europe.mp3
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Kristin Wilson is the owner and founder of Poker Refugees which is dedicated to bringing you to your next poker home. After learning the term “digital nomad”, she began to discover that she is exactly how the term defines. She graduated from the University of Central Florida with a degree in International Business and took post-graduate studies in business administration. And from there, she embarked on a nomadic journey when she got offered a job in Costa Rica.

This is a fun episode about Kristin’s travel stories which unwraps her experiences in different countries while embracing the nomad life. She shares her pursuit of creating a job that would give you no excuses in choosing a career. She also gives her personal comments about Costa Rica and Greece including the cost of living, transportation, internet connection, and security. Be inspired by her amazing journey!



Kristin Wilson:

Her Site:

Nomad Cruise:

Nomad Summit:

Coworking Bansko:


Time Stamps:

08:12 – Her College Experience

12:45 – Career direction after college

14:22 – $1,000 job in Costa Rica

23:42 – Returning to the U.S.

24:28 – The Creation of Poker Refugees

32:51 – Moving people to different countries

34:27 – Upside and Downside of Costa Rica

39:34 – Next Nomad Summit

40:15 – Experiences in Athens

46:36 – Security and Safety in various countries

54:22 – Downsides of Greece

58:24 – Going to Santorini

01:00:22 – Most Fun days in Santorini

01:01:28 – Why she came to Bulgaria


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Jannis Riebschläger is a passionate traveler and film producer who produced his first travel film, Hyperborea, and brought it to over 40 cinemas in Germany. His passion in film production has brought him to several countries, creating image films and commercials which boost his clients’ sales and achieving goals in their businesses. He also published a book called “Sud - eine Abenteuerreise nach Süden”, Jannis’s own travel stories and adventures.

On this episode, nomad stories have taken a new level. Jannis shares his journey in film production, from the realization of this career to the triumph of bringing his movies to the cinemas. This is an epic experience of a traveler that started out from a travel blog. Listen to this episode and discover tricks and tips in producing films, taking amazing photos, and bringing the biggest adventure of your lives to the big screen.





Sud - eine Abenteuerreise nach Süden





Time Stamps:

02:05 – How his travel blogging journey started?
03:16 – What made his travel blog stand out from the rest?
05:06 – Story behind his travel books
08:59 – The start of his filming and production career
14:41 – Showing on the big screen
19:50 – Detoxing in Nepal after his movie release
28:43 – His first few clients and jobs
32:17 – Motivation in the production of the movies
33:40 – What countries did his filming take him?
39:32 – His plans for the rest of the year
44:53 – Typical mistakes in buying a camera
46:11 – Recommendations for taking best photos and videos
47:35 – Courses he took that helped him in his success
49:52 – His amazing team
51:40 – His favorite gears
1:00:08 – Doing business with a purpose


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Tom Schmidt is one of the digital nomads from Germany who joined the Nomad Cruise and the Nomad Summit held this year. He is an author who found his publishing career while searching how to make money online. After writing his first book while studying in a University, his parents though he was being unreasonable. Despite the doubt by his family, he decided to continue and write more books. Now, he, together with his team, has written over 50 books and was able to retire his mother.

On this episode, he shares his nomad journey from finding his online career to earning monthly passive income while traveling. He reveals his publishing process and his strategies in promoting his books. He also gives tips on how to write books that would sell. He shares the story of how he was able to retire his mom and provide his parents a stress-free life. Join this episode and find out how to earn money by writing books online.



Tom's Instagram -

Blog Post - Retiring My Parents



12 Weeks in Thailand: The Good Life on the Cheap



Ep 84 - Crushing it on Kindle with eBook Sales


Time Stamps:

03:27 – His reason in joining the Nomad Cruise

10:27 – How he got into eBook publishing

15:27 – How he learned publishing books

20:27 – His first book: Ketogenic Diet

21:54 – Tips in writing books

25:45 – Motivation behind his first book

26:17 – The step by step process in publishing his books

29:55 – His first sale

31:33 – How he started publishing audio books

38:49 – Deciding on becoming a publisher

41:33 – How he established his team

44:59 – Promotional strategies in selling his books

50:03 – Online tools he used in his research

53:27 – Story behind retiring his mom


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Direct download: 196_-_Nomad_Cruise_Kindle_Publishing_in_Germany_Retiring_his_Mom.mp3
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Maria De Wit is a tour guide from Holland who is currently in Nepal to journey the Himalayas. She has hiked the Everest Base Camp and the Three Passes trek and is on her way to climb the Annapurna Circuit. She is a strong-willed adventurer who is on a quest to travel the world.

On this episode, Anna shares her experiences as a tour guide, how she got the job, and what benefits she gets from her job. She explains the roles of the tour guide apart from bringing people to places and why people need one to enjoy their travels. She reveals some travel hacks and tips that she learned from her travel encounters. She also shares her experiences and impressions during the Everest Base Camp and Three Passes trek.



Jobs: USA Tour Guide Jobs

Jobs: USA Adventure Travel Jobs



Ep 191 - Seasonal Jobs, Free Travel, and Retiring Early as a Millionaire


Time Stamps:

00:57 – How she started traveling?

03:57 – Becoming a Tour Guide

05:23 – Why people hire tour guides?

06:41 – Adult babysitting

11:21 – Financial benefits from her company

12:41 – Travel Hacks

15:26 – Favorite food on the trek

20:29 – Journey through Everest Base Camp and Three Passes

22:41 – Iceland trip: The Bucket List

26:12 – Experience the Van Life

33:56 – How she got her job?

39:12 – Dutch people on traveling and holidays

43:57 – The theory of Gap Year

45:04 – Gap Year in Holland

48:51 – Student Loan in Holland

53:08 – Older people joining the trek

57:58 – Travel Tips from Maria


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Direct download: TLAB_195_-_Travel_Guide_Jobs_and_Gap_Years_with_Maria_from_Holland.mp3
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Johnny FD is once again on his trekking journey for the 2nd time. He climbed the Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek, a 4-5 day hike in the Annapurna mountain of Nepal. It has a maximum altitude of 3,210 meters so altitude sickness is not so much of a risk, unlike the earlier hike in the Annapurna Circuit. However, it did not come short of the breathtaking view that the Himalayas has to offer.

On this episode, Johnny highlights his amazing experience including the people he met along the way. He also reveals the risks that the freezing temperature might do to your body. The fun, the challenges, the views, and the struggles are all accounted for. He interviews different trekkers from all around the world who came to witness the beauty of Nepal. Each one of them shares their amazing escapade through the Ghorepani Poon Hill that will surely bring out the adventurer in you.



Blog Post: Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek, Nepal

Video: Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek in Nepal


Time Stamps:

05:55 – The story of the Buddha

07:32 – Becoming a Female Guide

11:15 – Flowers of Nepal

14:06 – The random hike

14:45 – At the village in Ghorepani

22:16 – Journey of Russian trekkers

24:41 – Experiences of Australian trekkers

26:37 – Challenges of Canadian trekkers

29:10 – The descend

31:12 – Altitude sickness

39:10 – Gheropani to Tadapani

43:34 – Medical Emergency

44:29 – Trekking with the whole family

53:57 – Last part of the journey


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Direct download: 194_-_Ghorepani_Poon_Hill_Trek_in_Nepal.mp3
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Johnny goes on a journey through the Annapurna Circuit, a trek in the Annapurna mountain of Nepal. Along the way, he met another trekker, Chloe Merrick, who is on a 5-month backpacking trip to explore the world.

This is a fun and exciting episode where Johnny accounts his journey through the Annapurna Circuit, both the fun and the struggles. At the end of the trek, Chloe and he share their experiences and takeaways during the hike. They talk about the beautiful views, the freezing temperature, and the altitude dilemma. They also share some trekking advice and tips to maximize the fun and ease the struggles.



Chloe Merrick's Instagram


Time Stamps:

00:33 – The Bus Ride through Nepal

03:58 – First day of the actual Hike

06:52 – Independent traveling

09:09 – Maximizing the beauty of Annapurna Circuit

12:56 – Approaching the cold days

15:07 – Johnny goes ill

16:53 – Chloe’s trek journey

20:03 – The reason behind joining the trek

23:26 – The freezing experience

27:34 – Nepal: the country review

32:41 – Taking up yoga classes

35:48 – Affording for trips

40:49 – Tips for trekking

44:19 – Recommendations from Chloe


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Tyler Fox a.k.a. Mac is an explorer and adventurer who loves being on the road and living out of his backpack. He is the man behind Halfway Anywhere, a travel blog which features his amazing journeys, some travel tips, and everything that is awesome in this world.

On this episode, Mac shares his trekking experiences including the 4-month long hike along the Pacific Crest Trail. He teaches how to plan out the hike, what a typical day looks like, and what happens in between the trail. And as an addition to the travel experience, he talks about Nepal, its food, and its people. This episode is a total package for backpackers who want to learn how to make the best out of the trekking adventure.





Ep 190 - Travel Bloggers Making $12,782 a Month with Adventure in You

Ep 189 - Hiking the Appalachian Trail and Creating a Physical Food Company


Time Stamps:

01:38 – What got him into hiking?

03:15 – Appalachian Trail vs. Pacific Crest Trail

04:42 – Halfway Anywhere Blog

08:55 – The movie “Wild”

10:05 – Trekking food and accommodation

17:25 – Planning out the hike

21:40 – Nepalese culture

25:18 – Nepalese food

32:18 – A Nepal hack: From low to high elevation

36:06 – Trekking community

41:06 – Blogging while Hiking

44:45 – Backpacking gear

46:53 – Travel tips


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Thomas Barlow works on offshore oil rigs, ice vending machines, and fishes in his off time. He has set himself up to work just a few months out of the year and travels the rest!

During the show, Thomas will share how you can work on offshore oil rigs and fish cleaning jobs in Alaska. He’ll reveal key strategies to running a successful U.S based ice machine business. Listen to the end for his secret to early retirement and how you can fish for the rest of your life.



Job Lists: Fish Cleaning in Alaska

Job Lists: Offshore Oil Rig Jobs

Job FAQ: Alaska Seafood Processing

Millionaire Calculator: Compound Interest Calculator

Invest Like a Boss Podcast

Book - Rich Dad Poor Dad - Robert T. Kiyosaki


Time Stamps:
01:16 - Thomas’ backstory
01:52 - Working every other month
05:31 - Flying and travel process
06:50 - Benefits and salary
08:01 - Typical work day
09:01 - U.S based ice machine business
16:28 - Coin operated car wash
18:49 - Maintenance work
21:19 - Cleaning Alaskan fish
26:15 - Do you need a college degree
29:30 - Budgeting and expenses
33:47 - Early retirement & compound interest
50:44 - Hacking the fishing business
1:00:56 - Life advice from Thomas


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Tom Rogers and Anna Faustino are the founders of the travel blog, Adventure in You, which gives useful travel information based on personal recommendations accompanied by articles of their travel journey around the globe. Not only were they able to share their travels but also found several ways to generate income from the blog.

On this episode, Tom and Anna talk about the income perspective on travel blogs and blogging. They share their amazing journey from starting the blog to generating thousands of dollars in revenue through display ads, affiliates, sponsored posts, and brand partnership. They also give tips on how to monetize your blog while living the dream.

Listen to episode 190 on iTunes, or your favorite podcast app on your phone. 



Tom and Anna's Travel Blog: Adventure in You

Facebook: adventureinyou

Instagram: adventurein_you

Johnny's Affiliate Course:


Time Stamps:

02:00 – Tom and Anna’s Backstory
04:47 – Philippines to Chiang Mai
08:48 – How they started the blog
13:14 – When did the blog start to generate income?
14:33 – Pitching Ad Sponsors
16:44 – Mistakes they encountered
23:16 – What to know when blogging?
24:20 – Income from Display Ads
30:24 – Income from Affiliates
33:10 – Sponsored posts and brand partnerships
36:52 – Tips for couples blogging together
47:41 – The eBook Travel Guide
51:29 – The Blogging School
57:05 – Tips for future digital nomads
59:22 – Tips for already nomads

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Chris Cage is the man behind Greenbelly Meals, a ready-to-eat meal packed with nutrition which accompanies you to your trip, wherever, whenever. He quit his accounting job to pursue a nomadic adventure, hiking the 2,185 miles Appalachian Trail that gave him the inspiration to create the perfect backpacking meal. 

On this episode, Chris shares his adventures from a bicycle tour in New Zealand to a 6-month hike in Appalachian Trail to the creation of Greenbelly Meals. His successful quest for introducing a physical product will definitely inspire you to pursue your ideas. For everyone who wishes to start their own business, listen to this episode and learn some strategies on how to market your products and increase traffic to your business.



Chris Cage's Food Company -

2019 Nomad Summit:



How to Hike the Appalachian Trail



Ep 58 - Dave Asprey and the SECRETS to the Bulletproof Diet and Coffee

Ep 08 - Black Belt Business Jiu-Jitsu with Nicolas Gregoriades


Time Stamps:

01:13 – Chris’s backstory
03:53 – Appalachian Trail: 6-month hike
13:35 – Inspiration behind the Greenbelly Meals
14:18 – Greenbelly meals vs. energy bars
17:49 – How he got started with the recipe?
23:33 – Packaging and Logo Design
27:29 – Greenbelly marketing style
29:53 – Working with a co-packer
32:06 – From the Kickstarter products to selling on its own
40:45 – Different flavors of the meals
42:41 – Prices per meal
45:52 – The order process
51:09 – Increasing traffic in his company
52:28 – How he got into Joe Rogan show?


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Dr. Michael Shafer is the founder of Warm Heart Worldwide, an NGO he created together with his wife, Evelind Schecter, fully committed to helping others in need. They sold their possessions, left their prestigious careers in New Jersey and moved to Thailand to start Warm Heart to provide education, home to children, assistance to the elderly, and solutions to environmental issues.

On this episode, Dr. Shafer reveals one tangible solution to the Burning Season in Chiang Mai – the Biochar Solution. He discusses the steps on how to convert this deadly smoke to a product of many uses. He gives a better understanding of how the smoke in the Burning Season dangers not only the environment but the people as well. He explains how a small donation changes a life, a country, and probably the world.






Time Stamps:

01:37 –The Burning Season
03:43 – Warm Heart Worldwide: Vision
07:42 – The dangers of the Burning Season smoke
10:35 – Inspiration behind the solution
12:05 – Dr. Shafer’s backstory
15:20 – How Warm Heart Worldwide came about?
20:43 – The Biochar Solution
25:31 – The making of the Biochar
37:35 – What to do with the Biochar products?
42:10 – Marketing of Biochar products
43:59 – The 5-year goal
45:15 – Biochar Uses & Benefits
55:05 – Impact on the world


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Steve Ruggiero is a digital nomad who came all the way to Chiang Mai to discover and begin a career online. He’s not the typical nomad we meet. He served in the army for 10 years, trained in becoming a store manager, and became an actor in Chicago. He’s been on different paths but now found his place in Chiang Mai building a business online.

On this episode, Steve recalls his journey on why he came to Chiang Mai and what made him decide to stay. He shares the devastating death of a good mentor, Rob Forbey Jr. Both Steve and Johnny share their experiences in the digital world where they learn new stuff and improve themselves. Listen to this episode and find out how to level up your life, not just as digital nomads but as people in general.



Youtube - Thrifty Steve

Rob Fortney Jr.'s Episode: TLAB Episode 137

Nomad Summit -


Time Stamps:

01:07 – Steve’s background

10:39 – Why he came to Chiang Mai?

11:51 – How he got into Amazon FBA?

15:25 – The start of his nomad journey in Thailand

16:56 – The benefits of taking a marketing course

21:36 – Their first FBA project in Chiang Mai

23:00 – Who is Rob Fortney Jr.?

25:44 – The story behind Rob’s death

32:10 – Traffic regulations in Chiang Mai

34:24 – Johnny’s accident

43:07 – Tribute to Rob Fortney Jr.

45:48 – Just start!

50:23 – The process of taking life to the next level


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Nick Danforth is a digital nomad who has reached the Nomad 2.0 state, where he decided to settle down in one of the countries he visited while traveling. After years of living a location independent life, he and his wife decided to stay in Thailand – and this time, it’s not going to be a short visit.

On this episode, Nick describes their way of living after finally deciding to settle down in Thailand. He also reveals the reasons behind this decision. He shares his experience on how to find the best location to settle, how to build a business, and how to live a high-quality life.






Nick's Previous Episode - Travel Like A Boss Episode 114 

Ebay Dropshipping Episode - Travel Like A Boss Episode 82


Time Stamps:

03:45 – Settling vs. Nomading
06:48 – Best location to settle
08:14 – Advantages of Long-Term Nomading
12:07 – Why experience a nomadic life before settling down?
16:02 – Living a high-quality life
20:32 – Nick’s source of money
31:18 – How his drop shipping business progressed?
33:16 – Hiring a VA for your business
49:22 – Goals for 2018
1:14:47 – Long-Term Happy Nomading


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Sam Marks hosts Invest Like A Boss podcast together with Johnny FD. He is a multimillionaire who founded and developed a business which later on became Europe’s largest e-cigarette company and was acquired for $100 million. He is a full-time entrepreneur who lives a location-independent life.

This episode is to start off the year 2018 with new goals, new plans, and new to-do-list. Sam gives important tips on how to successfully achieve your goals. Both Sam and Johnny reveal their goals and plans for 2018 and share their takeaways from the previous year.



2017 Recap Blog Post

Koh Samui Walk

Ireland Walk



The Secret

The Power of Intention



Invest Like A Boss Episode 1

Invest Like A Boss Episode 81


Time Stamps:

01:40 – Setting up goals
09:32 – Financial goals for 2018
16:32 – Physical goals for 2018
26:45 – Travel goals for 2018
30:57 – Johnny’s specific goals
33:37 – Sam’s specific goals
35:49 – Living situation
41:30 – Average spending in a month
42:07 – Chang Mai vs. The US
47:25 – Plans for 2018


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Tony Robbins’s Date with Destiny 2017, a six-day exclusive event, was held in Florida last December 5-10, 2017. This event had been anticipated by thousands of people, from all ages, trying to become a better version of their selves. Journey to Date with Destiny has been discussed on episode 182; and now, a recap and review on the recently concluded event are in order to help you decide whether this event is for you or not.

On this episode, Johnny and Michael give their takeaways and observations on the six-day event. Michael is Johnny’s roommate while in Florida who also attended Tony Robbins’s Date with Destiny. They share their experiences as well as their learning during the event. This event can literally change lives – and if you want to know why, listen in!



Blog Post: Why I Went to Date With Destiny

Blog Post: Review and Guide to Date With Destiny



Ep 182 - Journey to Date with Destiny and Tony Robbins’s UPW

Netflix Movie: I'm Not Your Guru


Time Stamps:
03:06 – Life-changing Transformations
05:25 – Actual Interventions during the event
10:43 – Why Michael came to Date with Destiny?
11:57 – What he got out of it?
13:10 – Who should go to this event?
19:37 – The dancing exercise
25:44 – Takeaways from the event
36:30 – Downside of the event
44:42 – Comments on the technical staff
46:53 – Was the event worth it?
48:36 – Making the world a better place


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Kosta and Julia are location independent entrepreneurs from London who came to Miami to attend Tony Robbins’ event. They both lived different lives before but eventually found each other. This fate also led them to find something they both love – and that is to travel the world.

This episode is about enjoying life while creating a successful career. A person’s mindset can determine his own path. They each share their journey in London and their travels together. This is a motivating conversation about mindset, networking, and travel.



ILAB 78 - Bitcoin 101, How to Invest in Cryptocurrency


Time Stamps:
03:20 – The helicopter ride
06:14 – “Go for it” mindset
08:07 – Barriers to enjoying life
11:00 – When and how they started traveling?
12:23 – Julia’s journey to travel
18:14 – Kosta’s journey to travel
23:32 – How did they meet?
28:05 – Growing your network of people
37:10 – Being ON TIME
40:41 – Their recent travel destinations
42:54 – How do they fund their travels?


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Tony Tzaj is a Guatemalan who doesn’t speak English, doesn’t speak Spanish, but went to the United States to find his self and achieve his desires. Growing up in poverty, he decided to take the risk, travel to the U.S, and now found his place in San Francisco, California. Despite negative responses from the people around him, he decided to attend Date with Destiny and Tony Robbins’s Unleash the Power Within.

On this episode, Tony shares his journey on how he got into the U.S, why he came to the states, and what he did to survive. He also shares his experiences while living in a tent and sleeping in his car for months just to attend Date with Destiny. He will amaze you with the story of how he learned the English language on his own without going to school.



Netflix Movie: I'm Not Your Guru



Awake the Giant Within


Time Stamps:

0:43 – What is Date with Destiny?

2:06 – Tony’s backstory

10:51 – Journey to the U.S.

4:22 – What happened in the U.S.?

15:41 – Surviving in the U.S.

18:44 – Learning the English Language

25:08 – The first book he read

29:58 - $1000 and Tony Robbins’s event

34:42 –Unleash the power within (UPW)

39:08 – Why he decided to attend “Date with Destiny”

42:50 – His expectations from “Date with Destiny”


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Anastasia Vankova is a Russian immigrant who moved to the U.S. to find a new career. She earned her first dollar online by building iPhone apps and adding them to The App Store. She then opened herself to greater possibilities online. After taking up a Dropshipping Course, she began her own dropshipping business and has reached $10,000 for a month!

On this episode, she shares her journey from her 9-5 job to her first online venture, and finally, to her success in dropshipping. She talks about her first sale and how the dropshipping course helped her achieve this success. Most importantly, she shares how they got out of a $70,000 debt and how she started making $10,000 a month online with her dropshipping store. 



Anastasia Vankova: Instagram

Anton's dropship lifestyle course:



The Total Money Makeover: Classic Edition: A Proven Plan for Financial Fitness



Try Fresh Books for FREE


Time Stamps:

4:57 – Moving to San Diego; Ending up in Indiana

8:24 – Dave Ramsey’s book

11:48 – How they got out of a $70,000 debt

15:11 – The start of dropshipping business

17:30 – Her 1st business venture

19:39 – Transitioning into dropshipping

21:26 – From taking the course to making a sale

27:36 – Building relationship with suppliers

29:52 – Volume of sales

34:56 – Scaling

36:24 – First $10,000 a month

39:42 – Financial situation in Russia

51:00 – How she ended up in the Canary Islands


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Matt Bowles is one of the partners in Maverick Investors Group, a million dollar real estate company that offers real estate investors a chance to earn passive income while living anywhere they want. He is an entrepreneur who brought his remote work and traveled the world. He also took part in Remote Year, a platform for digital nomads to travel and work in different countries for a year.

On this episode, Matt shares the story of how he came into the real estate and why their company chose a location independent business model. He reveals the company’s mission and how it differs from other real estate companies. He gives a detailed process on how they build relationships, deliver value, and connect with potential clients. He also talks about his experience while being on Remote Year and what he took away from it.  







Try Fresh Books for FREE


2:46 – What is Maverick Investors Group?

5: 55 – How did the company start?

12:57 – Pre-internet travel

17:37 – Zencastr podcast maker

23:48 – The people behind the company

25:22 – The business model

29:07 – What makes their company different from others?

32:58 – Building relationships with their clients

36:24 – Delivering value to customers

38:51 – Steps in bringing in clients

41:42 – Getting in touch with potential buyers

51:41 – Remote Year


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Megan Gougeon is a full-time employee and a full-time traveler. She is one of the very lucky people who won an all-paid-for internship around the world. This programme by ACTE Global is a 6-week long travel internship which provides an opportunity to travel several countries and explore the world of corporate travel management. 

On this episode, she shares her experiences during her around the world travel internship, how she heard about it, how she applied for it, and how she, against all odds, got this amazing opportunity. She also shares her thoughts about the corporate world and the nomadic life. As a full-time employee who works remotely, she gives a new perspective on corporate jobs.



Megan Gougeon: Instagram

Around the World Video

Internship Info



Try Fresh Books for FREE 


Time Stamps:

3:31 – Adventures in Gran Canaria

7:23 – How her nomad life started

10:31 – Where did she hear about the internship?

15:45 – Accessing travel through remote work

20:01 – Her start in Costa Rica

22:19 – Pros and cons in Costa Rica

25:07 – Variety of nomads

26:07 – The internship application process

27:29 – Where can people find this program?

28:53 – Purpose of the internship

30:03 – Why the need to travel around the world?

34:01 – Countries they visited during the internship

51:48 – Remote work culture

56:01 – Corporate job vs. Remote work


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Michael Koh is an entrepreneur and a digital nomad who successfully built 3 companies and traveled more than 30 countries. He is the founder of “Tree To Tub” which sells and promotes organic soap made out of soapberries. Formerly called “Soapberri”, it is the world’s first soap grown from trees. He encourages people to replace those harsh chemicals with nature’s gentlest soap.

On this episode, Michael brings us behind the scenes where he talks about how he started this business venture. He explains why he chose this soap industry and what makes these soaps best among all other familiar soaps we use daily. Learning strategies and lessons from his food truck business back in college, he mastered the skill and expertise of a first-rate entrepreneur. Listen in and learn how to start a business and go location independent.





Try Freshbooks for FREE


Time Stamps:

9:16 – Michael’s recent destinations

11:10 – Johnny’s Chinese name

13:30 – How he became an entrepreneur

19:43 – Challenges of his first business

21:29 – Giving up his first business

24:09 – Lessons learned from his first business

25:04 – Idea an inspiration behind Tree to Tub

30:03 – The meaning of the soap

36:25 – Becoming a digital nomad

39:46 – Kickstarter benefit

40:33 – From “soapberry” to “tree to tub”

43:32 – Journey to QVC

46:16 – Fund source


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Grace Taylor, a US tax expert, helps digital nomads enjoy their experience fully while minimizing hassle brought by taxes and other financial considerations while working elsewhere. She was one of the speakers in the recently held Nomad City discussing on Tax Considerations for Digital Nomads.

This episode talks about one of the biggest issues for expats which is tax payments. Grace discussed the process circulating taxes for location independent businesses and the things that grant tax exclusions. She gives an overview of how taxes work for digital nomads residing abroad. Listen to find out when and why you should reach out to an accountant and discuss your financial activities.


TLAB 11 - Income Tax Q&A, Tricks, Tips and Hacks with  David McKeegan
TLAB 161 - How to Legally Pay ZERO Income Tax
ILAB 64 – Trading Options Full Time: $0 – $100K Annually with Kirk Du Plessis

Time Stamps:

1:23 – Easiest country to pay taxes
2:56 – How she helps expats
9:01 – What is Foreign Earned Income Exclusion (FEIE)?
11:35 – The downside in switching accounts
15:38 – One business with several income sources
16:43 – Considerations in starting a business
20:30 – Tax exclusions
25:33 – Choosing an accountant
31:26 – Tax Estimation
32:45 – How to make it easier for your accountant
35:11 – Legal forms relative to income
36:27 – What happens when you forget to report an income?
39:15 – Difference between an American and non-American taxpayer
41:57 – Who should reach out to a tax expert?
43:41 – Why does options trading complicate things?
45:22 – Other things that complicate taxes
47:13 – Action Plan
50:17 – Is Credit Card Statement enough?

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Rob Bertholf is a software developer, an entrepreneur, a technology instructor, and a marketing strategist. He is #1 in Google for the term “Search Engine Optimization Expert” and is one of the pioneers in the digital world. He came to Gran Canaria to attend the Nomad Cruise and eventually took part in Nomad City.

On this episode, he shares his digital journey and his desire for the digital community. He reveals why he decided to join the Nomad Cruise and meet other nomads. He also gives tips on branding, establishing businesses, going location independent and more. Listen in and learn from the expert himself.



Ep 172 - Irish Digital Nomad Talks, Marketing, Taipei, Chiang Mai, and Gran Canaria 

Try FreshBooks for FREE!

Time Stamp:
2:53 – What made him decide to go to Nomad Cruise
4:05 – His background, skills, and previous endeavors
11:11 – His teaching experience
13:05 – Good and Bad Branding
17:20 – Why Gran Canaria gov’t sponsors the cruise
17:50 – Upside and downside of Gran Canaria
21:46 – Weather in Gran Canaria
29:15 – Meeting other nomads
30:25 – What is the Nomad Cruise for?
30:37 – Nomad Cruise vs. Normal Cruise
36:31 – Internet plight on the cruise
40:47 – His purpose in going to the cruise
47:43 – Misconceptions on nomads

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Do you want to become a digital nomad? Chris is a Location Independent Freelancer whose passion is making video content on remote work and travel. He is the man behind Chris the Freelancer, a YouTube channel dedicated to documenting the Digital Nomad movement and the Future of Work. If you type in “digital nomad” on Youtube, his channel will be the no. 1 search result.

This episode teaches the first steps in becoming a digital nomad. He shares his own journey in discovering the digital nomad movement. He talks about skill building, getting hired, traveling, and the basics of a nomadic life. He also shares tips on how to start a YouTube channel. Listen to the end and learn how to succeed as a digital nomad.



Join the Digital Nomad movement:

Time Stamps:
1:17 – Story behind Chris the Freelancer
4:07 – Having a high chance of succeeding as a digital nomad
5:34 – Location advantage
8:53 – Pitching good places
11:03 – Living under $600 a month
14:20 – Cost of living in Gran Canaria vs. other places
18:15 – Food in Gran Canaria
22:55 – Coworking spaces vs. Coffee shops
24:54 – How he got into YouTube
31:35 – Difference between Chris’s vlog and others’
39:40 – Vlogging camera
42:38 – Tips on starting a YouTube channel
46:54 – Dealing with hate comments
48:53 – Chris the Freelancer’s purpose
59:26 – Nomad City 2017

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Brian David Crane is a startup founder, a digital nomad, an entrepreneur, and a traveler. He is the founder of CallerSmart, an app that helps users trace unknown phone numbers right on their smart phones. He has written an article on Forbes about the Downsides of Digital Nomad and How to launch your Business in Google.
On this episode, Brian opens up about the nomadic life. He tells his journey into becoming a digital entrepreneur. He gives tips and advice for all the digital nomads and nomad-wannabe. This is an inspiring conversation about the work and life away from home. Before you book a one-way flight, make sure you listened to this episode. 



Ep 105 – Millionaire Digital Nomad with Sam Marks

Trip Streak - Smarter Travel Search

Time stamps:
2:09 – The first million
4:35 – Going back on savings
7:25 – Working as a Nomad
10:00 – Digital Nomad in Chang Mai vs. Bali
12:26 – Coworking spaces
15:24 – Work-Life balance in Bali
20:58 – How to launch your business on Google
26:57 – Downsides of being a Digital Nomad
32:02 – Becoming a Digital Nomad
38:01 – Taking a vacation or being a Digital Nomad
44:26 – Bali, US, Poland and Hong Kong
53:12 – Mentorship

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Shad is a huge crypto enthusiast who is launching an Initial Coin Offering (ICO). He shares his knowledge on bitcoins and cryptocurrencies as well as the ICO he is selling. He explains why cryptocurrency is the future and what people should know about.
This episode tackles on interesting stuff about online payments and currencies that are very relevant in the modern era. He talks about the aspects and considerations of buying bitcoins. Listen to the end and find out whether cryptocurrency is for you or not.



ILAB 66 – Meet the Drapers: Invest with Tim, Bill and Jesse Draper
Trip Streak - Smarter Travel Search

Time stamps:
01:25 – What is ICO
04:03 – E-commerce and Drop shipping
12:27 – Bitcoin
16:04 – The market
22:12 – Why Cryptocurrency is the future
27:50 – Paypal transfers
29:14 – Internet banking vs. Crypto
30:27 – Apple pay
32:37 – Innovations on Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies
37:40 – Downside of Bitcoin
39:37 – Bitcoin on ATM
42:14 – How the tokens work
44:06 – Use case seen for tokens

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William McGuire is a digital marketing nomad from Ireland who built most of his technical skills by himself. He even learned designing apps through watching YouTube videos. He believes that life is like a game. Whenever you do what you said you would do, you level up!

This is an amazing episode that talks about a lot of stuff about being location independent. He shares his quest as a nomad, leaving Ireland and traveling the world. He recounts his journey in Thailand, Taiwan, Bali and Gran Canaria where he lived and worked as a digital nomad.






Ep 163 - Wicklow Way in Ireland & Tomato Fights in Spain

Trip Streak - Smarter Travel Search


Time stamps:

02:17 – Ireland to America

3:48 – All about Ireland

8:11 – The Irish people

14:43 – Coming to Ukraine

15:44 – Online searching hack

17:59 – Digital marketing nomad in Ukraine

19:10 – The Course launch

28:56 – The 12-week project

33:27 – Ireland to Taiwan

35:09 – Freelancing

36:40 – Building skills on your own

44:28 – Preparing for the worst

49:24 – Age vs. Goals

52:43 – Creating apps in China

56:12 – Thailand vs. Bali

01:00:21 – Gran Canaria


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Johnny FD will be sharing all the key travel hacks that he learned during his last 10 years of traveling. You’ll be able to travel with zero stress and truly enjoy your experience. 

On this episode, Johnny gives an emphasis on one of the most important parts of traveling – THE PACKING. He shares some tips on how to minimize your luggage and bring convenience to your travel. He also gives tips on what to bring and what not to bring for an easier and happier trip. If you are often stuck in the dilemma of packing, then make sure you listen to this episode.

Link: - Follow the journey of a location independent entrepreneur


Trip Streak - Smarter Travel Search


Time stamps:

02:19 – First three key travel tips

08:06 – What backpack should you use?

12:13 – The best size of a back pack

18:11 – Rolling duffel bags

20:32 – Packing cubes

23:02 – More travel hacks!

30:24 – Ideal weight to bring with you


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One of the few female travel bloggers to visit Ukraine, Amy Butler shares her experience in this amazing yet undiscovered country in Europe. She is a certified English teacher who is on a mission to travel and see the world.

Having a female expat on the show, we get to hear a new perspective on what it’s like to work and live in Kiev, Ukraine. She talks about the quality of life in the country as well as the downside of it. She also talks about Ukrainian people, their attitude, and their culture. This brief conversation gives a bigger picture on why Ukraine is one of the best places to visit.







Trip Streak - Smarter Travel Search


Time stamps:

03:00 – Subway system in Ukraine

05:51 – The Expat community in Ukraine

10:04 – Language barrier

16:56 – Why she chose to travel Ukraine

17:45 – Safety in Ukraine compared to the U.S.

23:06 – Cost of Living

28:50 – The downside of Ukraine

29:30 – Health care in Ukraine

31:04 – The dating world

41:03 – Booming of IT and online businesses

44:00 – The undiscovered Europe

47:38 – Truth about Ukrainian people


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Have you ever met an entire family of nomads? Ka Sundance proves to the world that traveling with a family of eight is not a burden but a wonderful and gratifying experience. He gives people one less excuse to travel and start a location independent life. With his wife and six kids, they were able to travel to 3-4 countries each year and live a life of purpose and freedom.

This episode tells their story on how they manage to travel around the world despite the size of their family. You'll learn how their lifestyle started and why it is better to travel as a family than to travel alone.









Trip Streak - Smarter Travel Search


Time stamps:

02:32 – How it all started

4:18 – Air travel expenses

5:49 – Travel Hack: Coming to the airport 3-4 hours early

9:33 – Traveling with the family versus traveling alone

17:35 – Building a community of family travelers

23:41 – Becoming vegan

30:48 – Why not root in one country longer

33:49 – Benefits of online businesses to nomads

35:31 – How he manages the travel expenses

47:53 – Traveling light for 8 people

57:06 – Reality and mentality of other people


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From digital nomads to entrepreneurs, Derek Pankaew and Eric Lafleche share their journey on how they come up with the idea of the Flexr, the world’s first foldable, travel-friendly pullup bar. Having been traveling around the world themselves, they were able to create a unique product that could allow travelers to do pullups wherever they are, whenever they want.

On this episode, they talk about the concept of the product and the marketing strategies they used in creating an impact. They also talk about the failures, the plights and the challenges they had to overcome for the product to finally be ready for its launch. Be the first ones to buy the Flexr and enjoy a super discounted price!





Ep 99 - Moving to Austin,  $30k a Month from TeeSpring, Saving on Taxes and Amazon FBA

Ep 135 - New York Corporate Employee to Chiang Mai Digital Nomad

Ep 158 - Travel Hacks, Life Advice, and Leveling Up

Ep 46 - Freedom Fast Lane with Ryan Daniel Moran, Zen Active Sports, Creating Products on Amazon, eCommerce

Johnny's Guide to Ukraine: Kiev, Odessa, Lviv, and Chernobyl
Trip Streak - Smarter Travel Search


Time stamps:

13:22 – Corporate life in New York

18:03 – NY versus Austin: Digital Entrepreneur Community

21:42 – The idea behind Flexr bar

25:57 – Struggles in launching the business

32:49 – Taking an idea into the next step

39:47 – Learning the basics in launching a product

44:18 – The launch of the Flexr

50:00 – Marketing plan for Flexr

57:06 – How Kickstarter helps in marketing


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Can’t get enough of Ukraine? Xiaohui Wang a.k.a “X” is the founder and CEO of Essence of Email, an online marketing agency specializing in email marketing for eCommerce stores. He left his corporate job in San Francisco, booked a one-way ticket to Thailand, and started a location independent business.

On this episode, X brings us to the charming place of Kiev, Ukraine. He talks about the lifestyle to expect and what your money can buy you. You'll find out why it's a perfect destination for tourists and digital nomads who love to travel and work at the same time.  By the end of this show, you'll want to pack your bags and visit yourself!





Johnny's Guide to Ukraine: Kiev, Odessa, Lviv, and Chernobyl

Trip Streak - Smarter Travel Search


Time Stamps:

01:21 – One-way ticket to Thailand

02:54 – Nomad Summit and Conferences

05:37 – Becoming a Digital Nomad

07:28 – What drove him into this business

11:32 – Traveling lifestyle and mentality

16:53 – Winter: The downside of Kiev

21:16 – Reasons why people visit Kiev

24:04 – Prices vs. Value

28:20 – Co-working spaces in Kiev

30:36 – Expenses: Food and Transportation

35:44 – Currency in Ukraine

41:48 – His location independent business

55:06 – Bank stability in Kiev

59:06 – Staying in Ukraine


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Want to know if Ukraine is worth traveling? Ryan Murfield tells the story of how he joined the Peace Corps, a volunteer program run by the US government, to travel for free. Having the dream to travel but with no money, he embarked on this journey and found himself in an amazing place – Lviv, Ukraine. 

On this episode, Ryan talks about his 27-month quest as part of the Peace Corps and how his life went on in a small village in Ukraine. This time, he went back to Lviv, not as a volunteer but a tourist, to explore more of this wonderful place. Without a doubt, Ryan found himself falling in love with Lviv.



Johnny's Guide to Ukraine: Kiev, Odessa, Lviv, and Chernobyl

Trip Streak - Smarter Travel Search


Time Stamps:

05:23 – The start of Ryan’s travel journey

06:12 – Applying for Peace Corps

08:09 – What is Peace Corps

09:45 – Responsibilities of Peace Corps

10:45 – Being part of the Peace Corps

19:47 – Learning the Ukrainian language

25:03 – Ukrainian food

27:34 – 2-year stay in Lviv, Ukraine

33:03 – Transportation in Lviv, Ukraine

38:14 – Perks of seeing Lviv, Ukraine: Restaurants, Food, and Costs

46:19 – Why is it cheap in Lviv, Ukraine

50:12 – Secret-themed restaurants

01:01:48 – Why is Lviv, Ukraine a great place to visit


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Johnny FD will reveal 7 key travel tips that will enhance your travel experience. He will provide ways to meet like-minded people while traveling alone and how to join free walking tours in Berlin. You’ll enjoy hearing about his adventures in Ireland, Berlin, Germany, Ukraine and the lessons learned along the way.


Ep 163 - Wicklow Way in Ireland & Tomato Fights in Spain
Ep 164 - Leaving Ireland, Adventures of Digital Nomads

Dropshipping from China with AliExpress

Johnny's Guide to BERLIN, Germany

Johnny's Ultimate Travel Guide to Thailand

Johnny's Guide to Ukraine: Kiev, Odessa and Chernobyl

Time Stamps:

01:39 - Ireland in the Summer

02:32 - Hiking the Wicklow Way

03:48 - Affiliate World Berlin

06:52 - Traditional Germany

09:15 - AirBnB side income

10:59 - Affiliate World Europe Shopify & Dropshipping

13:23 - The alternative graffiti walking tour Berlin

21:41 - Meeting people in unfamiliar cities

23:56 - Thailand travel advice

30:18 - Staying in Europe long term

33:42 - Traveling Ukraine

38:18 - Coworking spaces pros/cons

40:00 - Visiting Poland


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Have you thought about traveling Ireland? Sam Marks joins the show the talk the 160 km walk across Ireland over the past week. You’ll hear about their crazy journey through Wicklow Way as they raise money for kids to have playgrounds in Cambodia.  

In this episode, Sam will talk about how he ended up stuck in the middle of nowhere with no food, water, or a backpack. He’ll also talk about the power of nature, flying business class, and living a flexible lifestyle. Listen to the end to hear his future travel plans.



Wicklow Way: An Epic 8 Day Hike Through Ireland YouTube
Ep 163 - Wicklow Way in Ireland & Tomato Fights in Spain
The Wicklow Way: Walking and Hiking Ireland from Dublin
Playgrounds for Kids

Time Stamps:

01:30 - Walking 160km across Ireland
05:19 - The Wicklow Way nature
08:11 - Buying land in Ireland
12:34 - Stuck in the pouring rain
22:14 - Why are we walking across Ireland?
23:28 - P.S. I Love you
26:22 - Waiting for a bus that never came
31:37 - Getting help from local police
33:34 - Bringing nature into our lives
38:19 - Living a flexible lifestyle
38:54 - Flying business class
43:15 - Leaving baggage in Barcelona
46:29 - Affiliate World & network events
48:17 - Building playgrounds in Cambodia
50:24 - Sam's travel plans

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Have you ever thought about walking across Ireland? Fabian Lorson joins Johnny FD And Sam Marks on a hike through the Wicklow Way to raise money in order to build playgrounds for underprivileged kids in Cambodia. 

During the show, Fabian will share all the exciting travel adventures he experienced with Sam over the years. You’ll hear about the beautiful scenery and food Ireland has to offer while they explain the ups and downs of the first few days through the mountains.



Time Stamps:
02:11 - Business class flying in Europe
05:37 - Carrying minimal luggage
08:30 - Best underwear in the world
11:10 - Climbing the Acropolis of Athens
12:07 - Work permit in Australia
15:06 - Largest tomato fight in the world
16:58 - Largest water fight in the world
19:01 - Sam Marks as a low budget traveler
24:01 - Excellent wine and good parties
26:10 - Charity walk across Ireland
30:37 - Delicious Irish food and drinking Guinness
41:25 - Traveling as kids
44:38 - After 40 km of hiking
55:05 - Funding traveling as a student
56:23 - Lessons learned from walking across Ireland

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Are you thinking about traveling? Viktorija Juskevica quit her job in Latvia to travel the world. She will share her experience after living in places like New York, Chiang Mai and Barcelona including what unique jobs she found along the way.

During the show, Viktorija will talk about the best food, nature, and nightlife Barcelona has to offer. She will also compare the digital nomad community in Chiang Mai to Spain. Listen to the end for an update to the never-ending search for the best place to live as a location independent entrepreneur.




Simon Black – Finding Outsized Returns Off the Beaten Path - ILAB 19

Trip Streak - Smarter Travel Search

Travel Guide to Barcelona - Johnny FD's Blog

Time Stamps:

02:51 - Barcelona vs Chiang Mai

03:34 - Cost and taste of food

10:01 - Good wine and cheese

13:27 - Sovereign man business camp with Simon Black

17:18 - Latvia and Estonia

22:31 - Hating the corporate world

26:32 - One-way ticket to Chiang Mai

28:46 - Language learning startup

31:08 - Digital Nomad Summit community building

33:01 - Barcelona Nomad scene

43:01 - Future travel plans

43:39 - German tech startup & Tree Tribe

44:41 - Best things about Barcelona

46:44 - Hiking the mountains

48:29 - Driving a red Ferrari

52:47 - The nightlife in Barcelona

57:29 - Living lonely in New York

1:00:00 - Travel guide to Barcelona

1:02:56 - The perfect place to live


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Do you want to pay no or very little tax? US tax attorney Stewart Patton helps US citizens who live or invest outside the United States understand and optimize their tax situations. Several of his students easily save $25,000 or more in tax, every single year. During the show, Stewart will give the steps to actually create the proper legal structure for your situation.


Links: - Stewart's Course



7 day Start Up – Dan Norris



How To Legally Move to Texas and Save $10,000 a year on Taxes

Trip Streak - Smarter Travel Search


Time Stamps:

03:01 – What is a tax attorney?

05:51 – Average taxes paid in California

07:22 – Foreign earned income exclusion

10:45 – Moving the business to Texas

18:22 – Starting an LLC in Wyoming

22:00 – Benefits of self-employment tax

26:50 – Paying into social security

28:36 – Setting up a non-US company

38:20 – Incorrectly filing taxes

41:42 – Offshore legal structures

43:05 – Holding a business in non-US corporation

46:30 – Profession vs. a business

50:57 – US based employees

54:17 – Choosing a country to operate in

1:06:13 – When should you apply this structure


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Paul Van Staalen has been interviewing world leaders for over 10 years and has visited 40 countries. He joins the show to talk about his experience after meeting with billionaires and presidents of countries like Chile, Sri Lanka, Peru, and Ethiopia. He will explain how the interview process works and include practical ways you can follow a similar career path.

In this episode, Paul also talks about the ups and downs of traveling for so long and openly shares how he will completely change his lifestyle going forward. Listen to the end and he will reveal some hidden gem places you might want to add to your travel list.



Pauls Facebook


Trip Streak - Smarter Travel Search

Time Stamps:

01:57 - Paying for special advertising

03:01 - Meeting presents of Chile, Sri Lanka, Peru, and Ethiopia

05:05 - Advertising and sponsorship

09:28 - How to become a  writer for a magazine

15:04 - The perks of the job

15:44 - Meeting people while traveling

18:50 - Scuba diving around the world

21:49 - Getting married with kids vs. global traveling

26:52 - Best and worst countries visited

29:50 - Increased tourism in hidden gem places

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Are you coworking yet? Mike LaRosa has made it a mission to raise awareness of the benefits of working in social workspaces. He has been a coworkaholic since 2013 and is your go-to source for news, learning, and inspiration on the future of work.

In this episode, Mike talks about finding your work-life balance, the power of networking, and a morning routine that brings success. Learn the benefits of a shared workspace and determine if working at home is right for you. Listen to the end to find out how coworking spaces may be the perfect way to grow your business.




Discussed: - The Coworking Retreat


Trip Streak - Smarter Travel Search

Time Stamps:

01:59 - Coworking retreat

04:18 - Finding your work/life balance

08:05 - Quitting the job and starting a business

10:09 - First coworking experience

14:10 - The evolution of coworking

19:17 - Power of networking

25:20 - Co Workaholic blog

27:26 - Hanging out with Zappos CEO

29:25 - Airstream trailer

32:01 - Minimalism packing

37:06 - Renting office buildings

40:40 - Working from home

44:27 - Successful morning routine

48:20 - Niche coworking spaces

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Do you want to level up your business? Eric Lafleche shares how he is one step closer to earning a 150K a year income while traveling the world.

Eric will talk about how he quickly made a profit with AirBnB arbitrage plus he’ll give tips for getting hotel suite upgrades. You’ll also find out why each week Eric reads a book and takes a course. Listen to the end to learn how to avoid marketing scams and poorly built sales funnels. ​



Eric Lafleche
Ep 135 - New York Corporate Employee to Chiang Mai Digital Nomad

David's AirBnB Course


Man Search for Meaning - Viktor Frankl


How I Retired at 35 and in Just 4 Years!

Earnest Affiliate

True Bill

Americans Serving Americans: ASA Movement Scam - David Ashby


Ep 43 - Creating a Profitable Store in 3 Weeks the Latest Addition to the Dropshipping Entrepreneur Army

Ep 99 - Moving to Austin,  $30k a Month from TeeSpring, Saving on Taxes and Amazon FBA

Time Stamps:

01:26 - Where Eric has been since the last episode

03:56 - Beautiful villas in Bali

06:07 - AirBnB arbitrage opportunities

11:34 - Choosing locations and finding lock boxes

14:35 - Hotel Suite upgrades

22:06 - Business vs. economy class

24:45 - Future of apartment rentals

30:56 - Investing your extra income

33:08 - Learning through audio, video, and courses

39:37 - Broken subscription sales funnel

44:21 - Americans surviving Americans scam alert

50:06 - Seeing the bad or good in life

54:01 - Community of Chiang Mai

55:40 - Tony Robbins: Unleash the Power Conference

1:00:20 - 3x Eric’s income


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Want to quit your job and travel the world? Devany left her job back in California to travel around the planet and explore our world underwater.

Devany will share the best parts of her travel journey through Brazil and Antarctica including her favorite dive sights and beaches in the world. She will provide key tips to help you save money for your next travel adventure. Listen to the end for her advice for aspiring travelers that are ready to take action.



Trip Streak - Smarter Travel Search

Time Stamps:
01:51 - Saving for years to travel
03:35 - What’s the downside to California?
04:45 - Perks of living near the beach
05:37 - Benefits to short-term visas
09:00 - The hardest thing about traveling
10:17 - Diving in the Galapagos vs. Raja and Pot Indonesia
14:05 - Manta Rays from around the world
16:28 - Plastic is destroying our oceans
26:29 - Saving to travel the world
29:12 - Preparing to travel
32:43 - Tips on ways to save money
36:02 - Eating authentic Mexican food
38:56 - Brazilian culture
41:58 - Whales, seals, and icebergs in Antarctica
49:49 - Favorite beach in the world
51:18 - What’s the point of traveling Australia
52:21 - Advice for aspiring travelers

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Are you building a business while traveling the world? Taylor and Camille help others save time and money by offering an online powerpoint speed training course. As they continue to grow their business they travel all around the world searching for the perfect place to live and get married.

In this episode, Taylor and Camille will share their experience with working in China, house sitting around the world, and how they started their training company. They will also talk about their email sales funnel strategies how they increased traffic to their website. Listen to the end to find out why they chose Bali to settle down in long term.



Nuts and Bolts Speed Training



Trip Streak - Smarter Travel Search


House Carers

My $25 a Night Villa in Bali! This Hotel is Gorgeous!

Earnest Affiliate


Travel Guide to Ubud, Bali

The Crew - Get $100 off with coupon code #thecrewJFD

Time Stamps:

02:22 - Renting beautiful villas

06:59 - How Taylor and Camille met

10:31 - Working in Beijing China

18:27 - House sitting in Fiji, Puerto Rico, and CA

24:19 - Starting a powerpoint training company

25:05 - Living in Kiev Ukraine

36:33 - Building a business while traveling

40:17 - Getting traffic to your website

41:20 - Creating value through courses

45:39 - Email sales funnel strategy

52:32 - Productivity mastermind groups

54:40 - Settling in Bali for 1 year

56:10 - Bringing the community together

59:56 - The perfect beach, city, and nature balance

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